Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall Colors - Florida style

Monday September 29th, I searched high and low for fall colors in my backyard.. I found the purple passion plant had grown itself in a perfect wreath on the fence.

I found water droplets on the elephant ears

And then thought... I AM THE MADSNAPPER... 

Hello PicMonkey/Hello FALL COLORS
But WAIT! there's MORE......

Pink Hibiscus, blooms year round
  I did find True Fall Colors, in fact Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter colors here.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Xtra ! Xtra ! - Read all about it...

Bradenton Herald News Headlines that caught my attention. 

Click on pic above for article

It seems THEY  think Olive Garden is giving away to many free breadsticks and that is why they are in financial trouble.. They say It is NOT the fact you give all you can eat bread sticks, but you need to just give them ONE at a Time...

(read article to find out who, why, when and where) 


OH NO.... Please...Wash your hands everyone

I got a chuckle out of this one, Florida TOOL lane? make that Toll lanes


WHAT???? check in hand he whacked it 3 times and each time the web cam took his pic and the guards recognized him..

       Color  ME Flabbergasted!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Breaking News... and a secret

I have a secret to tell you.....The ONLY reason I am overweight is that I do not diet  because as long as I am overweight, my skin is stretched tight and my face has less wrinkles. 

If I lost 20 pounds I would look like this... the fatter I am the more the skin smooths out... JUST SAYIN..

BREAKING NEWS.. you might Remember the post a few weeks ago This Was The Week That Was?  the one where Murphy's Law came to stay the whole week.

Fast Forward 3 days....

Bob came in YELLING down the hall, "the electric bill is here.. $379.00 "

and I screamed "WHAT?" I grabbed the bill and there it was.. DOUBLE bill 

OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO... I quickly searched my memory crazy brain for thoughts of paying the bill.... 

I remember I  logged onto on line banking and typed in the $182.42 and looked down and the one from the month before was only 32 cents more, I was so busy calculating the 32 cents, I FORGOT TO PUSH THE PAY BILL NOW button. 

At least they did not charge me a late fee and I was SHOCKED about that and the fact I DID NOT PAY THE BILL and did NOT KNOW I did not pay the bill.

And I kept say Darn You Murphy!!!!   It was his fault because it can't be MY FAULT...