Thursday, July 8, 2010

A House I Once Knew-Part 3

A House I Once Knew

I’d give so much to live again
In that house when it was young.

Then it knew our laughter and tears,
With its memory only begun.
I was unwise to have left it, I know
All I got for my pains

Was a heap of things I thought worthwhile
And desire to be back again.


 It might be made home again, who knows?

I watch the moonlight slant through a tree,
And know that old house was more than a house.

It once was home to me.

Coming Soon! chairs, fences, posts and beaches, OH MY


Sunny said...

What a lovely little house, it reminds me of a Cape Cod cottage; love the picket fence.
☼ Sunny

Lucy said...

It's my dreamy fantasy of living conditions. Love it.

Snapper II said...

Again, a great blog, fantastic subject. Your blog gets better each post. You should win an award,
for your great talent.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sandra, Love that poem--and it has brought back all kinds of memories of my old home in VA. I will tell you one thing which is funny though... After I had been gone from home for awhile, and then went back home, I was SHOCKED...Seems as if my home was much smaller than I thought it was when I was growing up.... ha ha

Love your photos of the homes also.

Bird Girl said...

That sure is a neat looking house! I'd take it in a heartbeat ;-) The color is so nice and the picket fence - charming is the word!

Mrs. Snapper II (Madeline) said...

I am catching up on your blogs today. I love all the old houses!
The photography is so beautiful! You have so much talent. You should begetting paid for this... Even though it seemed Mama and Daddy moved every time the rent came due, I still ride around to some of the places we lived in the past and reminise. (We lived in 8 different houses in the 18 years I was home!) There is something good about all of them. Snapper and I have been married for 47 yrs. We lived the first 30 years on 60th St. and have been here for 17 years, come November. Can you tell we don't like to move? Both houses hold great memories. We also had great times in those two OLD beach houses we stayed in, the one when we were kids, and the one we spent beach vacations in with our kids. Great blog. Loved the walk-about blog too. I think I am caught up now...

Argent said...

The house is nice, but I lurve that little wooden chair out front. It's an adirondac (probably spelled wrongly) chair I think.

Stacey Dawn said...

I love that color - like sea glass... so purty!

SquirrelQueen said...

I really enjoyed the poem, it did bring back some memories.

This is a really cute cottage. It reminds me of some I see when we visit the coast, west not east and no palm trees there.

George said...

Thanks for completing the poem and featuring another beautiful house.

Krista said...

What a darling little house. And your header just made me go AWWWWWW! out loud and everything!!! :o)