Monday, April 30, 2018

Snake Take!

It's Monday Morning, and I am hoping photos of our resident black ssssssnake doesn't hiss you off. I am here to sssssnake it til I make it through thissss posssssssst.

This fine sssssssssspecimen is about 4 or 5 feet long and was sssspoted weaving in and out of our front fence by MADssssssssnapper this week.. Yes, I used zoom but only because I did not want to scare HIM.. 😁

You ssssssssssseee, they are not poisonous and they do eat rodents and other thingssssss. I hisssss you had been here to see thisssssssss beauty.....

Sunday, April 29, 2018

By The Marks

The happiest years of my life were spent in Pineville and DeWitt Kentucky, I was born in Savannah Ga, and spent the first 9 years in Ga, from then until age 15, in Ky and back to the Savannah. Born in the Bible belt and child to a Baptist Preacher, this is the sound of the music I heard... I have not heard this one before today. I listen to Bluegrass on the way to Wal-Mart, and the words and harmony  grabbed me.

When I cross over
I will shout and sing
I will know my savior
By the mark where the
Nails have been
By the mark where the
Nails have been
By the sign upon his precious skin
I will know my savior
When I come to him
By the mark where the
Nails have been
A man of riches
May claim a crown of jewels
But the king of heaven
Can be told from the
Prince of fools
By the mark where the
Nails have been
By the sign upon his precious skin
I will know my savior
When I come to him
By the mark where the
Nails have been
On Calvary's Mountain
Where they made him suffer so
All my sin was paid for
A long, long time ago
By the mark where the
Nails have been
By the sign upon his precious skin
I will know my savior
When I come to him
By the mark where the
Nails have been

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Say it again, Sam Saturday with MadSnapper # 2

The second post of this blog, created on May 25, 2009,

Baby is the one with her tongue out, Jake is the jumping, active one. Baby is a hound dog and Jake is a boxer mix. Baby sleeps all day, Jake plays all day and they love to play with each other trying to take the stick. Both of them are rescue dogs that were badly abused when we got them. The horrible picture is Jake when we got him out of the street on May 5th 2005, and see what love does? Baby is 8 and Jake is 4.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Flower Friday with Rosy- PINK

While searching for a photo on my very old external hard drive, I saw a folder marked Flowers and Botanicals. Wow! it is full of maybe 1000's of photos, all in folders marked with names like Pink, Red, Toadstools. here is what it looks like. IN OTHER WORDS I have 11.5 Gigs of flower/botanical

SOOOOOOO! guess what this means?????
MORE Archive Diving... the folders date from 2004 to 2009 and the 2 first years were taken with my rally cheap point and shoot Kodak Easy share.

The peony's above from 2005, were brought to work by a friend and sitting on her desk, I sat them in the window to snap a shot.  My desk had this view, to the right there is a pond in which lived a large alligator. Sorry, don't know where that pic is.

Below is my early before sunrise shot of our back yard bougainvillea both taken with the Kodak. My first ever digital camera bought in Feb 2004 to take pics of our new dog Baby Girl.

Each time someone at work got flowers, I sprang into action. 
Joining Rosy on Flower Friday from my archives... I can do the rest of my life Fridays just from these old folders, Dear Rosy.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

They are NOT Fake

These look FAKE, They are not! I took 2 close up shots of the beautiful flowers my friend Mable got at the TOPS meeting. The photos in the camera were beautiful, but it picked up to much detail. I KNOW IT WAS NOT the PHOTOGRAPHER because it was ME the MadSnapper...

Never Fear, Lunapic is Near and so is MadSnapper... Today I am once again at TOPS meeting, who knows what I will find this week. My weight continues to drop 2 to 8 oz per week and I hope to be at goal by end of year. Take Off Pounds Sensibly not quickly or by fad diets but on a livable food plan.

Below is Me on the left and my BFF in Savannah GA in 1962 on Easter Sunday.. NET HATS on both of us. Just so you can see why the net bag made me think hat.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Weed be gone!

A tiny weed, 4 inches high, a single flower the size of a quarter caught my eye. Leaning over, I took this rally bad shot of it, picked it and brought it inside.

I put it in my little teeny tiny ketchup bottle, with a blue flower. NOPE!

Tried it in the nook.. NOPE!

While Snapping away taking bad photos, I said out loud to Bob. OH NO! I picked the weed and it has 2 buds that would have opened.

Next morning there were THREE....

The End and there is no Rest Of This Story and someday I will do a wordless wed post. or NOT

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cheri Cherries

Our Surinam cherries are ready to eat. In Florida, the Surinam cherry is one of the most common hedge plants throughout the central and southern parts of the state and the Florida Keys.

Other countries where it can be found .
The plant is native from Surinam, Guyana and French Guiana to southern Brazil (especially the states of Rio de Janeiro, Paraña, Santa Catharina and Rio Grande do Sul), and to northern, eastern and central Uruguay.
It grows wild in thickets on the banks of the Pilcomayo River in Paraguay.

