Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Kings Mantle Wordy Wed


I took these two photos Friday morning 5/20/2022, of our Kings Mantle Bush, we have two of them and they are drought resistant, which means the bush lives on but no flowers unless they get water.
The day Bob finished painting the house and I planted ferns out front, I got so excited I decided to put a little bit of water on the ferns and 3 bushes every 3rd day.
You can see the bush is truly a king's mantle of flowers with only a few days of water, if we get rain, the bush will be magnificent.
I am focused now on the few drought resistant plants we have left in saving them without using up much of  our water supply which is limited.
I am going to try pouring cold left over coffee on them with the water. I read that it will make them grow.  only black coffee and also it is healthy to put coffee grounds around the bushes.
Stay Tuned for Results
PS I noticed when I watered them today, something is eating the stem of the flower and they are dropping the blooms.

The correct name is Thunbergia erecta, commonly called clockvine by some and Kings Mantle by others. I love the name Kings Mantle and that is what we call it.
This is the LINK to South Florida Plant Guide if you want more info. It is originally from Africa.
Not sure what you will see in color since all computers are different.
On mine they are brilliant purple with yellow centers as they are in our yard.

Bob first wife bought the bush way back in 1970 and when we moved from the house in St Pete to here we moved the bush with us. It is easy to take cuttings and make others, but we only have two.
It is a vigorous growing plant and in our tropics produces flowers year round. I suggest you look at the link to see what it will do if we ever get rain...we try to keep it about 4 or 5 feet tall but it will get much bigger if we let it.  It also comes with white blooms, but I have never seen one. Ours is the lesser known Blue Moon variety. Bob doesn't remember where she found this one, but we have not found them in our garden shops.