Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday Walk-A-Bout

Bradenton has beautified it's downtown area with brick sidewalks and old lampost. City Hall faces the Manatee river and shares that view with the library and yacht club. My friend Diane is still in the workforce, which requires us to do our photo shoots together on her day off.
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Black Friday we chose to hit downtown Bradenton, meet for breakfast at an outdoor cafe, and do a walk-a-bout on the waterfront with our cameras.
Who knew we would have 48 degrees and 20 knots wind on that morning? as we stepped out of our cars, the shock of the cold north wind slapped us in the face as we stood and admired the shadows the bright sun threw on the bricks.(remember we are in FLORIDA, home of warm temps year round). The flag is PROOF!
We both agreed the day was a bummer and that there would be no walking the 3 mile trail in that weather, besides all the birds were hiding. I said and guess what? all of downtown is closed and locked up tight, the sidewalks are empty of tables and chairs, the breakfast is a no go. Double Bummer. Or so we thought!

We decided to check out Teresa's Resturant, only a few blocks south of where we stood. One bummer dropped off our Walk-A-Bout, Teresa's was OPEN!
We spent well over an hour eating great food and entetaining our photograper selves by taking indoor pictures. Great food Great Fun AND fodder for another blog comng soon!

As we started to get in the car, I spied a cottage through the trees and said, Let's see if that boutique is open, everytime i pass it, I think I will stop one day and never do.

the second bummer of the day disapeared. As we walked up the shop owner came out the back door and we asked if they were open. She said in a few minutes, I said is it ok if we go in the fence and take photos unitl you open? Her answer was let me unlock the gate and disable the alarm and of course you can.

The Rust Crickett
Check out their website, click on this link, Rusty Crickets Coastal City Cottage and the owner made our day. Diane finished her Christmas shopping and I was given permission to take photo's in the shop. I gathered A wealth of blog material and all the Christmas photos I need  DVD movie Christmas card for my friends at the nursing facility.

Rusty Crickets unique Gifts, Coastal Treasures and Clothing Boutique Made our day.

This just proves Things are not always what they seem. Our Black Friday
Walk-A-bout went from bummer to blessings, Just Like That!

Share your stories of what appeared at first glance to be not what you wanted, but WAS!


Ginny said...

I want more shopping posts!! I adore shopping, and the next best thing to it is reading about it. Just love this post!! I checked out The Rusty Cricket and of course there's some things I want to buy. I will go back later today and see if you can order online! May I ask how they came about that name? I am a firm believer on unplanned things sometimes being the most fun! It is an interesting idea about posting on something that turned out totally different than you thought and what happened. I will work on that... This is the perfect Black Friday post!

Madeline said...

Sounds like you and Diane had a grand day. Good for you! The pictures are beautiful! I would have loved to wander through "The Rusty Cricket" with yall, even if I did not buy anything. Also, I would have enjoyed the breakfast in that cut little restaurant. Great blog!

Dan Felstead said...

Sandra...just stopped by to thank you for following my photo blog and I am glad I did! Now I can visit Florida in the winter from my computer! I will be back!


Catherine said...

Such good fortune and wonderful example that we should always be open for something not planned. The restaurant and shop are places I would have enjoyed, too.

Beverly said...

I didn't recognize Teresa's from your photo. You certainly hit it at the right angle.

I remember the Rusty Crickett from earlier days when it was another gift shop. I loved shopping in there.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sandra, Looks like your Black Friday turned out GREAT.... One never knows, do they???? Glad you and Diane had such a good day... That little boutique had some neat things, didn't it????

We've had a great time hiking and waterfalling. Had to work that Thanksgiving turkey OFF... ha


SquirrelQueen said...

What a great way to spend Black Friday, much more fun than crowds and long lines. The little boutique looks like a perfect place to Christmas shop.

You asked if I still use the SLR. Not in a really long time but I have been thinking about looking for a battery and film for it. The quality of film is very different from digital in the SLR, its been a long time but I think I would like to put it back to work.

Hope you are having a great weekend,

Philothea Designs said...

I love Theresa's and have for years! I am glad to know where the Rusty Cricket is! I have heard of it but never knew where it was. Glad you enjoyed the opportunities you found!

CambridgeLady said...

Winter in the sunshine .... looks idyllic! Great pics.