Monday, November 11, 2019

Raccoon MANIA! again!

See these cute and innocent looking Raccoons? The photos are from prior post, May of 2014 HERE.
Warning, the link is full of Raccoon Porn....

For the past 8 days, 3 to 5 raccoons have been making us crazy, with noise and sudden appearances in our yard. Big can't lay still. From 6 pm until bedtime he paces and stands at the back door. he KNOWS they are out there. 3 nights ago, at midnight I heard a racket, it sounds like horses were on the roof and loud chittering.... they skipped the next night, but last night at 2:35 AM, the screeching started, all you know what broke loose. Big and I jumped from bed and raced to the back door to turn on the flood lights, which usually makes them leave.

NOT this time... they were mating!   you have NEVER heard such a racket. see below what I found on line... circled in RED because I am Red Hot over these critters. in 2014 there were two and now there are FIVE plus one of these IS HUGE and looks pregnant... we tried to have a trapper trap and remove. that did not work out. Yes, we live in the city limits, but this is Florida.

To Here The Sound go to YouTube HERE   Yes, the sound will go away when the FULL moon starts to wane, but they will not... they will be here to torment Big Boy and ME... Bob can't hear them. Big can hear every sound they make, including claws clicking on pool deck and laping of water from the pool.... Hurry winter... they sleep most of the time.

Headerless? Less Headers?

This is a header from the PAST... When I first started, I created a new one almost every post. I must say I came up with a few clever ones. I made the decision to create one and leave it, but every now and then I would change it up. I have 8 posts under HEADER Label Here, and today I am adding a few that are not there. I have most of my headers in a post for Just in Case the computer crashes... since the newest comes up first on the label, it will require scrolling for anyone that has time to waste in the past where headers were my past time... I first posted the first one below, changed it to the 2nd one, then to the 3rd one and then back to number 2.

These are the only ones created in the past two years. Tell me about your headers. Do you change often, not at all, play with creating them...  DO HEADERS EVEN Matter any more?

Give me your Blah! Blah! Blah! on the subject of Headers... please.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Hi, its ME.. 😜 Sandra

Sandra the orangutan is here in FL... photo from CNN and story HERE on CNN

Bob had his eye laser surgery this past week and now he sees perfectly with no glasses.

He was a TAD shocked when he could see me in my pink blanket... HEH HEH HEH I heard him say, I did not know you have RED hair! And What Big Eyes you have.

ALERT!  Bob got his sight back, I lost my MIND... I left 15.00 worth of stew meat in the trunk of the KIA for SEVEN hours.   Brought in everything but that. by the time I remembered it, it was 3 pm. I wanted to cry throwing it away, PLUS now there is nothing for the Crockpot Sunday am, that was to be 4 meals this week. The orangutan has more sense than I DO.