Saturday, December 15, 2018

ME Me Meeeee

Me getting Ready for Christmas? Now you know my secret. OR do you????
Guess what I have been playing with???? scroll down and down


It's all Ann's fault, you know the one from SnapEditScrap   she is always posting funny faces of her self on blog and Facebook and I asked HOW she did it. MESSENGER is the answer.... I spent an hour making faces on that thing...… there are hundreds and you can make movies tooooo. Messenger on Facebook.. You have to be on phone or tablet that has a camera. will not work on desk top. phooey... can you find it and make a face and post it?  I AM NEVER BORED

TAP ON MESSENGER, tap on Add to your story, your face will come up and down the side are all the THINGS to add to your face.

Pygmy Palms Walk a Mile

walk a mile pygmy palms
We climbed in my Kia at 5:17 AM headed for the daily YMCA visit.

The dry sound of clicking is what we heard when I twisted the key... OH NO! she says quietly 😁 I Told you the battery is old and to replace it. HE says  that was a few months ago. YES, it was she says quietly 😉

We transfer to his truck, it starts. The problem now is. I DON"T RIDE with him driving. If we are together I is dark. HE says... I don't ever drive in the DARK...
I reply... Don't even go there, I am already upset enough. I say their is a detour, he says I KNOW... we get to it, he starts to turn the wrong way. NO, I say QUIETLY 😁 get in the other lane, noooo not that one … again he says I don't ever drive in the dark..... sighhhhh

The reason I don't ride with him, is he thinks his name is Dale Earnhardt, in his other life before me, he was a drag racer and the president of their Racing club in PA.... He has admitted he was impeached/fired as president BECAUSE he broke the RULES by drag racing on The Streets.

I get to the pool and tell this story to my captive audience friend, and she says who is Earnhardt?

Do you know?   to be continued
Odd palm, no idea what kind

Friday, December 14, 2018

TOPS Christmas Party

My son has created a monster, when he taught me to wave at my cell phone to take selfies. Sharon and I went to the rest room, together as women do, and I sat my cell on the counter and Taught Her How, or make that how NOT to take seflies. We had a fit of the giggles, as we tried to lift our knees high enough to see the leggings, and went back to the party. The odd square is the photo Sharon took when I said just say Kimchee while she was taking the pic of Me and David. She said it did not work. I said say it Smile, and we all DID...

did you notice it is Dec 13 party and we all have on sandals?

I said David, come take a photo of us in our black tops and Chrismtas leggings. Then Sharon took one of David and I. Then we asked Lisa to come get in the Leggins and Black tops photo. can you tell Why?????
the funny thing was, David took the above pic with my cell, and gave it back, I said take one with Lisa's and he did, it was 2 minutes apart. see below that we all three posed exactly the same way the second time...
Ginny asked what did we eat at the TOPS Take off pounds Sensibly Christmas Party. see below
We ate off a buffet, the crackers and rolls were all Healthy Ones, I can't remember the names. Each of us brought a LEGAL Dish. Yes way to much but we had to choose what we wanted and everyone skipped breakfast, it was a brunch. This is not all, there were several things I can't remember. Before you ask, this was not typical of what we eat. Our party was much like any other, fun food, not balanced diet we live on daily.

Chicken Salad on Rolls
Fruit Salad
Cheese and Cracker
Crunchmaster Crackers and Almond Butter
Brocoli Salad
Cheeseball and Crackers
Star Fruit
Fresh Pineapple
Fresh fruit tray
Diabetic Apple Pie with no sugar or Artificial sweetener
Vega Bite Cookies