Saturday, May 30, 2020

Everyday is a school day

My blog friend Myra, mentioned Every day is a school day, meaning We learn something new every day. I decided to share a few things I learned by accident or research. The above Mexican Petunias (photo from my archives) grow everywhere here, they are beside roads, in yards, medians. For years we had them all along the pool side. They died by drought. No plants, no flowers. Gone.

We got an inch of rain, twice in a week.

While usiing my Milk Jug Watering Spinkler, see bottom left of below collage, to water my wildflower seeds, I spied 3 tiny plants with 3 leaves each, The purple flowers above.
Every day for two weeks, I gave them one good sprinkle. I decide to sprinkle all the plants that have no blooms. 
The Miracle of Water! I could have saved them by spinkling.

See below! all the flowers started to bloom. and now there are 22 plants like the one above, no blooms yet but they will soon.
One gallon of water per day, on sprinkle per bush. Wow.
Also, it gives me exercise, instead of sitting I was filling Jugs and sprinkling and walking.

None of these plants had flowers until I started to sprinkle. I found the milk jug works best if I sprinkle and tilt, sprinkle and tilt. Now drought or no, we have flowers.
My wild flower seeds are starting to bloom, coming SOON

Friday, May 29, 2020

Walking with Weeds and Flowers

Each day as I walk, I pass several of these beautiful flowers that we call Frangipani. I was shocked to find they are Plumeria, but also called many names.. 

They are a common sight in our neighborhood.

We think of Hawaiian Leis when we see them.

Wikipedia Link Here for more info

Weeds are also a common sight, which if fine with ME.
I am a WEED lover! to me these are as beautiful as any flower.
As a child, we made many leis and garlands for the head from weeds.
I have no idea what the name is. Let me know if you do.
Joining LLB in the backyard for Nature Friday.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Palm Pods for Ginny

All Palms have pods, some have several different types, some are fruit, some are seeds.. During my walk I saw a pile of pods and the trees they came from..
You know the rest of the story

I have a snapping problem. I saw the pile of pods, I thought take a photo for Ginny, since she said she did not know Palms have pods/fruit, and thought they all had coconuts.

I ended up with about 20 photos of the trees they came off of and the pile of pods... Snapping Adiciton is what it is...  I am trying to remember if I EVER took JUST ONE photo of anything.

Do you take one shot or multibles?    PS! this was intended to publish at midnight for today, Just realized I left it in drafts............. woe is me on my memory...