Italy, India.  Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia; also along the Atlantic coast of Central America; and in some islands of the West Indies–the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, St. Thomas, St. Croix, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and in the Bahamas and Bermuda.
Hawaii, Samoa, India and Ceylon as an ornamental plant and occasionally in tropical Africa, southern China and in the Philippines and is in Israel since1922

Thank you Yamini for this LINK to info about them, which is where this info is from.

In a Prior Post in 2/18/2018, I showed you the flowers for our Surinam cherry hedge, known as Florida Cherries to me. Sunday 4/22/2018, 2 months later, the bush is FULL of Cherries. The bush is groaning with about 100 cherries and they are delish.
 CLICK here for photos of the flowers and cherries on Google Search

can you find ME in this photo? same color as the cherries
PS... we knew there were missing cherries and we found half eaten ones on the ground and accused Jake of eating them and were fretting over if they would make him sick... NOPE! it's a crow....

that is my finger in pic to show the size of these beauties

Found in research the bushes are used for hedges and the cherries are mostly eaten by children. I ate them as a child and Bob did not know they existed and these two adults are pigging OUT...
Yes, they are legal for my diet plan. woo hoo

Monday, April 23, 2018

Babybel sing with me, Babybel Babybel

In my search for protein other than meat, I found Babybel Cheese, 60 calories each and 5 grms protein. Sunday AM, I wanted hush puppies, made with corn meal, boiling water and avocado oil, they have NO nutritional value and they have  NO protein, and as I reached for the last Babybel it left a tiny, oh so cute net bag, which could be a Vintage Hat for a doll.....
where my mind will go...
Nor what will show up inside my head
it might even be red read

Grabbing my tablet I sat the hat on a glass, since I had no doll, drew a face and I came out of the fog of creating and the next thing I knew........

I was on Amazon, AGAIN, looking at vintage net hats... They still sell them.  I spent a long time looking before I got back to this post.

Not liking the glass with hat, I popped it on my head and HATED the no makeup ME, remember this was breakfast, still in my gown (me in my gown, not my breakfast). I had to doctor it a little but you can see WHY I remembered I had several of these hats and wore one to church every week except Easter when the big bonnet with flowers came out.    DID YOU EVER WEAR ONE OF THESE???  Below in case you don't know what Babybel is and that it comes in little net bags. I wish my bag was RED.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Shadow Shot Sunday -Fence Weeds

Love makes our friends a little dearer,
Joy makes our hearts a little lighter,
Faith makes our paths a little clearer,
Hope makes our lives a little brighter,
Peace brings us all a little nearer.
unknown author

Our old back yard fence with shadows pointing out the weedy vines. same fence same time, look how different they are

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Down Low Hibiscus


Once the sunbeams touch the 10 foot tall orange hibiscus bush and point out the brilliant orange flowers, I just can't help my self, and the camera clicking begins.   For some reason they are get darker orange each day. .. This is their true color, no edits except for resizing photo

I am testing how to set up my page with small photos, that will enlarge when clicked on... This is a Test Post. Anyone have any ideas?

What better than flowers to Play with? Please click on photos and let me know what this post does and how it views. Does it open easier for you? Does any of this really Matter?
I found a FAT pic.. OMW!

Say it again, Sam Saturday with MadSnapper # 1

Ann of SnapEditScrap did a post on her 3000th Post this Week. She went back in time. I am a COPYCAT!

I found I am at 3122 post now.
THIS is a repost of my very first post on August 28, 2008. Zero comments... and did not do another post until May 25, 2009.

For many years, God's Creation has inspired me, 5 years ago I bought my first digtal camera (I am now on #3) and that was the beginning of my photography addiction.
It amazes me that a simple flower on a Bannana tree, see to your left, can be so beautiful and awe inspiring.

I now have a new project. Photo's that I turn into cut out art and put Scripture or sayings on them. I named the Creations-Inspiration, because that is what they are, God's creation inspiring me.

Friday, April 20, 2018

High in the Sky Hibiscus

Advice from this  Hibiscus...
Rise up to the sky and
Bring beauty to the world
Live with joy
Create a colorful life
It's OK to be a little showy
Be Dazzling and share your healing gifts.

Joining Rosy at LLB in Our Back Yard for Flower Friday. 

The flower is edible
Dried hibiscus is considered a delicacy in Mexico.
Many countries use it to make teas
 Hibiscus tea contains vitamin C and other minerals.
It is a diuretic.
The flower can be used to make a natural dye or food colouring.
The Hibiscus cannabinus variety is commonly used in paper making.
Hibiscus is the national flower for South Korea and Malaysia.
The leaves and the flowers can be into a paste and used as a natural shampoo.
Info above from Fun Flower Facts about hibiscus flowers, click link to read more.