Saturday, August 19, 2017

Babbling Bout Batteries...

My Battery Soap Box Sermon Rant, which is titled Just Sayin we need Battery Awareness (Babbling Bout Batteries). 
We are using batteries  to destroy our earth.
I counted the batteries in our home for this post and am Shocked to the Core.
We have 59 things in our home that require batteries
2 hearing aids
1 BP monitor
7 watches (really?)
2 clocks
9 wireless devices, (kindles, laptops, tablets, phones, mice, keyboards
3 home phones
5 TV remotes
4 Radio control transmitters
6 lithium batteries to fly RC planes
1 Cordless dust buster
2 calculators
9 flashlights, 5 in house 4 in garage
2 car batteries
3 cameras

Do  the math.
323 million in USA,
China 1 Billion,
Florida 22 million..
Multiply by what is in each home.
236 million cell phone batteries in USA alone
On our street in 4 blocks there are 6 homes with 5 cars each home.

PLUS! a few things we don't have in our home
Lighted Christmas Village
Singing Frosty Snowman
Wireless doorbell
Smoke alarms
Lego Clocks
Game controllers
Spinning Toothbrushes
Face Scrubbers
Last but not least, is there anyone that doesn't have battery powered candles? Yowsa!
I forgot I have those to...
the LIST goes on and on and on.
I JUST READ THIS TO BOB, he has several things in the garage I was not aware of.
like a battery tester that uses batteries.. OH MY!
NOPE! I don't have the answer
And don't even get me started ON BOTTLES WATER
Batteries are made from a variety of chemicals to power their reactions. Some of these chemicals, such as nickel and cadmium, are extremely toxic and can cause damage to humans and the environment. In particular, they can cause soil and water pollution and endanger wildlife. Excerpt from Clean Up Austraila PDF file HERE

Friday, August 18, 2017

Cereus Chalybaeus on Flower Friday

My neighbors night blooming cactus. Closed during daylight, open at night.

Cereus chalybaeus (named from Greek/Latin signifying A Torch) also known as Columnar Cacti

You're look really sharp, guys! I aloe you vera much.. and cacti puns are succulent. Now, go hug a cactus... sorry I am so thorny today...

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Beneficial Stuff You Should Know.. in my opinion

Bene Fiber Works! Trust Me, and I will spare the details. Heh Heh Heh
Thank you PIP for the cute bottle...

Apple cider vinegar has many uses. We found a new one a few weeks ago.

We thought our dog, Jake, had mange, but it turned out it was stress related hair loss in patches...Some of you remember the past two months health issues with my hubby, I was so stressed the dog was stressed to.

We put a spoon of cider vinegar on his dry dog food, added water and stirred. I coated the 4 bare spots on his coat with olive oil. VoilĂ !
Within 3 days his skin was fine. NOTE: I found this by Google Search.

I had a rash around my lips. Per same google search,  I soaked my mouth (stop laughing, it was hard to do) Cider Vinegar Water and it instantly took the sting out. Salt Water does the same thing. Cider Vinegar treats fungus and that is what the rash was. If you guessed stress related. you are right.

Go HERE for top 20 uses and below I marked with red X the ones I have tried and proved it does work. I also use it for cleaning glass and sink fixtures. the below chart is from the site at the link above.