Sunday, October 19, 2014

Charms of Leffingwell - Tea Time

Charms of Leffinwell has a special ambiance inside, I could have lightened the photos but I love the glow from the low lighting.

You may schedule specail teas by reservations only. Click Here to see the choices and prices.

There are several rooms to have tea...

Even the kitchen is set up for a specail tea room

Click on photos to see the details... There is much to enjoy and it is all for sale.

It could take hours to see everything inside and outside, but there are many places to sit and enjoy.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Charms of Lefffingwell - The House

7 miles, 15 minute drive from my front door... Within the Historic Village of Ellenton, Florida sits a 100+ year old Victorian home, lovingly restored to its’ original grandeur, filled with treasures of the past. Step back in time, recall the days of old and celebrate the spirit of simpler times. Charms of Leffingwell offers antiques, collectibles and a Tea Room convenient to both Sarasota and Bradenton Florida.  (info from Charms of Leffington site)

Walk up the sidewalk and onto the porch and step back 100 years. Everything on the property is for sale, Per the owner...

I took Thursday off from blogging because my friend Lola wanted to take me to lunch for helping out with her computer woes and I said, I have always wanted to go to Charms, and we went.. The Tea Shop was not open so we went one mile east and had BBQ at Hickory Hollow.

But before we ate I snapped about 200 photos and there are so many photos and I will be sparing with them, but this place is a fabulous place to wander and look and beautiful antiques for sale at very reason prices.

Friday, October 17, 2014

City Walkabout - Misc

Found Foto Fodder - Forgettable Fotos by MadSnapper

Many types of ferns grow here in the ground and will quickly take over if not managed.

Below Whirlygig is one of about 10 plus in the yard of this home. Every time i see them madly twirling in the wind, 

I wish my mother could see them. she loved things like this. In fact she once wired a dozen pink plastic flowers on her dead of winter Azalea bushes.

Yes, we do have duck crossings and they are so cute waddling and holding up traffic.