Monday, March 19, 2018

Where's Da Brain???

I made a Friday AM to-do list.
A list that a few short years ago, would have been completed in Under TWO hours!

At noon on Friday, most of the list was done, SIX hours of working on it. Six hours to do 2 hours of work. Here is the rest of the story.

I completed Two loads washed in new washer, dried in new dryer. That was on the top of the list.

The part of the TO-Do list, that was not written down, included

A.  Three  3 trips into the living room to Ask/Tell Bob something, that required me to walk back in the other room to figure out what to tell/ask.
B.  a few times of staring into the distant space trying to think what I intended to do or not do...

I peeled the apples, placed in microwave for 5 minutes, the dog asked out. I went with him because he refuses to PEE alone...

20 minutes later I came back in to check the list and found the microwave chime saying, hey stupid, were you cooking apples?

It seems I saw the deck covered in bright yellow allergens and leaves/flower pods from Avocado tree, and swept the whole deck.

I put the microwave on the last 4 minutes and tried to stay within hearing distance of said microwave.

Where Da Brain when I need it????.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Memories of Mother

all photos are from internet images items for sale by different people. Not my photos today
My Mother LOVED frogs, back in the 60's, we never had a problem of what to buy for a gift. My brothers wife and I kept mother in good supply. Sears had these frogs on everything. I worked in Sears Catalog. Easy Peasy and mother LOVED any and all. Her kitchen was bright yellow, even the cabinets. They painted over the green for who knows why. These curtains hung at two windows and

all that you see here littered the counters, every surface. Not in cabinets, she wanted to SEE them.

And now I am upset because these memories are called Sears Vintage, which makes ME vintage to.
At least so is my brother and his wife. Vintage I Mean...

Another memory surfaced. We saved for many months to surprise here with this vintage bird bath. I think it was $69.00 which was a ton of money then.
It became the joy of her life. She sat in the swing and watched birds while she snapped beans.
internet photo

Saturday, March 17, 2018