Thursday, June 13, 2024

Feast or Famine

The idiom, Feast or Famine, means to much of something vs. to little of something. For today it applies to our rainfall the past 2 days.

photo by Sarasota Sheriff Dept found on ABC7
our local news for Bradenton/Sarasota

The photo above is a 10 miles drive from our house. We had no flooding where we live.

This photo is from MSN and is 14 miles south of us. We live in Sarasota/Bradenton and we got 3 inches, Sarasota got 5 to 6... 

We have had drought for 4 years now, Tuesday was a drought ender that our Weather Guy described as Historic Rain! 

All of these mean the same, rain was
Present In Great Quantity! And it came with Booms and Flashes!

We are thankful for the rain and sorry for those who had losses from it. We were blessed with just enough to fill our pool to the very top.

today we are joining Brian's Home Forever to say we are thankful for the rain. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

In Plain Sight on WORDY WORDY WED

Remember this from a few days ago? 

This is the OTHER wall in the spare bedroom with rocking chair.  The photo wall is all family, humans only. the dogs have there own wall in the kitchen. I hate this wall, it is created from thrift stores and 3 things taken from the neighbors curb trash.
I don't want to see this wall. This wall can not be seen from the hall or any room in the house. If I can't see it, its not there.
 Junk like this makes me crazy. Crazier, is what Bob says.

Speaking of crazy! this iron has lived on the top shelf in the closet on the 4th wall you can't see for 34 years. It simply sat on a shelf, and when in the workforce was used several times a week.
this iron caused me 24 hours of STRESS!  

I washed  a load of my clothes, for some reason the t-shirt I have worn for 2 years came out so wrinkled I could not wear it to Walmart. I just knew my friends would not know me if I did not have on my Walmart shirt. 
 I thought no biggy, lay it in on the bed and iron the wrinkles..

We have FOUR huge closets and 1 linen closet. Since I keep nothing I don't use, there is always space. 
In the year of 2020, I took everything out of every closet, tossed and donated and organized.

I searched every closet and All the MANY cabinets we have. NOT TO BE FOUND..
I checked them all and gave up. 3 hours later I checked them all again. Bob said what are you DOING?
THE IRON IS GONE! you threw it out, you know you throw everything away, says the man that has keys from a house IN PA, that he sold in 1970 when he moved to FLORIDA
NOTE! I never touch his Chest of Drawers OR the garage! I might do a post on just what he has.

The next morning I came in this bedroom and started removing things from the closet, he stands in the door saying what are you doing? LOOKING FOR THE IRON!
What? he says and when I glare at him, still  pulling things off the shelf,  shaking his head he goes back to the blasted blasting TV.
Under 1 pairs of old jeans, neatly folded and a bag I used to carry a laptop in, I found the bag of Iron laying flat under it all, hiding in plain sight.
I forgot I put it in the bag so I could SEE it when I needed it, which appears did not work well. It is now in the closet IN PLAIN SIGHT! the thing is I put it up there in 2020 and I have not used it since then.
That is good news, no ironing for 4 years, the bad news is once again the Senior Moments are here to stay. I will try to remember to leave it in plain sight in case I want to wash that shirt again. I might just wear it dirty...
I just remembered a TV series that I loved. In Plain sight! I am off to see if i can find it and see if it was as good as I thought. I stopped this post and checked, and now it is in my Prime List...GOOD NEWS!
PS  Bob asked why it was in the bag! I said, TO KEEP THE DUST OFF in my sweetest voice.😉

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Welcome to My Good Day!!!!


At 2:50 AM we had a downpour and received the much needed 3/4 inches of rain. The TV said this,
Drought to deluge, budding tropical rainstorm to soak Florida, the rain came down, and I did happy dance. I walk Beau at 6;15, the rain stopped. and showed MORE on the way on my radar app. We got the morning walk in, I went to my dermatologist appt at 8:15 was back home by 8:30 and got the
All Clear on the Skin Cancer and came to create this post, it 9:19 and look what is almost here.
More Rain! and I was able to do walk and doc visit before the next wave. It will be around off and on the rest of the week.
Thank you Lord for the cancer result and your blessed rains.

I whipped out the cell phone and took two photos, popped into PicMonkey and this is the end result of What MadSnapper did while waiting in lobby for five minutes.... JUST FOR YOU and of course for ME