Friday, June 28, 2013

Automobile ART..

 My son Daniels cars, from 2007, my photos changed to ARt in Photoshop.

 Like us, they name their vehicles... do you name your cars/trucks?

I am taking the week end off from the computer, down time for R and R.
for more of my ART there are two tabs up above 
Inspirational Art is what is framed and hanging in my living room
and Digital Art is what I created for fun.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Holly Hock Pods

You might remember my Holly Hock Posts  a few weeks ago. Hubby drove by the house where they lived, and she had pulled them all up and stuffed them in a trash barrel... He stopped and grabbed a stalk.

and now we have enough seeds we will never ever never run out of holly hocks.... or photos of said Holly Hock seeds. I hope to take photos of our own FLOWERS sometime in the near future, they are about 18 inches high now.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mind of MadSnapper - how it works

How a POST just HAPPENS in my mind....

I am picking up dog poo...I see sea-grapes on the ground under the sea-grape tree... I bring them in and lay them on the table and Snap!

I want something to put them in, grab the candy dish that lives in the nook..

NOPE, don't like it...move the grapes and

then I think, wow, look at all those designs in the OOPS...

Sit the camera inside and click click click...

Not enough to just CLICK... I have to MONKEY with it

If you have no clue what a sea-grape is CLICK HERE for former posts. these photos are not our sea-grape but we have a big one like it in our yard.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Front Porch View, Florida Style

click on photo to enlarge

Sunday AM I saw a glorious view when I glanced out the living room window, the sun was shining on the yellow flower ground cover, I grabbed the camera just in time to get Bob through the window as he  backed out.

I stepped out on the front porch and this is what greeted me.

bob planted this grapefruit tree from a seed in 1986 and moved it here in 1989
The tree guy that removed the tree next to this grapefruit tree said it is the biggest one he has ever seen. he was shocked when I told him Bob grew it from a seed. Thousands of Ruby Reds every year.

 All of this beautiful green comes from the 8 inches of rain we have had in two weeks. Our drought of 4 years is no more.

Well, YES! I did Do a knew that!
this yellow flower is called Beach Sunflower and is a ground cover that we plant 10 small plants and in a years time the front yard was covered completely. it took bob days to get it to a border only

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Look before you Lock

Above is from Article in Orlando Sentinel.

Yesterday here in our town,  3 year old girl died locked in her parents car while they went to a funeral. This is the 4 child to die this year in Florida from heat in a car.

37 children die of heat stroke every year from being left in cars

2000 dogs die of heatstroke every year... Heat Kills... Children and Pets. Sadly this comes 3 days after I had to call 911 to rescue a large dog in a small crate left in the sun in the back yard of a neighbor. He was in distress and so was I waiting for the officers to come.... 

If you see a child or dog in distress in the heat. Call 911, don't even hesitate... 

a pet can die within just a few minutes locked in a car....Please spread the word...Visit Ro today, CLICK HERE for a more positive side to humanity....

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Night Blooms are BACK

 For 5 days we stared three stories up into our pine tree, watching a night blooming cactus bud, waiting for it to burst. Thursday AM I almost missed the 3  blooms.... The sun was to high, but I did manage these.

I have posted 8 different times on this flower, so will Spare you the story. If you missed it and want to see more click on NIGHT BLOOMING CACTUS 

I go to Wal-Mart so much that one morning we were out for breakfast at Golden Corral, and as I walked up to the buffet, a 6 foot tall Older Santa man gave me a big hug... Bob said who was that?
I said the Wal-Mart greeter.... he just shook his head. My answer to the head shake was, I feel like I know him, we talk every Saturday early AM...for many years...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Frame it and Hang it

 Do you frame your own photos or art and hang them on your walls?

I do, these are on my kitchen wall. I added the tomato flowers beside my salt and pepper shakers...

Can you guess what this is? the sun was shining on it calling my name.

Answer below.... 

it is the corner of my foam cushion on my desk chair....YADA YADA YADA about nothing AGAIN
this is what that purple Kings Mantle is doing today... it loves the rain

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Did you know Cardinals can cause nervous break downs? This one sings non stop from 4 AM until well past dark... he sang one day for 12 hours with only a 10 minute break. He is sitting 50 feet up on the top of our neighbors bamboo.
CLICK HERE to here his whistle, it sounds like he is calling a dog

on the way to the trash can, I found this begonia that starts to die every time bob moves it out of the plant hospital... it has been there for 3 years. this is the only spot it will grow and I rarely see it.

Kings Mantle taken with Canon Rebel.

Same flower also known as Clock Flower taken with Nikon point and shoot... looks like different colors, but the true color is royal purple not blue.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Past Pics and a word of Advice...

OOPS! this was for tomorrow, it has been in my drafts since April 24th and I scheduled it, or so I thought.

The good news is, you don't need an expensive camera to take great shots... these were taken with my
Very Cheap Kodak EasyShare 3 Meg Pixel camera.... my first digital camera, purchased in 02.

2003 Kodak moments with my bottle collection and flowers from the yard on my kitchen window sill.

2003 Kodak moments from Jones Nursery, I spent many happy hours wandering this nursery and snapping away. They loved for me to come and even moved plants for me to put them where I wanted them... I printed and framed three 8X10 photos and they hung them over the cash register.

Family STUFF

 son Daniel, 46 

Daniel and Wife Michelle, she is 5'2" he is 6'5" go figure

 Doesn't this dog look innocent?

At bedtime,  Bob yells last call for outside... both dogs scramble for  the back door, pushing and shoving to see who gets our first, do their job and  right back in, race down the hall side by side, and each climbs into their personal sleeping chair  bought because I felt guilty no allowing them on the bed. Sometimes they allow me to read in one of the chairs...

I am in bed first, and Tuesday night, I said to Bob, where is Baby? did you leave her out?

She is not in her condo walk in closet, not by the bed, not in living/kitchen.

Bob  found her crouching down behind the sofa eating the empty raisin  box Daddy left on the end table.

SHE KNEW to hide...anything paper that is left where she can get it WILL be devoured.  Some of you may remember she ate my drivers license a few months ago...