Friday, September 22, 2023

Happy Birthday Mother

Lucille McCall 1925-1990

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mama. 

 Today my mother would be 98.

Today would be my parents 80th Anniversary.

Today would be my 60th anniversary, 1st marriage.

Today would be my maternal Grandparents 100th Anniversary.

Happy Anniversarys in 100 years

1923, 1943, 1963, today is 2023 What a Century!

Walt Disney celebrates their 100th year on Dec 30, 2023

Sept 1923

sept 1943

Sept 1963

Sept 2023

Mama, wish you could see how far women have come since you left us.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Brealfast Hoagie


Bob's Artery Clogger Breakfast Hoagie! Saturday, I bought two hoagies from the WM bakery, and he had a Philly Cheese steak hoagie for lunch. They come in packs of two.
He forgot the other one was in there until Tuesday Morning, and I heard him say bring your phone, you will want a picture of this.
And I did. but not A Picture, but 2 pictures.
2 eggs. 2 sausage and cheese!
He used the wrapper it came in because he did not want to wash a plate. 
I am thankful he cooks his own breakfast.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Belated Birthday Card TOOO CUTE


The card when opened had a pop up Pirate Ship.  It came late, but perfect, because it hit the mailbox on Talk Like a Pirate Day. Thank you, Ginny