Monday, August 3, 2020

The NOOK is clean again

The NOOK is clean,
so says the queen,
I wish I had never ever even seen
all the glass that makes me feel mean.
this mirror mirror on the wall 
that makes me want to bawl and bawl.
30 years of cleaning glass,
that makes me want to kick my own _____
Can you find Bob?
This LABEL has 16 posts about the NOOK. there are many more, I just forgot to label them. Every Christmas post has photos of the nook.
YES, we like the lights year round.

The white glitter is what it really looks like, the gold glitter is with the beauty filter on my phone camera.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Sunday Selfies Practice Run

Practice Run 

The past few days have been like a practice run of life lived alone.
I lie in bed, alone, the room feels bigger.
 my other half is down the hall, on the sofa!
my body feels like the king sized  bed is the size of a basket ball court.
Looking around the room, it appears so much larger.
I can leave the TV on as long as I want to.
I turn it off.
And ponder my Practice Run.
I list all the things he does and I do..
This is how it would feel, if I had to do it All.
Which is what I have been doing for just a few days.
house work and yard work are divided
I nearly expired doing the Saturday am cleaning, mopping, vacumning.
Dragging giant garbage bins to the curb,
REMEMERING what day to do that drag to the curb.
At least he is HERE and I can run down the hall to show him Kat walking on a leash in a video.
Or tell him the latest nutty thing on FaceBook..
Walking Big Boy alone, no one to talk to, no one to fight off wild critters if we run into one.

I find myself in bed praying for his health, and for the strength to be kind and caring and not get upset when I am tired and he is aggravating my last nerve.
I remember this scripture and ask for strength to remember it each day.. to use it to ward off the aggravation of having a hubby who is upset because he is out of commission.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
Two are better than one,
    because they have a good return for their labor:
 If either of them falls down,
    one can help the other up.
But pity anyone who falls
    and has no one to help them up.
Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.
    But how can one keep warm alone?
Though one may be overpowered,
    two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Surgery Part 2

ME waiting for 1 hour 10 minutes that felt like 10 hours.
I have taken Bob to 5 offices since the virus thing started. Yowsa!
I had a beautiful view, and it was nice they let me wait in the lobby, BUT, it was really hot. 97 outside and the ceilings was about 12 feet tall, the back where Bob was was icy cold.
You may notice I had on a different mask from yesterday, NOT that it matters but i have 23 masks, I only bought a pack of 7, the rest were gifts. Sorry my brain is rattled and I don't know what i Meant to say.
OK, brain has rebooted, back to the update

Above top left is the eye at 5 pm when we got home from the 2nd surgery. the sad face is at wakeup today, 4 AM and a close up of the incision in the GOOD eye. she took what she needed from the exact same spot as the other eye, he was awake through all this. Just numbing shots in the corner of his eyes.

You can see it is puffy.
The Big Problem Now!!!
She gave us a LIST of DO NOT DO THESE THINGS and a short list of DO these things.

First she said make 3 small baggies of frozen peas, put the tiny ice packs on the good eye, for 48 hours. Keep one on for 20 minutes wait 20 and repeat. HE DID IT 3 times when I used MY LOUD voice!

Do not lie flat for 72 hours

Do not bend over, do not lift anything heavy, do not do ANYTHING that makes you sweat!
We LIVE IN FLORDIA~ Sweat Country
Stay inside AC! if you sweat it wets the bandage. do not get the bandage even damp until Tuesday when we remove it.

DO sleep with head propped up for 72 hours! use a recliner!
Do NOT lay flat!
We have no recliner! I made a bed prop and a sofa prop
He said I can't sleep like that. ARRRHH

While creating this, phone rang at 9 am, 2nd day.
Doctor Chapman calling, she asked about how the good eye looks? ask a lot of questions, gave me new instructions and her cell phone and said call me any time if he has a problem.
I said I forgot to tell you he started antibiotics 2 days ago. His annual blood labs said he has UTI and primary called it in.
She said that if great, I was thinking of putting him on them. Perfect she said.
new orders
Stop Tylenol, use the pea ice bags, take Benadryl 1 every 5 hours, to help with swelling, itching and to help him get through the aggravation of the big bandage. He was shocked to hear me talking to her.

This may sound easy peasy, but Bob has a routine for each day and he can do NONE of it until next Tuesday.
3:30 am swim laps in our pool
coffee and TV news and breakfast
6:30 walk Dog
Watch more news
9 am pole brush our pool, get in pool and use skim net while swimming and walking
10 am MORE NEWS and Motor Trend shows
12 lunch
12:30 swim in pool
More TV
3 pm feed dog, swim in pool
each day between these things he does the lawn, or pulls weeds or yanks vines off fences.
This is making him crazy and it has not been 24 hours yet.

HE IS FINE just miserable
I am fine, Just on "guard duty" and miserable for HIM
Big thinks his daddy has lost his mind. 

Friday, July 31, 2020

The Surgery UPDATE

10 AM, July 31, 2020. The Office Lobby.... No photos of the 55 minutes to drive 19 miles to get to the office. Picture Me, the driver with 2 hands clutched on wheel, 87 million cars, looking for an office we have never been to...

The MadSnapper, madly documenting the surgery. They let me go in with him. What a relief.

The hubby, after the surgery, I am sparing you the bloody picture I took.. Bob laid like this from 10:15 until noon.

My chair was next to the bed and I had nothing to do. I got to watch the surgery, and the good news is she only had to cut TWICE. It could have been much more. We checked out at 12 and drove the nasty 20 miles back home, the Big Dog went balistic! 

 had lunch, fed the dog, and left for the 55 minute trip to the Ocular surgeon. 45 minutes, I knew the way... both offices are in the same area about 2 miles apart.

Bob said over and over, I hope I don't have to wear this bandage very long. 

The second surgery started at 2:50 ended at 4 pm. They let me wait in the lobby. YES there will be photos. Bob said tell them I don't understand English and you have to go with me. 
NOPE. I had to wait.
I am glad I did not know before hand what they were doing. The 70 minutes was long, i was hot, stressed from 3 trips of traffic, 
PLUS my bra was killing me. I DID SUFFER TO YOU KNOW
The nurse came to get me to tell me what HE CAN NOT DO!
He looked like this.

I took this when we got home, not in the office. Just so you know.
They had to do a skin graft and put meat from the other eye to fill the hole.
She explained if they did not do the transplant his eye lid would not close because the tumour took the hinge part, my word not hers, away from the right eye.
He had a horrible night. but is fine, but wait there is much more...
He MUST wear that patch until we take the long drive Tuesday morning for her to remove it.
I sent text to a few family/friends that started with this sentence.
Please gather bail money, I may need you to come get me OUT....
PS: as I sit here creating this post, i want to know why Blogger decided during this stressful time to once again CHANGE things around