Saturday, August 20, 2022

All in the same boat.

 Below is the hilarious comment my friend Madeline emailed to me about the post about my finding Beaus egg in the cabinet, not the fridge. 

Madeline 10:34 AM (56 minutes ago) comment

to me

We are all in the same boat.  Yesterday morning I knew I had to get up and take a shower because the nurse was coming to dress my leg wounds.  As I am puttering around I think, what day is it?  The nurse comes Mon. And Wed.  The cleaning lady also comes on Wed.  sooooo....what day is it???

Did I go to church yesterday????  Who knows?????  I am stumbling around trying to figure this out???  After a period of time, I thought, dummy, touch your cell phone.  It will tell you what day it is!!!  Like magic, it told me it is Mon.!!!  So...  I was in church yesterday!!!  Now I feel better!  Off to take a shower and wait for my nurse!!!😊😲😱😜😍

As I read her email I remembered the song I heard song on the car radio Saturday and it is sooooo true. Click Here if the video doesn't play.

Even if you don't care for country music, the graphics are super, and you can read the words the music on mute.