Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Riverwalk 2016-Train Tracks & Trestle

As we walked along the Riverwalk I saw the train trestle up and the reflections and I thought this could be just the ticket. Snap! Snap! Snap!

I was a tad nervous about so many photos of a single track and trestle and thought I might run out of steam.

But I conducted myself well and read the sunshine as a signal to continue on. Even though there was
a chance these puns would de-rail but after proof reading and edits I decided they are first class

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

World At My Feet part 2

Looking up at Pieces of our ugly old fence.. this is where our Lizards live in the sun and this must be their view that we never see.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The World at Your Feet...

the title is not mine, I borrowed the title and subject from Click'n Camera post
Project 3- The World at Your Feet. totally awesome tips for photography over there and she gave me lots to think about.

I stood staring at our dilapidated fence of 27 years with camera in hand thinking about what she said.

Exclude the horizon, look for details in the big picture. I looked through the fence and on the fence and up and down the fence.

I changed the perspective of the ugly old fence by looking UP the fence

Look for patterns and designs...

find something not easily recognizable to make us focus on the photo not the subject
in this case, a staple, 3 screws, yellow moss

and tomorrow post My Favorite of Looking Up the fence

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Bob and Sandra's Saturday Walkabout

We went for an early Saturday morning walkabout down by the river, on the path called Riverwalk that runs between two bridges and is 2.5 miles round trip.

Are you thinking that shore is a long comment?  Did you know pier pressure keeps a dock floating above water?  Are you thinking is this real life or is it just Fanta sea?

True or False... A rising tide lifts all boats.     False.. Sunken boats are unaffected by tides.

Sea, they never stop! it is just ME del-rivering more puns...

Wishful Thinking

Saturday, November 26, 2016

ODD MadSnapper

Can you guess what this is?


Scroll for the answer

I have to admit post came from yet another session with the red camera that sits by my keys, on the kitchen counter.
I saw the Celery Ends and SNAP!
I saw my new card case and SNAP!
then the MAD part came in... and here you have it, another post about nothing

Friday, November 25, 2016

Canine Christmas 2016- Fun Stuff

Almost Like Home Pet Care

There were many booths that were having FUN.. from Pet Rescue to Pet Care to Grooming.

Humane Society

Dirty Dog Grooming

Tender Heart Rescue

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Last Good Fence

Joining TexWisGirl for the Last Good Fence Thursday post. Theresa is retiring from blogging and you will be sadly missed. I wish you much happiness and joy. Today I am thankful for your friendship.

I am thankful for sunshine and palm trees. and thankful for fencing that hides the garbage cans.

Thank you to the person who stood there and weaved the plastic through the fence.

Protecting the Mulch at Home Depot.  People steal mulch????
So much that they need perimeter patrol? 

I would be thankful to someone if they paint that board

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgivng Eve.

But Jake is thankful for his 2 gutless monkeys, the one above lasted 3 days with out having its stuffing removed. I am thankful we brought Jake home with us and that I am able to clean up the stuffing..

color page from painted in Picmonkey by MadSnapper

Let's Talk Turkey.... Remember to Gobble til you Wobble and don't forget to set the scales back 5 pounds tonight.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

To Pipe or not to Pipe..

These are pipes in the park.. Can Anyone think of a reason they would cut this pipe like this?

UPDATE: I found out why some are round and some are shaped. it has to do with whether it runs into water, or onto dirt or gravel or rocks/gravel and also depends on if it is rainwater run off or comes from another we know.

Can anyone of you think of a reason I took a photo of these drain pipes????


Someone  said an air strike is being planned. I hope they settle it, quickly.
I can't hold my breath longer than 40 seconds.

I'm learning to speed read. This morning, I managed to read "War and Peace" in 52 seconds.
I know it's only three words, but it's a start

Monday, November 21, 2016

Canine Christmas Festival 2016 - Comfort Fab

Since it is only 3 days until our Thanksgiving Day, I wanted you to meet Kathi Papaleo and her rescue dog Melody... Kathi had a booth selling the blankets to raise funds for Bishop Animal Shelter, the host for the festival. She rescued Melody from Bishop.

Global Comfort FAB (fabulous animal blankets) is a group of people World Wide that make blankets to donate to animals in need. If you are interested in joining you can find the group on FACEBOOK by searching for Global Comfort Fab... it is a private group and you will need to click join if your are interested in making blankets.

I am thankful there are people who care for animals all over the world.
Thank you Kathi..
Meet Melody

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Canine Christmas Festival - 2016

Saturday at 10:15 I walked behind these cute dogs and their owners as I entered The 2016 Canine Christmas Festival. The festival is the annual fund raiser to help with all the MANY rescue groups that are trying to save the lives of dogs and cats.  It was a  beautiful 74 degrees.

I noticed this young lady with a camera, standing taking photos through the trees and wondered what she was seeing.

HO HO HO, it was Santa's Photo Booth, selling pics with pets to raise funds for rescue pups and cats

We had a great turnout, this photo was taken at Noon in a 81 degree day... See the green bags? if you paid a dollar to kiss a dog, they gave you a green bag. I paid Five Dollars to kiss the pup and the bag had a surprise of treats in it for Jake

Rich 2014 festival

My first visit to Canine Christmas Festival was with my BFF Rich in 2009 and I have only missed one festival since then. Rich passed away November 8th, 2015 10 days before he 2015 festival. I just could not go. Saturday I went again and this is dedicated in memory of my friend Rich Rodgers. and this link is to Canine Christmas Past

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fangtastic Dragon Tree

I found this dragon tree at Spanish Point years ago... Gail post HERE made me think about it because she finds all kinds of things in her trees... above is out of the camera and the other two are PicMonkeyed.

The tail today is,  you have clawed your way into my heart and I want our relationship to drag-on for years. I am hoping the fangtastic dragon will tip the scales in my favor...