Friday, April 23, 2021

Nature Friday and the big green plant

The pothos plant on the left has been hanging in our kitchen for 32 years. It has been repotted when it started to look like the one on the right side. when it gets root bound, Bob Appleseed would, after a lot of nagging, take it down and break it in half and report it and shortly it looked like the one on the left. 

This time I waited to long to Nag him into it and because his knees hurt, nagging did not work and the plant is past being repotted. I searched in every store that has a garden shop and there were none to be found. I thought just buy a new one and start over.

On Amazon, they had plants to start one. This one says 3 inch pots, 18.99. It hurt but I ordered them and potting soil and a new pot.

The pot came first, I loved it. and then 

This arrived, this box, in my mail box, after 5 days on the road with USPS, US mail. 
It had these 2 plants wrapped in plastic stuffed in the box and 3 leaves on one and 2 on the other.
Compare what I got, to the photo from Amazon above.
Oy Vey!

Just how long will it take for these to fill this pot?

No, I am not sending them back, I just can't deal with it. I trimmed the old plant

Stuck them in water to start to root and will take the root ball and mess with it and put it all together in the new white pot and wait for it to all DIE!
Because I have a black thumb.
I put a bad review on the product. Take that Amazon!

But wait, there is more   To Be Conitnued................


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Yellow House News.

IF you think you saw this on Fourpawsetc and commented, you did. I posted it on the wrong blog. 

Last week I show you the Yellow and a Aqua House Across the street! While out walking, I noticed a For Sale sign on another house accross from us, 2 over from the yellow.
I pulled out my phone and asked how much it was for sale for.
When it came up so did the Yellow House above.
The yellow house as a contract pending on it and NO WARNING that it was for sale.
It sold before they put up the sign, they just bought it a year ago. the aqua house just sold in Dec of 2020. It was white when they bought it.
SOOOO finally to get to the point.

the next morning while I walked Beau I counted 3 more Aqua Houses, and in the 3/4 of a mile of Beaus walk guess what I did?

3 Brick

3 shades of green

5 shades of Gray, did not get the other two. I did not take photos of the rest,
There were 7 beige and brown
4 more shades of gray
A dozen of so still WHITE.
ODD thing, the people who bought the yellow house, not the one above, painted it cream colored and added an Aqua Door.
I paid attention to the house that have sold in the past year and every single one of them was a COLOR not white... Can you see where I am going with my desire to paint the house aqua?
PS... I did the collages above all on my phone, uploaded to Google Photos and here they are

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Clever ME!


See the two pillows above? they look the same after they are in the pillow cases. Inside they are different. One is solid white and fluffy fat, the other is print on white and flat not fluffy.
The thing is I sleep with the two stacked on top of each other.
For My Comfort, the print goes on the bottom, with fluffy on top.
Problem is, there is no way to tell which is which if the lights are out.
Clever ME! 
When replacing pillow cases, the print one I hold under my chin WITH the TAG under chin,
The other one the non tag goes under my chin.
IN THE DARK, I can feel the tag and know which one goes first.

I told you I am at the bottom of blog fodder barrel!
How many pillows do you use to sleep comfy?
I use three, two under my head and a BIG fluffy one hugged against my LEFT side, with the end under my chin and the rest down my side.
It is a prop for my hip if I lay on my right side and a prop under my chin to keep it from dropping down and drying out my mouth while I don't snore if laying on my back.
Whatever Works, Clever ME! How Clever are YOU?

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Rebel To The Bone


Monochrome is my thing,

Matchy Matchy is my thing.

My bathrooms were built in 1972, Tile in one is green, and the other is gold.
70's Green 70's Gold
Those colors were OUT of fashion when we bought the house in 1989.
The bathrooms had wall paper with tiny print that matched the gold, everything else was white
I bought white shower curtains and window curtains and until The plumbing went awry 10 years ago, they remained that way
I am cheap to the bone and if something is good and doesn't need to be replaced I work with it,
Fought the wall paper off, and Painted the walls Gold and Green.
I also nagged The Man into painting the ceilings the same color as the walls.
NO ONE DOES THAT is what I was told. 
Ceilings must be white.
I love monotone, I love Matchy Matchy.
My bathroom has 6 shades of Green and a lot of white.
I love it and I love the no one paints the ceiling Green.
It makes me happy.
Even the tile the man put down is shades of green.
Rebel to the Bone is what I am.
Cheap to the bone is what I am
I yam what I yam and that's all that I Yam.. Popeye the Sailorman

Also, I have been wearing the same shade of nail polish for 20 years. Yes it is out of fashion.
I love it and hate the new colors.
there is a RANT about HGTV in a prior post which tells me I painted the walls in 2013. It has a photo of the gold bathroom.