Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Practice Shots

You can thank Karen of What Karen Sees for all these photos of my beloved Dwarf Poinciana tree. Look on her sidebar under Tech Talk Tuesdays and pick a subject that interest you.
( Farmers Market Challenge, you only have until Saturday July 31, info click on photo on sidebar)

I finally after 4 years of owning my Rebel SLR camera understand about F-Stops ( why did they make it so hard)

These are from my first practice session in AV  and setting  the F-stop all by myself. I can't beleive how much a difference it makes

I have been practicing a lot on my dogs, so you know what will be coming up soon. .

I wish I had listened to Peggy from Kayak Paddle Tales, she told me about 8 months ago, to make my photos better, use manual instead of auto. I am listening and I am going to conquer this. and of course you KNOW you will SEE whatever I do AND hear about it.

Just for fun, I tried my Nikon Coolpix video see below
(like I said it WAS just for fun)


DawnTreader said...

I have no idea what F-stop is. But your photos are beautiful. I think my favourite of those shots is the last one.

Catherine said...

SO very clear - looks like 3D.

Sunny said...

Wonderful pictures! I think photography is a continual learning process, plus it's fun to experiment!
☼ Sunny

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I've always admired your photography talents, and couldn't imagine how it could get better, but then you are the expert, not I.
I return here most everyday, because your pictures draw me in, they are stunningly beautiful always!
Gorgeous flowers today ....

Picturit said...

Well done, The relationship between Aperture and shutter speed is the most important relationship in photography. It's like a marriage they go hand in hand it's a partnership. I'ts good that you are getting the hang of f/stops. A good exercise is to set up a row of tin cans like beer cans or something similar in a line, 9 is a good number. Place your camera on a tripod or hard surface and focus on the third can from the front. Dial in your widest setting f2.8 usually on standard lens take the shot and repeat for all the remaining f stops. You will notice the change of Depth of Field through each image. at f2.8 the third can will be in focus but in front and behind will be out of focus. as you increase the f stop more of the image will become in focus front and back. Different lenses also have an effect on depth of field Telephoto lenses shorten the depth of field greatly especially the more magnification you use. How close you are to the subject effects it also. Don't want to confuse you over this but if you can master this everything falls into place. follow this link it may help. Try the cans its a good exercise.

From the Kitchen said...

Yikes! F stops? I'm about ready to pounce on that new camera and now I gotta figure out F stops?

Thanks for the complements on the new header. And, I did it without an F stop--as far as I know. = )

As for senior moments? I refer to them as "intellectual overloads"!!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Photography is an ongoing learning process --each and every day.. I just don't take the time to learn all that I should learn about the opportunities...

My hubby does a better job at trying new settings and working with RAW and with manuel.... He showed me the difference in a RAW photo and one i JPG --and it was amazing the difference.

Good Luck!!!! Your pictures are GREAT.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi Sandra, I just read Kev's (picturit) and seemed so helpful! I have a sony cybershot without much else- have a lot more I could learn. Anyway, I'm coming back to look at the video clip (using my phone) as well as view your images to compare on a larger screen. Having said that, I look at the relational part of blogging and writing as much? I just can't take myself too serious (lol)- so finding a way to spike a reaction is almost as obsessive! (grin)

Ginny said...

I think Kilauea has had this same flower on her blog. The pictures are prettier than the video. The video is more colorful, but doesn't have the starkness taken care of. You need o do one with auto setting and then the other ones so we can compare. Still loving that header and also the way you did the text on it!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi there Sandra..I'm glad your doing this! My phone is pretty clear actually but the processor is slower at times..I don't aways pick up every picture?
I have to get past some learning curves- though have learned and bumped into many things but have a ways to go! Cute your little vid!
I just checked out your link too..that is neat! I like to support local growers!

George said...

I'm trying to use manual settings on more and more of my photos. I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it, but it does take practice. These photos are wonderful and I look forward to seeing more of your experimentations.

SquirrelQueen said...

Thanks for the shout on the Farmers' Market Challenge!

Beautiful flower and photos. Once you get used to the settings you won't even think about the Fstops, aperture, etc., you will just do it.

Scott said...

You are definitely learning. Way to go. Picturit's little exercise is an excellent one as the cans are round and have depth. Once you've got the relationship between f-stop and shutter speed down life will be much better, from then on it's just getting the right lighting and composition. Whoever said this isn't easy???

Stacey Dawn said...

Way to go for playin and learning and growing - I need to do that much more!