Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Handy Photo Bomber

Our Pothos in the kitchen corner is 5 feet long now and getting bigger and bigger. I have to trim it about once a month. I placed two pieces in my glass container full of water and they have grown 4 inches in a few weeks.. Just Because I could.

Just as I snapped the photo Bob reached out to turn on the faucet and photo bombed my pic. Of course the TV photo bomb is always there.

Monday, May 20, 2019


You butter believe this will never happen again... their is a rumor I want to spread, It may sound nutty but I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!

For the first time in my life I ran out of PEANUT BUTTER. This jar had barely enough for a half English muffin. NO PROBLEM I always have an extra one. NOOO! the spot it lives in was empty.

These two foods are NECESSARY.. I have both every single day of my life.
I put a spoon of PB in my oatmeal, eat it on bagel, English muffin, toast, saltines. I have it daily either for breakfast or supper. (dinner to some)
As a child if mother cooked birds that daddy killed while hunting, while crying I had a peanut butters sandwich. If she forgot to remove my portion from ANYTHING she put onions in, I had peanut butter. My kids were raised on PBJ. 
my hurricane supplies include 3 jars of Jif and 3 of Smuckers and many boxes of no salt on top Saltines...Bottled water and a few jars of jelly and we are ready.

 I could not blame Bob, he eats JIF only... How did I let my hurricane supplies be depleted, I had 2 of Jif. I don't eat Jif, it has sugar in it. 

How did this happen? The answer is Wal-Mart has been remodeling for 3 months, I could find NOTHING.. prior to that, as I walked the aisles in order, I would SEE the peanut butter and grab one. out of sight out of mind. 
Don't Panic! I now have one open and 2 back ups. The good news was, when I went to get it, it was ON SALE... 
Do you have food or drink that are necessary each day?