Tuesday, March 31, 2020

WHAT is this?

Can you guess what this is a photo of?

 Can you tell now?   come back tomorrow for The Rest of The Story

Monday, March 30, 2020

It IS what it IS

I am adding an update today. If you love puzzles and are bored with life at home, got to Yams Online puzzles. HERE
Where my mind goes, I will follow. 
I have not been posting about this contagion, this will be the only post.

I opened a box from Amazon, it's a harness for Big Boy, 
a no pull harness by Mighty Paw, 
sold by Amazon but fulfilled by Mighty Paw. 
Yay! it's here, it did not come in 2 days but 6 days. 
I know the reason is THE VIRUS that is ruling our lives.

 this box was handled by the people who created it,
 the people who delivered it to Mighty Paw, 
the people who put it in the box,
 the people who picked up the box and put it on a truck, 
the people in the truck, at each stop it was transferred all the way from the beginning,
 plus the UPS truck that delivered it. 
 the mail is touched by whomever sent it, 
whomever licked the stamp,
whomever picked it up,
 the postal crew, the zip code persons, 
the loaders into the mail truck 
the mail man who goes from house to house touching every mailbox t
hat has been touched by the people who live in the house...

If we call out for delivery of pizza, follow the same as above...

Somewhere , someone picked the tomatoes,
milked the cow
delivered the milk to
the person who made the cheese, 
created the peperoni , 
ground the flour, 
bagged the flour
delivered the pizza ingredients to the pizza parlor,
 someone made the pizza, 
put it in the oven, 
placed in and closed the box, 
gave it to the delivery person, 
who touched the door handle and steering wheel, he had touched while delivering other pizzas,
went back to his car
then touched OUR BOX OF PIZZA.

 what about when we go for a walk on the streets and bring home what ever the person before had on their shoes, Big boy paws gets it and puts it on our sofa, we sit on it..

Are you picking up what I am putting down??? The Moral of this Story is Just Do what you can and need to do and don't listen to crazy people like me. Be sure YOU LAUGH at all of this and remember!
 Obey the authorities. Stay Home and Pray this thing is over soon.  IT IS WHAT IT IS! Find ways to enjoy life as it is in this moment.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

He of the golden hair

He of the Golden hair is being walked by Big Boy, to get details, you can find them on FourpawsEtc today.