Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Diva Dog!

This "Diva" is named Baby Girl.... But she has many other names that include, Princess and Queen Bee and a few more best left unsaid.   (above photo our high maintenance Diva is waiting for someone to open the door, you can't hear it but she is emitting low whines)

YES, I KNOW she appears to be very low maintenance in these photos
 I typed Define Diva in google and found this....

a bitchy (she is) woman (she is) that must have her way exactly, or no way at all (all true).

often rude (fits to a tee, she will bully her way over, under or through whatever is going on)

selfish, spoiled, and
overly dramatic.   Baby will stand and stare at the sofa or chair until we put her blanket in the spot she wants it, if she gets cold, she will stand and stare at Jake, Mommy or Daddy, depending on which seat she wants. She stands and stares like an unmovable and deaf rock, whining in her throat waiting for someone to do her bidding.

If she goes down the hall to the bedroom and the burgundy baby blanket is NOT on her chair, she will come back down the hall and stand and stomp her feet, clicking her claws on the tile until one of us follows her in and spreads the blanket TO HER SATISFACTION... she does not like lumps, bumps and wrinkles.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Spoiled Rotten

I spent part of Saturday/Sunday PLAYING.... Can you tell???? Above done with My Memories, Below with photoshop...
 Old Photo turned into pencil sketch. I am afraid you will be seeing more of my week end play time..
the last photo I used the digital scrapbook software... I love my babies....

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bray Park-Trees

Shade trees
 Bray is not all Live Oak
Palm trees and rocks

Charlie Brown Palm
The Path I took
Decorated Knots on trees

Center of the KNOT

Ratty Palm Tree

Close up of ratty palm tree

“There is always music amongst the trees in the garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.”

Knot that formed a cup

Inside the cup

Saturday, January 28, 2012


 I found the above package attached to the spray cleaner we use for... ummmm dog what iffers on the carpet. Everything comes in a spray bottle and when empty we toss it. I have been known to rant about throwaway plastic bottles until Bob starts to whine.

NOW, "THEY" have invented a wet pad, you open the package, lay the pad on the floor and stomp it and leave it for 30 minutes, then pick it up and the stain is gone and you throw the pad in the garbage.

NOTE: it says it might require 24  hours to lay there if it is a hard stain to remove. THEN it says Dangerous to pets and children, so my question is???? how do i keep the dogs from eating it while it lays there for 24 hours, or for that matter 30 minutes. 

I am trying hard not to climb  up on my Soap Box and deliver my Sermon On Waste Not Want Not Re-Cycle Re-Cycle Re-Cycle (oops I almost started the sermon)

One of my pet peeves is the waste here in America using "throwaway" everything and anything. Disposable this and that, filling our land fills with trash. I am an avid Re-Cycle everything we use, so I ripped this off and did my little rant and rave about what kind of trash they will give us to throwaway next.

I have included this sign that sits behind the cash register at our favorite buffet... JUST IN CASE any of you start to Whine about my sermon.  IF YOU want to read about my PEEVE Click HERE for a past post

I typed the word Stomp in google and this is what i found. a Group called Stomp and all their music is done with recycled instrumetns or their  hands and feet and chairs and all kinds of things. I LOVE THEM.

Who knew???

If you love the sound of drums like i do.... click on STOMP and pick your re-cycle drum material. I spent half and hour stomping and one of them has  been viewed over 4 million times. Get Stomping and NO Whining please I posted a 44 second hands and feet. but to see the Real Thing you know what to do  STOMP uses basketballs, trash cans, newspapers for instruments.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fence-Bray Park 1

 Bray Park has a fenced acre Horseshoe Park, I found a lot of pretty fences here, enough for several Friday Fence post

 It is nestled in wooded trails on one side and the other by a soccer field.
 So many beautiful trees.
Out side the fence and Inside the fence below

 It looks a little like a cemetery doesn't it? The trees made me swoon with joy.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Purple Orchid Tree

Bauhinia purpurea: Purple Orchid Tree, a commons sight here in Florida. It can grow as high as 30 to 35 feet and at times is solid flower, but in January there are not as many blooms

 The tree is native to India and China and is very invasive. It is related to Red-bud and Jerusalem Thorn tree, both of which are common here also.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bray Park and the MadSnapper

Live Oaks in Bray Park, about 3 to 4 acres just like this
We live 2.5 miles from the entrance to Bray Park. It is massive, it covers 120 acres and has 3 acre off leash Dog Park, hubby flies in one of the fields, well, he doesn’t fly, he flies his RC planes there.
See below the word ME shows the woods above from Google Earth and Hubby is where he plays with his planes.
Yesterday I took Me, Myself and My Rebel and Coolpix for a 1 1/2 hour browse for new post pics.
 The first thing I noticed were these leaves shining in the sun and as I stood and tried to figure out what was eating on them, I snapped just a few shots.

 When I walked around the tree, I realized it is a Purple Orchid Tree. Tomorrow I will show you the Orchids and then LOOK OUT for all the Stuff I found...... over 100 pics and enough Fence Foto's for a month of Friday Fences.
Yes, the header is a preview of the orchids......

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Archive Dive #3

 When I bought my first digital in 2002, it was a 3 MP Kodak Easy Share, 2004 I bought what I thought I wanted thinking 6 MP would be a faster camera. I wanted one that would fire as fast as I pushed the button, it was 2006 before I got the first Rebel DSLR

 the point of all this blather, is I took great photos with the 3, 6, 12 and 16... we don't have to have a different camera, just keep playing with what we have (says the madsnapper on her 5th camera)
 There is a reason the cameras are called Point and Shoot Cameras.... that is what I did at work and sometimes they thought there was lighting from all my snapping.
These photos were taken in 2004 with the Kodak 6 MP

Monday, January 23, 2012

Desperately Seeking Shoes

 I  have STRANGE feet, so in the interest of time, trust me on this... having searched every store within a 5 mile radius of home base, I decided to venture out to the Prime Outlet Mall to the SAS shoe store.
 It is only 8 miles, it took 25 minutes of THIS to get there and 35 to come home. for some reason South bound traffic here is always worse than North bound. I entertained myself at the traffic signal while waiting to turn in the outlet.
 Yes, I did see a few odd looks, but who cares, I was planning this post.
 I have not been to the Outlet in 10 years, so imagine my amazement when I walked up to one of many entrances
 and stood and stared at the map and locations.... OF COURSE I was NOT at the entrance that was a reasonable distance to the SAS store.

I despise shopping and very much despise outlet malls that are spread over acres and acres of ground. I took the map photos for future use, I can find the store I want at home and park a half mile from it instead of 2 miles.
 I was amazed when I stepped inside and found this  beautiful old fashioned room to sit in and try on shoes.
NOTE: I had to run out and rob a bank in order to pay for my  purchase of one pair of shoes.
the sky had changed when I walked out an hour later....  but still nor rain for us, someone send rain please.

do you shop Outlet malls? do you like/dislike them?

Does traffic make you crazy?

I got the below shot off the web site in case you want to plan your trip.. if you like Outlet Malls, it is a nice one, over 20 shoe stores, WOW  Ellenton Premium Outlets