Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lewis Park -Trees

Oak tree
I stood in Wal-Mart debating on which toilet seat would fit Bob's toilet. There were only two wooden ones, so I had a 50/50 chance of buying the right one.....

I bought the wrong size. So if I had a 50/50 chance why is it that NINE times out of TEN, a 50/50 choice is the wrong one?
Bottom of tall palm tree
another question. Do Men Listen when we talk?

I stood in the living room and said:

 " I am going to WM to return the toilet seat. I know we are going tomorrow to get the pool chemicals but we are out of Pumpkin for the dogs, so I am going now and will stop to visit Rich on the way home."

I pick up my keys and Bob says..... "if you are going out, don't forget you need to exchange the toilet seat."

I REST MY CASE! and he did For Real say this. Of course he was watching Drag Racing while I was talking.
Golden Poinciana flowering trees.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Lewis Park - Kids

Lewis Park is very kid friendly, things to climb on, tables to eat on, merry go rounds to go round and round.

Why do bicycles fall over?   Because they are two-tired...

How do rabbits travel?     By HarePlanes

 and beautiful and very unique fountains to drink from

 PLUS wildlife to watch

Teacher: John, where is our homework?
John: I made it into a paper plane and someone hijacked it!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lewis Park-Shadows

Lewis Park is only a few  blocks out of my way on the drive home from my library. It is a park for children, a memorial park and a photographer paradise for nature shots.

The park has something for every one, it includes memorial trees, playground, 2 gazebo's, mulched walking trails and open green space to wander in.

there are two pedestrian bridges that cross a small winding creek. at certain times of the day water fowl can be found in the creek.

Lewis Park is the ideal spot for a stroll in the shade, or to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet or to have a picnic.

Friday, July 27, 2012

R U Smtr Thn A Cll Phn?

If you can read the title to this post, R U Smtr Thn A Cll Phn....... You MAY be smarter than a cell phone....

Above collage, the tiny little phone in my hand, has ridden in my car for 7 years. A Tracfone that is for "Dial Out for ER Use Only!"  This includes calling the Cable provider when my house phone goes out.  I bought 50 minutes per month for 10.99 for 7 years. when I transferred HA HA HO HO the minutes I had 2023 minutes. You can tell by that it is rarely used. I don't want/need/desire a cell phone since I rarely talk to anyone. It was bought for safety on my commute to work ONLY.

The Dial Out for ER when my house phone went out last month was a garbled, underwater conversation. Seems after only 7 years of riding in a 125 degree car, the battery went bad and a new one cost more than 3 new phones.

I dash to Wal-Mart for a new phone. YIKES! they have no plain old simple old dial out only phone. After extended information from the manager of the phone dept, she helps me decide on this flip phone for idiot seniors for only 14.88. Since she is a Senior and says She Has One and Loves it. I buy it. Let the fun begin

The USELESS booklet, tells me it will send/receive text. So now I can text my Cable Guy to say the cable is out.

 All I Want is to Dial Out or Answer!

 I need help so Under the list I find, IDIOT SENIOR instructions that say IF you need HELP,  go to the website and there I have to transfer my number, my minutes (this took over and hour since when I finally completed the online transfer it says If you do not agree with 1100 minutes transfer, call this number.

 I call this number. No Speaka De English,  I can't understand a word, well maybe 3 words.

She is losing patience with me (color ME Calm!)

 and says in a HUFFY voice,  ALL I CAN TRANSFER IS 1100 minutes.

 and no matter how many times I said to her, that is what is says on the web site, it said to call you if I don't agree. I don't agree. 

After a while I snapped, JUST ACTIVATE the PHONE.

Next day I call and get a different person and within 5 minutes she had downloaded my other 1200 minutes. (color me HAPPY)

 I went to enter 15 ER phone numbers and HAD NO CLUE how, there was a little NIFTY  Interactive site (see above photo)with a picture of my phone and it said 

For Interactive, CLICK MY BUTTONS... I did click the buttons and after 40 to 50 clicks I GOT IT.

PLUS... the whole point of this story is They Did CLICK MY BUTTONS and I am Not Smarter than a Cell phone.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bananas July 6 - July 10

On July 6 they looked like orchids, enlarge for details

 July 10th they turned from Orchids to below

 And on July 10th this is a new pod starting. If you enlarge the above you can see the ants inside the flowers, the pods are dripping sweet juice off onto the leaves below and the ants are having a party.

this has been in my drafts for 3 weeks, and alas!!! the pod dropped all the flowers and the 5 new bananas are dying. that is OK.... there is always NEXT year.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You KNOW you are OLD if....

Reflections on my kitchen table
You KNOW you are OLD if.... you entertain yourself by snapping photos of your kitchen table..

Painting of an Egret , painted by my friend, Rich's  cousin. It is 5 feet long and 2 feet wide and stunning.
You KNOW you are OLD if.... when you mention your favorite Movie stars (Clint Eastwood, Sam Elliott, Charles Bronson) the person listening, says WHO?

You KNOW you are OLD if.... you need a timer to remind you to take you 8 AM pill and when said timer has  been with you since 1980 (32 years if my math is still working) that timer has lived in 9 homes and it still works better than I do.

and last but not least....You KNOW you are OLD if.... You start to say a word and it will not come to you and you describe the meaning to your hubby and ask him to come up with the word....and he can't think of it either.
 we are both like an 8 ball, waiting and waiting for the word we want to float to the top of our brain. 

You KNOW you are OLD if....you can't spell half the words you go to type and get the red squiggle under them from spell check and sometimes it is so misspelled spell check can't guess what you mean.

And this is  ME when you say WHAT'S an 8 Ball..... because this means YOU ARE NOT OLD

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day Ten! I am back!

Day nine after surgery,  I spent walking, I walked 5 times around the pool, 5 times a day! our pool is 40 x 20, you do the math, I can't.
while Walking I saw Pan snuggled in the green leaves and finally felt the urge to SNAP!

When I downloaded the pics from my Rebel, I found 110 photos that i had taken prior to July 12th, they had been in the camera for 14 days, which is a phenomena all by itself and add the fact I did not touch the camera for 10 days and Wow!.

Day TEN today, I drove to CVS and now feel the urge to POST!

Surgery MadSnapper Triva

When you are told not to lift anything more than 5 pounds and do not bend over to pick up things off the floor, do you drop things MORE because you can't pick them up? or do you just NOTICE you drop a lot of things all the time because you can't pick them up.
I knocked the phone off the bedside table, it went behind the bed. Would I have done that if I could stretch and bend to retrieve it? Would I have knocked it off anyway? or did I just NOTICE it more.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day Seven-Three Canine Cards


Day Seven, please Shout Hallelujah with me, I got up with NO nausea, the first time since last Thursday at noon. Still a tad of acid reflux but not raging, I feel a lot better today. and i think i got better from my three cards from my Canine Friends. 


Remington and Ozzabella
I will see you all sometime in the next few days, this is just to let you know I am on my way to Well.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I am to ill to post

I know you are all concerned, and thanks for the emails asking. the surgery went well, but i have had complications, which includes extreme acid re-flux and nausea. I had surgery on thursday, and have been in ER twice since then.
thanks for caring, i am alive and just feeling to bad to touch the computer.
to show how sick i feel, i have not touched my camera in 7 days.
I will post when I am better.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time Stands Still

Time stands still at the historical village,

 and now my time is going to stand still for a couple of days. I am having my gall bladder removed, Thursday the 12th and will return when I am able. I am thinking only a day or so. See you all when I get back on line.

COMMENTS ARE OFF! See you later Gators.....

PicMonkey fever did this

PicMonkey Fever AGAIN