Monday, August 20, 2018

Raccoon Sighting August 18, 2018

These Photos are from a PRIOR POST about raccoons making babies in our yard
on May 6, 2014 

We did have a sighting of Racoon Foot Prints in Feb of this year, beside the pool.
And I have heard rustling noises on the other side of the fence. 
And The Male of our species always POOH POOH's my fears and says we have not seen them in years, they are Gone....HA!

Each morning I take Jake out when we wake up, I flip on the flood lights to scare off critters before I turn it off and take him outside. Lights OFF because who wants to see me in my gown?

 Bob just goes in the dark, but I am hot on Jakes heels with a flash light. While guarding the dog, I pick up his deposits.

 I do this because on Saturday, Sept. 3rd 2016, Jake had a terrible fight with a pregnant female. There is not prior post on it because the details were gruesome. 

Today I picked up the flashlight at 4 am and for some dumb reason, let our blind and deaf dog out, he went to the left, I started to follow. I heard PLOP! splash and ripples. Turning the flashlight to the ripples I saw a half grown raccoon swimming like crazy.
I went into panic mode. Jake is in no condition to fight. I could not call him, we use hand signals, I race to him as he is about to potty and grabbing by the collar drag him to the door, he has his breaks on because What the heck Mama, I am not done yet. Racing down the hall I tap the deaf husband on the hip, using sign language something is in the pool.
He has no idea what I am saying but comes with me to the pool.
It is GONE! thank you Lord, But then I could hardly breathe while Jake Finished what he had started because I just KNEW it would come back.

I asked Google Search if they can swim, and found that they are excellent swimmers and can swim for hours if needed. It said they are reluctant to swim because they don't like to get wet. I think we startle him/her as he/she washed the food. The food being the reason we have no nightblooming flowers... I have shown Bob the left overs of the big buds on the ground, I said something is sitting in the swing and eating all the buds, and showed him five crunched and bitten bottoms.

Now we know!!!!  A word to anyone who puts food out for these wild animals, they can carry rabies, they get distemper and they are MEAN with dogs.... Please don't feed wild animals, even if you don't care, they might hurt someone else pet.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Freddy's Back!

More Coming Soon to a Blog Near YOU... Frog Pics I mean..... Bob called out to me, come look, he had filled the watering bucket to water his Banana Tree, without looking in it first. This is what I saw when he held out the bucket.... Fred was in the bucket, possibly napping, when suddenly he was flooded....

All Is Well, but there is a 'chance' he might be a little Snap Happy!   ha ha ha Make That Snapper Happy

Saturday, August 18, 2018

How I found Wikihow... Wow!

Have you ever heard of, or used  wikihow?  If the answer is yes,  why have you not told ME about it.....
 I found it while reading a book about an FBI profiler. She is hunting a killer who is embalming his victims and wants to know how he found out how to do it... When she went to wikihow, I laid down my kindle and came to the computer and NOW we know where to go.
  Here is the link to my new best friend... Wikihow

When I typed, how to embalm a body, it also gave me Three Ways to make a MUMMY... Yowsa!

You can ask How to find a boyfriend, or a husband? Any question. I tried repair a washer, jump start a battery... feed your dog... it has an answer for everything. Remember, if you read it on the WWW it might not be true. HA HA.. JUST SAYIN

In the same book I found the answer to Bob's comments every now and then about the first cup of coffee in the early AM.

Once in a while with the first cup he says..." The Coffee if Really Strong today.."

I comment.." I don't know why, I put the same amount of water and coffee every day"

... INSIDE My head I am sneering.... IF YOU DON"T LIKE IT MAKE IT YOURSELF, since you have never made a pot of coffee in 34 years....  it gets a little tiring, but I digress, as usual.

The heroine of the book, is thinking to herself . (I love reading because we can here their thoughts)
"I need really strong coffee today, I will use TWO filters'.... AHA!!!!  moment!

Once in a while the filters are stuck and I get tired of fighting with them and put TWO filters in the coffee maker, rather than say the words the filters are causing me to think. THUS making Stronger Coffee with the same amount of water and coffee, just so Bob can say..... "the coffee is really strong today"
Thank you Myra for posting about the book you were reading, A Killers Mind, (Zoe Bentley Book 1) author Mike Omer.   If you are Prime Kindle Unlimited it is there, or you can buy it on Amazon. OR YOU CAN ASK Wikihow where to find it... brahahaha I asked and came up with this..
How To enjoy reading a BOOK... Click here if you want to know