Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Go Ahead, Make My Day

Bob and I went to CVS to receive our Flu shot. The Pharmacist could not get our card to work and I will spare you the details of a 40 minute wait and leaving without a flu shot.
We went next door to Publix and 20 minutes later walked out prepared for the flu season. Since this was the tip of the iceberg of  the past year with CVS pharmacy, I decided to transfer my prescriptions to Publix, a local supermarket with a pharmacy that is in our HMO network.
Monday at 11:30 AM, I completed the transfer, and turned to leave as the smell of hot baked bread wafted past me with a subtle hint of hot fried chicken . 

I sat the bread and chicken on the counter and watched as the cashier scanned the same item 3 times, typed it in and it would not show in the computer. I said to the woman buying it, “did you know if it is scanned and not in the computer it is FREE?”  She said, “NO, really?” I said, “well it might not be true now, but as soon as I get home and write it on FaceBook it will”
INSERT GIGGLES…. Cashier said “OH NO, don’t do that..”  Other person said “Please do it”….
MORE LAUGHTER…  Other person said, “I have a complaint. I want the milk by the front door.”
 I said “No, they can’t do that, when I walk down to get milk, the potato chips jump off the shelf into my cart.”  We are all giggling.  I said “I just transferred my prescriptions  from CVS to here,  but I don’t think it will work out for me.”
Looking worried, Cashier says “Why?” I touched my bread and chicken and said “They don’t sell hot bread and chicken at CVS….”  More laughter
When cashier handed me my receipt, I said “Thank you” and she said NO, thank YOU. You just made my day.
Moral of this story is Go Ahead Make someone’s day, Laughter is like medicine….
NOTE: the man in line behind me did not look like I just made HIS day… poor grumpy old guy

Monday, October 12, 2015

MADSnapper and the DUH! moment

Pardon Me while I say ONE MORE THING about my New Red Camera.... 
Our local Wal-Mart has a manager in the camera dept. that is a fount of wisdom on cameras and all their accessories. She sold me my First Red Camera but not the NEW Red Camera.
I went to her for advice on what SD card, she handed me the card you see above and said, fast and has a 5 year warranty. I came home and put it in the camera. 
Message said Can't Read Card. In all 3 of my cameras...

I go back to the lady at WM and say," I want to exchange this card, it will not work in either camera". She said "that's odd, I have never found a bad one. do you mind if I try it in my camera?"

 See the tiny SD thingy? when I bought it, i said is the little one for phones and tablets? the big for my camera? YES was the answer.

She opened the carefully slit plastic, and pulled out the 2 pieces, and Did This! See below

OH NO! I am so embarrassed I said....I was putting the large one in the camera. She said, see it says Adapter on it... with my face red, I said, well why don't they have instructions to show this? and I still want to know why it did not at least have a picture on the back.  She assumed I have a tablet and a smart phone and would KNOW this. Every one assumes this. The lady at the pharmacy wants to text me, my bank wants to text me, the DOCTOR wants to text me. I HAVE NO TEXT machine... and Now I know what the Adapter is for.... color me blushing.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

PLOP! Snap!

 Don't confuse your path with your destination. Just because it is stormy now doesn't mean you are not headed for sunshine... unknown author

The torrent of rain stopped, the sun came out, through the kitchen window, I saw the drops falling from the eaves of the roof into our rain barrel.   PLOP! Snap! PLOP! Snap!  Sunshine = JOY!