Thursday, December 1, 2022

Bray Park Pickleball Pavillion


On our Sunday visit to Bray Park for Beaus Sniffing PHUN, and a walk, Bob said what is that? 
I said it must be the new pickleball courts. Our friend Jackie said her daughter CC has been paying pickleball at Bray Park.
we get to the Park at 6:30 as the sun is breaking day, the lights were beautiful, but the rising sun was washing out the sky.
Quick! what did I do?  I TAPPED the Screen on the phone and 
Voila! perfect night shots at sunrise
and a new header

18 pickelball court and there are two of these pavilions sitting side by side covering them, right next to the pool and a dozen tennis courts.

Ann and Ginny asked what is pickleball.
As far as I can tell, it is a combo of tennis, badminton, pingpong and
is played on a much smaller court than tennis, with a net, and a paddle.
just type in search and there is a zillion things to read
Its TRENDING right now.
Trend on, we are way to old to play it for sure.

This post is one of 14 that were created Before Mouse Shoulder forced me to take a Break.
Brian we are thankful for the park and thankful for being back in the blog saddle 

ITS DECEMEBER 1ST the Nook Is Done

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Good The BAG and the Ugly


Who invented the re-sealable bags for frozen fruits?
HE must have the strength of the Jolly Green Giant, because my fingers will NOT open the bag as directed and I must use scissors. Or even death by bagicide, could be me or the bag.

The Good The Bag and The Ugly
Inside the bag is GOOD, opening the bag is horrible, the Ugly is how I act when fighting it.
The really bad and ugly is its one more bag in the environment!
Clear and Present Bags, Bag Storm Rising
Death by bagicide
Requiem for a Bag

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Sanitary Sewer Savior

Bob was standing brushing the pool and had been outside working for 2 hours. Grabbing a glass of water, I stepped out the door and yelled Do You Want Water?
While the words left my mouth, I realized Bob was standing right under a man on the other side of the fence. 
Neither of them heard me, I jumped back in the house to grab the cell phone and went back, and Bob had moved to the other end.
This is a city worker, and there is a manhole below that silver bucket,
 right up against the back of our fence. 

This is what I saw for 6 hours that day, everytime I went in the kitchen.
The title of Sanitary Sewer came from the metal piece in the ground has that written on it.
And what better way to be saved from unsanitary sewers. 

looking at him through the blinds in the window... ALL DAY. the city has an easment back there for all utilities, water, sewer, electric and cable...