About ME

My name is Sandra, I was born in 1944.  Above is me at 2 years old.

Above is my favorite photo of my husband, Bob. He loves fishing and beaches and radio control airplanes.

 Above is me, photo taken 2009 and below Bob and Me also taken in 2009, we still look pretty much like this, just add a few more wrinkles.  Click on photos to see the wrinkles

We celebrated our 27th Anniversary on Feb 8, 2012.  To read how we met CLICK HERE

I love Reading, Food, Blogging, Email, Talking, Photography, Our Dogs, All animals with four legs, hooves or paws or claws.  Not necessarily in the above order, it depends on the day and time, first love changes by the moment.
P.S. forgot to mention my love/hate relationship with computers and Photoshop.  The first two photos above are results of my Play Time in software.
Below, is me in 2013


Jackie said...

Happy belated anniversary! You guys are close to us. We celebrated 30 years last September!

Sandy of Chatty Crone sent me your way and I am so excited she did.

I have no clue how we have missed each other. I see familiar names in your comments on your wonderful photos!

Please if you visit my blog look through. Monday was my last post as I am taking a mini vacation this week.

Sandy was right I love love love your blog and am now following you. You are definitely going on my blog roll too!

Happy anniversary again and I hope the rest of your week is fabulous! I am headed out to find a place to do some bird watching!
Happy day!:-)

Jackie said...

Well I think you did an awesome job on both of us...the one of your husband is really nice!!

Have a good one! :-)

Mevely317 said...

Hi Sandra ... I'm glad to meet-cha!

When I spotted your comment on Debby's blog (Just Breathe) I did a double take at your mention of 'Mad' Beach. I lived in and around the Gulf coast from '88 to 2002: Port Charlotte, Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs; I worked at WTSP-TV for most of that time. These days, we're desert dwellers in the Phoenix metro -- certainly less humidity, not necessarily better.

That first image of your hubby is stunning! I had to smile when you said he was a RC Airplane enthusiast. That's my own's hubby's passion!!! (He belonged to a club in New Port Richey.)

Hope y'all are enjoying a splendid weekend? Come see me sometime?

Myra, aka Mevely317 at Respice Prospice.

Melody's Mom said...

Hi Sandra