Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Saving Money Accidently


Saving money Accidently... thank you Myra. Myra of Respice, Respite, told me of a book she read and I might like it, since we share the same taste in authors. She said she got it in the Free Kindle unlimited books. I said it's not free, it is a monthly fee, She said really? ha ha I signed up for the free trial and here I am  6 months later, HOOKED on saving money. I READ A LOT. Use the library to fill my Kindle Paperwhite.

At our online library, we can place a hold on books, sometimes I wait 6 months to get the new Jack Reacher book which I am reading right now.

I don't read book reviews or make them. Below are the ones I read the first in the series and then finished all of them.

Matt Royal Mysteries by H. Terrell Griffin
Reed and Billie series by Dustin Stevens
Hawk Tate Series by Dustin Stevens
I read all the Leslie Wolfe series. 

60 Books in 6 months at $9.99 a month for unlimited reading, means about 1.57 per book. Wow I am HOOKED ON KINDLE UNLIMITED..... it depends on the number of books you read per months. the subscription includes magazines also.. also Audio books

After reading all these books, I worried about the authors and if they get paid. yes, they do. the are paid by the pages we read.  

Monday, January 14, 2019

TOPS Take Off Pounds Sensibly

Jan 26, 2017, I decided I had to change my life, or die an early death, possibly from diabetes since it is rampant in our family.
The photos today show the 2 year progression, very slow loss of 60 pounds, the first year 55, and another 10 the second year.
For some reason I am stuck doing the up/down with 3 to 4 pounds. I should be down another 10 by now, but am struggling with the last 10 pounds I need to lose.
It is best to lose no more than 1 pound a week or less.

 The above are photos of my face changing at about 10 pound down each time I took a photo. I have no idea whey the last 10 is so hard.

It is not about the looks of it but the health of it. I am not even trying to get to the weight THE chart says I should be, doctor said 10 pounds above the chart is fine for my age... I have printed these collages to keep in my bag that goes to TOPS meetings, for my inspiration and motivation and hopefully for others.

 This post is for ME, a reminder I can do it. And also away of accountability to myself that I can and will... One of the hardest things I have ever done...
 My sweet angel Jake appears to be laughing at me.. I miss that dog.