Sunday, July 21, 2019

Jungle is Back

. Our Jungle Back Yard is Back. We had no flowers, now we have many.... Gods Life Giving Rain...….Via two weeks of violent thunderstorm, we have another week coming. Poor Big Boy is not fond of the storms. Neither am I, but our drought is broken. Thank You Lord.

Trying to imagine Ansel Adams World, before we had color film and now Digital everything.

See the dark hole to the left of the bucket?  Click on FourPawsetc to see what is IN that hole.
2 weeks ago the fence behind all the green was just an ugly old fence.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Tinted moisturizer on Limited Income

Limited Income MAKE Do Make Up
Each night, my routine is wash face with Dove soap and water, cleanse with cotton pad soaked in Witch Hazel, go to bed and watch 20 minutes of QVC/HSN..
No, I don't use ponds before bed. I wake up with Big's black hair glued to my face. ha ha.

 Tinted moisturizer can cost from $46.00 to $59.00 on shopping channels.

I NEVER shop these channels. I watch to get IDEAS of how to do it CHEAPER.

Ponds Cold Cream used by my Grandmothers/Mother, is still on the market at $4.97

Rimmel Stay Matte cream foundation is $4.97.  

TOTAL COST for tinted moisturizer  is $9.94

Ponds lasted almost a year, Rimmel 6 months. I use 1 dot of Ponds on each cheek, spread over face, 1 dot of Rimmel on each cheek. And it stays from 5:15 until I take it off.
Covers all the age spots and some wrinkles. 
At least my face is all one shade, not six.

You do not want to see me without my tinted moisturizer. I never leave the house without it. I wanted to show you what I look with out it. I JUST CAN'T, but I don't look like this.  THIS is WITH my Make do Make Up!

I use witch hazel for itchy skin on legs and arms and clean my face with it twice a day.
Witch Hazel $3.97 and I bought that, then  I found it is $2.47 for Wal-Mart brand. Just pore the witch hazel from ugly bottle to pretty bottle and there you have my Tinted Moisture.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Toadstools on Nature Friday

cell pic no flash

Important News Flash! if you stupidily burn the roof of your mouth when you take a bite of PIZZA and find you are in PAIN!  Drink MILK... found the solution on internet and it works.

Embarrassing Moment. I woke up Saturday AM with a big blob of blood on the side of my nose just under the eye. Seems I scratched it with my fingernails WHILE I WAS SLEEPING and did not know it until I saw me brushing my teeth in the mirror and thought What is that?
I might need to put mittens on my hands at bedtime, like we used to do for babies to protect them from their fingernails.
I knew we regress back to acting like toddlers as we age, but THIS is ridiculous!

cell pic with flash