Sunday, June 24, 2018

Ranting on Sunday???

Is it ok to rant on Sunday???  Some of you remember this past week I talked about my Timeshare Bathing suit and the lizard and frogs that live in it.
 The only mention I have ever made was the post about my bathing suit. I have never been to a website to leave cookies......

SOOOOO why am I being bombarded by Timeshare Ads in my email? They started 2 days after the post.

Rant 2. I own a TracFone cell phone for emergency use only, like when our cable TV/phone/internet goes out. I carry it with me in the car for calling tow trucks and people to fix flat tires.

I have never put it online, it is not on Google, I just don't use it. There are NINE people who have my number, they all know they can text during daylight hours only but if they want me call the house phone. YES, I said house phone.

 Occasionally I get a wrong number, or I assume they are wrong,  because I don't answer if it is not one of the NINE.

So why now am I getting ADS in my text?

 the one today said  Put sticker wraps on your bumper and get a chance to win $500.00, reply to get details...

Where did they get my number? Did one of my sons, one of my DIL's give it to them? Did one of the 5 friends that can text me give it to them? Are the NINE guilty of selling my number? What think YE?

Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Few of My Favorite Things

Seagrape Tree in our backyard this week.

Read these three sentences and tell me what happens.

Zippity Do Da

A few of my favorite things

Going to the chapel.. 
Before you scroll to bottom think about what you will say in your comment.

The new Volvo Commercial.. CLICK HERE IF YOU DARE TO HEAR is driving me NUTS... he he he get it DRIVING me nuts..
It plays 10 times a day on the never ending talking TV that Bob watches. He has it in his LOOP and he puts it in my LOOP and if we by some miracle stop humming/whistling (yes we both whistle a lot) we will hear it on TV.... I don't have to hear the tune, just saying/seeing the words can start me UP

That started me thinking about other songs that play in the background to commericals and get stuck in my head. We never know which one of us will INFECT the other with an ear worm LOOP.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Flower Friday in backyard

My love for you continues to blossom...

Sorry guys, I am suffereing from Tickseed/Shutterbug fever... 

 Bee's love Tickseed. So Do I.


How do florist make their money? by petaling their goods. 
When a florist is late delivering his goods to a wedding, he puts the petal to the metal.. brahaha

Yes that is a weed choking the statue of Pan playing his lute, but I love it anyway
This statue of Pan was bought by my husbands first wife,in 1970. We moved it from St Petersburg to  this home he has been in this place for 28 years. Dog chase each other, Pan falls over, Head rolls away,  Pan falls over, Head falls off, Three times Bob has put it back together with liquid nails concrete stuff in a thingy.... can you tell I don't know what the stuff is?  I love this photo and it is now my desktop photo of choice.