Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Stolen Idea


I stole the idea for these photos from Ann at Ann's Snap Edit Scrap

Ann posted her Happy, Happy Birthday Self Portrait and I had to know how she did it.
Ater an email from her explaining how,  immediately did what she did, and this is how it turned out and looks nothing like hers.
I am thinking it's because she has long hair, and I don't.
She can bend over and sit the phone on the floor and put her head upside down further than I can. 
Possibly because I AM NOT 61 and if I lean that far over will fall on my HAIR!
If you missed her new Hair Doo lick the green link OOPS! click the link, do NOT lick it

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Mad Chatter

Fresh from a windy and cold walk with Beau, while washing my hands, I noted the Windblown Hair Style. Grabbing the ever present iPhone I hid behind it and took three photos of hair only.
I do not wear makeup on walks with Beau.

I sat down to tap the collage app to show the hair do to YOU.
There are now 6 new apps on the iPhone, this one is called Pic Jointer collage maker.
You can see a lot of examples of collages and other app stuff on Beaus Blog.
or Not.

While creating the "MASTERPIECE" above, and the Black Duck collages this past week,
I received a notification from Apple stating Tap this for introductions to things you may not know your phone can do.
OF COURSE, I tapped it!
I will spare you the SIX new things I learned. The one I am sharing said    
A simple swipe up from the bottom of your phone will put everything.
you need easy access. Above shows what I see, 
Flashlight, clock, calculator/camera and scanner all on first row.
Plane quite, internet, Wi-Fi Bluetooth 1st square. forget the rest 
Do you answer notifications on your phone? I always look at tips that come on desktop, both phones, Chromebook. that is how I learn new things.
I found I can invite anyone without Apple phone to Facetime with me, by sending a link, so watch out people!
I tapped the double window thingy, and it said Mirror Samsung TV, I tapped it and it said enter code, I closed it because I had no code just as Bob said.
What the hell is that on the screen. (of course, it was the middle of a race)
I looked up and there was a huge CODE number on the screen.
I don't know what would happen if I put the code  in because the answer would have been me murdered!
I will find out unless someone here can tell me what will happen.

Monday, March 20, 2023

It Is a Duck


Meet Mama Duck! She is the new resident in our pool. I made the collage and put Mallard on it, but then decided she is a Spotted black duck, and now believe she is a 
Mama Mexican Black Duck. Now after another look, she might just be American Black Mottled Duckk
Please ID her for me! She is unafraid of Beau and of Me and Bob, lets me walk around talking to her.
She glides around dipping her beak in and out, in and out.
Our pool is full of avocado buds dropping like rain and lots of bugs of all kinds and spiders.She appears to be eating.
We love her no matter which duck she is.

What Am I? other than to cute for words!