Friday, January 24, 2020

Nature Friday Walk

We left home just after sunrise, Sunday morning, I pointed to the sky in front of us and said LOOK we are walking under the middle of a rainbow!  (my cell would not take both ends, I snapped each end and made a collage?

Knowing the rainbow was in the Western sky and that there must be something spectacular behind us, I turned with cell held high and there it was. Glorious sun rising in the east.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Wonderful Wordy Wed.

January 1st, our HMO changed to a new Advantage Plan. I knew when I signed up, we needed referrals from Primary Doctor to see a specialist.
Bob had an appointment with a Dermatologist (specialist) and the woman at front desk said we did not need a referral because it did not say we did in her computer.

I came home, dialed the new HMO,  and felt my blood pressure climb each time the automated voice asked  question, she did not like my answers and aske more questions..

Auto Voice: I see by your phone number you are a member, please state your date of birth.

ME: 9/5/44

AV: I did not understand date of birth, please state in this fashion, January 1, 2020

ME: September 5th, 1944

AV: thank you and on and on with more automated questions.

Finally I heard a live person
LP:  Thank your for calling, my name is blah How may I help you. (heavy accent, I had to ask for repeat)

ME: I have a question. My husband has an appointment with a dermatologist , he has the same policy as I do, does it require a referral?

LP: I am pulling up your policy, Have you had breakfast?

ME: WHAT? thinking either the accent or my brain was the culprit?

LP: Have you had breakfast?  ( it was 10 am) it is very important that you eat a healthy breakfast every day and she went on until I interrupted her.

ME: YES! I HAVE HAD BREAKFAST! Do we need a referral or NOT?

LP: Yes you need a referral. Would you like me to add your husband to your account so he can call for you? Again with repeat what she said, do to accent

ME: No, but will you check to see if you received the letter I mailed adding me on to call for him. He doesn't talk on the phone.

I will leave you here, because it took another yada yada blah blah  and repeat, repeat, to finally get the answer Yes they received it.
NOW, I sit and wonder, did they get the referral there? Are we going to be billed? 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

More Mouth Speak

Need a Talker? 
  I walked into the YMCA with my friend Patsy, I was talking a mile a minute, filling her in on Doc visit with Bob, yada yada blah blah blah..
as we walked I said "I got up today and there were no more than 3 spots I could touch that did not hurt/ache."

 She calmly said "well there is nothing wrong with your mouth" and we both laughed so hard people were staring...

Now Bob says that every time I talk.....