Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Bad News Good News

 Bad News... opened Cabinet to put coffee filters away, knocked the Vanilla flavor bottle off, hit the counter, down the crevice between Fridge and Counter, disappeared under the back of the fridge. 

Good news... when Bob pulled the fridge out of its home space, we found the bottle.

Bad news... it was filthy under there requiring a broom, a mop and small hand vaccumn and both fan filters were clogged .

Good news ... we found the two fans and filters were completely clogged which was bad, but we had a hand vac that sucked it all out and it could have harmed the fridge if we had not found it.

Bad news.... after we put the fridge back in place, the kitchen floor was covered in debris

The Good News is I had this wonderful Bissel in the closet.

I love this thing and use it a lot, almost every day, see Fourpaws ETC for the reason.
But Wait! there is More!
More Good News! Because I opened the cabinet where our trash can lives, to empty the Bissel, I saw the overflowing recycle can and remembered it was Recyle Pickup day and took all three out and did it just in time for the pickup.
The Vanilla Flavor Bottle Falling Saved the Day

Monday, January 18, 2021

MoJo Down..


I took these last week to show Ginny what I wear at home. 
Gowns are my choice, always have been. This one goes almost to the ankles.
My smile still lurks, if I wave my hand,
but my brain is not working on my command.
 I have lost my humor, oh where has it gone
I sit in the house, fretting at life, as though its a bone. 
I love creating and posting,  to make you laugh.
Sadly I think I may need a raft
to keep me afloat as I wait for my MoJo to return
Until then to your posts and comments I will turn
to lift me up, and make me smile
I may be missing off and on for awhile.
If I don't show up every day,
Just know I will return on another day.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Dilemma


The Dilemma of Desktop VS. Laptop! 
As of today, I have bought nothing.
I can't make up my mind which I want.
For Now this horrid set up is what I am doing.
 Laptop with 'wired' keyboard, 'wired' mouse
connected to 10 year old Samsung 22 inch monitor, that I have loved  for 10 years.

I can SEE it! the monitor I mean..

The Laptop is 4 and 6 months, the battery is not holding well, and who knew I could buy one that did not have a battery I could replace.
It can be replaced, just not by ME.

This is working OK and I can release it from THREE wires and take it to my rocking chair.
It really offends my OCD self looking at this although it works well.

I keep thinking I am on my desktop and trying to find all the STUFF that was stored on it.
there is nothing stored on the lap top. I have it saved on external hard drives.
I am in The Process. You will be the first to know when/if/what I buy.

 the ugly wired mess on the ugly 1997 vintage pasteboard looks better in low lamp light.

Feel free to tell me what you use, give opinions, say what you think.
waiting to hear from you .........

I also ponder what I am pondering while our world is falling apart in chaos from pandemic and politics.
If I were running for Mrs. America, would I stand up and say I wish for a desktop AND a laptop, not world peace???

Friday, January 15, 2021

Blast from the Past redo from 2009

Nature Friday Re Post from my first year blogging, 2009

 This beautiful deer was after something in the pocket of the wild life rescue person. Can you guess what before the end of the photos?

 this looks like fun, but we were told a deer is more dangerous than a bobcat when cornered or frightened  and anyone else would be in danger from the hooves, which can be lethal, they stand on hind legs and flail with the front hooves if afraid.

the treasured food was of all things...... a Bannana.... our Florida deer are very small compared to others.