Friday, May 31, 2013

Swinging, Diamonds and Other Stuff Part 2

As I walked to the door, I Snapped! at the TRASH of it ALL... that yellow gone has been empty for 3 weeks, and the other things are waiting to be placed 12 feet away into the trash can.

I refuse, let he who placed it there, put it in the trash can.  Some Day...

This post has been in  drafts for 10 days...

Holly Hocks are now 10 inches high. And something was added to the trash of it all.....

Did I mention the grill needs to go out to the curb for trash pickup and it will cost 10.00? YIKES

UPDATE AT 9 am .. OH no... Florida enters hurricane season riding a SEVEN year quite season.. I am praying for year 8..

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Swinging, Diamonds and OTHER Stuff

PicMonkey View of Diamonds in the tree tops as viewed from my swing
Jake ball game was in full swing so I parked myself in the swing, and with heels  on the ground, head tilted, s rocking the swing and staring up at the trees, the sun  behind the trees washed out the blue, but the pine needles and leaves looked like a million diamonds.

Grabbing my camera to capture the diamonds I realized it would not capture the diamonds, I aimed it at what I could see from the swing and fixed it  just for YOU.

I snapped !     In front of me

I snapped! the dog at my feet, not dead but dead to the world...

Stood up and Snapped! at the Holly Hocks.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MADSnapper Misc that should have been deleted.

More Moss Rose... OH NO!!!!

How many chargers can one MadSnapper have? a LOT..... and this is not all, I now have 2 more. This doesn't count the 4 USB cords sprouting from the computer. Each camera has a USB cord and a charger.

Why Oh Why can't they make a one size fits all charger.....

I recycled the fruit cake tin and it holds all my chargers and fits on the shelf inside the cabinet... perfectly

Discovering too late that a watermelon spiked with vodka had mistakenly been served to a luncheon meeting of local ministers, the restaurant's owner paced back and forth as he waited nervously for the clerics' reaction.
"Quick," he whispered to the waiter, "what did they say?"
"Nothing," replied the waiter with a shrug. "They're all too busy collecting the seeds and putting them in their pockets."


Yes! I did pay 6.98 for a water melon.... and it was delicious... no Bob did not plant the seeds. No room to grow.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

True Love....YES!

Pick a theme and work it to exhaustion... the subject must be something you truly love or truly hate.. Dorothea Lange

I sat it on the table, I sat it on the counter, I took it outside and sat it in a chair and on the grill and the pool pump....I whined to Bob....

MS:  "No matter where I sit it out here, there is something ugly in the photo"

Bob: " Hand it to me and I will hold it" and when I raised my eyebrows? we both went into a laughing fit..

the difference in the colors is the light where I sat it, and the settings in the camera... no colors added or altered in software.

Above I cloned out the window bar from below

not photo shop, not picmonkey but My Memories Suite V, blame this one on Squirrel Queen

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hobby Lobby and Bobbys Hobby

Hobby Lobby and Bobby's Hobby (see Two Addictions, One Home) Most of you already know Bob's addiction is radio control planes... he designs and builds his own, BUT he also orders them online and one of the shopping places is

I read in the paper Hobby Lobby was OPEN, the new store is .6 of a mile from home. Bob said he wanted to go see what they had. I said I TOLD YOU they are a CRAFT store....We Went. NO AIRPLANES..

I was standing in the glassware aisle when I heard him say LOOK what I found, you will love it, and he opened his hand and THERE IT WAS....

the Cutest Little Bottle on the face of the earth... the lid screws off and it has a hole in it, and it is LITTLE. some of you might remember the tiny catsup bottle I fell in love with. Now I have a new love... I LOVE IT!

AND THEN I was poking around and found this on someone site, CLICK HERE to see her photos

This is a quote on the above

Picka a theme and work it to exhaustion... the subject must be something you truly love or truly hate.


If you still have time pop over to Madi and Mom, ... I am Mayor Madi's OFFICIAL Photographer in residence, and  Madi interviewed me.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

NEED A LAUGH? head on over to See Jake Jump on FourPawsetc

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Moss Rose DOWN....

 I took above photo Tuesday evening as part of a coming soon post, and Wed. 4 AM, Bob let the dogs out and there was a critter as in possum sitting on the table, the dogs leapt, the possum leapt the table went over end to end and catapulted  the big pot 6 feet away onto the  concrete pool deck

Never Fear... the plant is salvaged and when I placed the 30 plus pieces of the clay pot in the bucket.... You Know The Rest Of The Story...

first I aimed La Camera at the bottom of the bucket and SNAPPED!

and then....... and then.... I "PICMONKEYED" IT!  because I could....

and the root bound plant now has a bigger better home and lives happily ever after....

Friday, May 24, 2013

Really Red....

One of the small hibiscus flowers fell and placed itself perfectly on the elephant ear like it  belonged there.

All the moss roses are waving there sweet little faces at me daily.... Snap! Snap! I can't help myself.

NOTE: If you would like a pot like the smaller one below, they do sell them in Wal-Mart in the dairy department...

To be continued..... Moss Rose Down!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013