Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Backyard Looking UP

I stood staring up at my favorite pine in our back yard jungle and decided to
show you what we see when looking up

Tuesday AM just before daylight, I was in the pool doing exercises and I heard a noise of something walking in the jungle growth....

I got out and flapped/popped the towel several times and a really really Big

went running up the pine  tree and out on that bottom left limb.
Raccoon photo from National Wildlife

Living in a jungle in the middle of the city, we still have wild life.

Avocado tree
Click here for former post on Loblolly Pine  or here for our amazing
 Avocado Tree that Bob planted from a seed.  if you visit, scroll down past todays post to see the old ones.
Fish tail palm, bamboo and schefflera tree
 the above trees cover 100 feet across the back yard
Below is part of the giant pine I was looking up into.
it is not dead, the needles are raining down on us now.

 I grabbed this aerial view of our house, you can see we are in an oasis surrounded by trees...Our Back and front yard are all jungle.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

While He Did-She did

Monday it was chilly for Florida, 65 and over cast
What HE did...Chop back the winter jungle to make
room for summer growth.

What She did... Snap Orange Hibiscus 
UPDATE: from EGCameragirl I rather Snap than Snip... see her comment

Instead of raking leaves or chopping back Jungle... She Tried to find camouflaged Jake CLICK HERE TO SEE
What the KIDS DID

Monday, April 21, 2014

MadSnapper Ponderings

We live our life by routine and It occurred to me, if I create an online diary, I can just copy and paste each of my days.....and DONE

I read books and blogs to be transported to places I will never visit, do things I could never do, see things I have never seen.

Between books and the computer I can live a whole new life

When reading a book and I find a place that sounds interesting, I use Google earth to find it. When the book  mentions the FBI building in LA  or 1 Police Plaza, I pull up Google to see what it looks like. Or where it is.

When a book goes into descriptions of places and buildings or even describes something I have never seen, I look them up 

Recently a book had the main character living in a Roadtrek.... yes... I looked it is a very small RV......

If the character in the book is listening to Opera or Jazz and they mention the song and who is singing, I come pull it up on YouTube. I found I love soprano sax and had never listened to it.

Unknown quote that made me smile

I'm not saying let's go kill all the stupid people.... I'm just saying.... let's remove all warning labels and let the problem work itself out

 Do you look on line to find cities, places, persons, things, buildings or songs up that you read about?