Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Art In Strange Places

First Snap

While waiting on the elevator at Blake Hospital this week, I Snapped away, and a nurse gave me a strange look when the elevator opened and I did not jump right on.... She never knew what I was doing, so don't tell.

What's wrong? You KNEW I would Picmonkey with it? right?

How many bloggers do you know that takes photos in the hospital hallway?

2nd Snap at an angle
 I love the way the shadows changed when I moved to my left. Only got 2 snaps, wouldn't you know the elevator would come right away? the last time I could have snapped a hundred pics while waiting.

Monday, April 29, 2013

"Let me entertain you"

"Let me entertain you"  Let me make you smile, let me do a few tricks, I'm very versatile.
and if you're real good, I'll make you feel good, I want your spirit to climb, so let me entertain you,
We'll have a real good time... excerpt from Gypsy Rose Lee

 in my "slightly off the wall"

Fantasy World  Of Color Book Magic....1st you find a fantasy color pages on line by using Google search, save your favorite pages, play for an hour in photo shop making them GLOW, pop the glow pages into PicMonkey 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Snapathon..The Rest of The Story

my toes, post, baby banana tree

Previously on MadSnapper, while Snapping at a hibiscus, I went into "Snapathon" mode

Amazing Ferns growing up hibiscus tree, and close up macro of a stag horn plant.

If you click on above photo you will find he is quite lovely.

 I heard a very loud flapping noise up over my head and what to my wondering eyes did appear?

A big Black Buzzard.. at first I thought it was a juvenile turkey buzzard but after research decided it is a Florida black buzzard. sometimes called vultures...

My friend at Photowanna made a comment earlier this week that she likes my blog because it is up beat and
"slightly off the wall"....

 She hit the nail on the head....and this is living buzzard proof!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Snapathon...The Story

As Bob threw the ball for Jake, I wandered around staring at things in the back yard. Way in the back corner, only 3 inches from the ground, was this orange hibiscus, in Shadows and Sunlight.

I ran for the camera, dragged a chair into the bushes (old people can't bend over and hold cameras steady at the same time)

 As I looked in my  viewer, I noticed my toes were showing, this was the Trigger that Started the slightly off the wall Snapathon that is Coming Soon To a Blog near YOU...

Friday, April 26, 2013

I Hiked for Park Day

Jake and Baby decided to invite Mayor Madi  and her Mom, for a visit to our beautiful Hillsborough State Park.
Baby and Jake refused to wear a leash because Madi said she is MAYOR and  a DIVA and besides that cats do NOT wear leashes.

No leashes made for a problem.

 Baby decided to lay down in the middle of the boardwalk, and would not move...Madi perched on the railing and said if Baby doesn't move I am not either.

Not to worry, Madi's Mom and Jake and Baby's Mom came along and demanded Baby get up and move on and we made it to the rapids.
Where we had yet another ISSUE....

 Madi somehow got out on the island in the middle of the rapids r and we could not get her off. How did she get there is the question?

to join Hiked for Park day, grab the badge below and hike on over to Finn & Charley Too Two

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Hut on the beach

unknown visitors

 Hut found on beach at Beer Can Island

Looking in the hut

inside looking out
the window

the roof

The view from the hut

Advice from the ocean.

Be Shore of yourself

come out of your shell

take time to coast

avoid pier pressure

sea life's beauty

don't get tide down.

author unknown

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

♫ Merrily ♫ She Snaps along...♫ ♪

crow walking in back yard

Steeple view from the dollar store

Moss rose in back yard AGAIN
 Sing with me now...

 "♫ Merrily she snaps along, snaps along, snaps along" ♫ ♪ Merrily she snaps along, all the whole day through. ♪  ♫

want to know how I put the notes in this? just hit Alt key + 13 and Alt key + 14 and there you go. below is the chart if you want to PLAY... they all work, Trust me, I have tried them.

 SEE? I told you sooo... £ ☺☻☼ ♠♣♥♦ ↑↓→☻←↔


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Madi And Mom update

For those of you who follow Madi and Mom, Please join me in prayer for their family. Madi's grandpa is Cecilia's (Mom) Dad. He fell 2 weeks ago striking the back of his head and has been unconscious since then. Madi's Grandpa Peep passed away yesterday

Much Ado About Nothing... AGAIN

Are you aware that you can buy GOURMET LOLLIPOPS?  2 for a 1.00? I kid you not, there they were in the aisle at Wal-Mart. Anyone remember when a lolly pop was a PENNY?

If you follow me on a daily basis, you will remember this little catsup bottle. It now contains Olive Oil.

Why you ask? Because the lid on this bottle of olive oil, pops up when opened and has to be squished down when closing and the dratted thing leaks oil all over the outside of the lid and bottle. this is The Worst Lid I have ever tried to use.  Bob fussed so much about it I decided to use the little bottle until I can throw this one a way and never buy one again.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday @ Whitney Beach

 Saturday morning we went out for breakfast and then down to our favorite beach, Whitney Beach better known as Beer Can Island.
Click the link for previous post on this beach.
We never know what we will find due to weather that changes it from month to month. We stepped out on the beach where Bob is standing and  below is the path to Beer Can Island UNDER WATER due to high tide.

MadSnapper whined "we can't get there, the tide is in, wahhhhhh and you KNOW I am not wading in water that I can't see what is there, beside my capris will get wet.

Bob says " follow me, see that little path? and takes off through the mangroves.

I follow whining " it will not take us there, you are going the wrong way.."

Bob says "come ON it will take us there ( note he is carrying my shoes for me, so i can madly snap"

Bob says "watch out, sharp stick here, and SEEEEEE, there is the water, we are almost there.

Just a little further he says to the gasping staggering madly snapping snapper...

See: I told you it would take us to the island.

And there it was, our most favorite beach. Beer Can Island on Longboat Key.

Snapper yells "do NOT walk out to the end of that tree" he was, he really was...

UPDATE 7:45 AM Sunday.
Please pray for the family of a 6 year old boy that drowned at this beach yesterday after we left. Pray they will find his body today. He was swept away in the rip currents from the other side of the pass and towards this beach.