Saturday, October 21, 2017

New Neighbors and Good Things from Irma

New Neighbors 
2 days before Irma came, we watched our new nieghbors board up their home, put out sandbags. Hmmmm we thought, what is up with that?

This is there fence between us After Irma.They have 2 dogs, and we were out at daybreak, I walked next door to advise they have no fence.

She comes out to talk and I find out they moved here from New Orleans, thus the preparations. Her name is Sarah, his is Dennis and they have 2 small girls. We became instant friends, and now if we need help in the future, he said any time we can call on him. He offered to help Bob when he replaces the 2 sections we lost in our fence and donates a piece of fencing he did not need.

1. New Friends made, after Irma... and we found future help from both neighbors if we ever need it,

2.I had no weight gain after 2 weeks of stress, the sinus crud we both had for 10 days, was over before Irma. Plus Bob's ER trip with his arm was 4 days before Irma, not during it.

3. We did not lose power. or AC. (slight upset over 8 days without internet/tv/phone)

4. woke me up at midnight on day 3 of cleanup and put the thought of our  85 and 81 year old neighbors across the street  on my mind. I said when we woke up, I  need to go check on them, they have been in the house without power for several days.
I knocked on the door and he came to the door and said Please can you call 911, my wife fell, she is incoherent.. I called and waited for EMS to transport. the story is to  long  But I list this as a good thing. They needed help, I gave it.

no damage to house

This tree did no damage to our home... and we met my neighbors son and grandson that had come to stay with Barbara. The also offered help when/if we need it.

GOOD BYE IRMA! I am done with reporting on her. this has been in drafts for 6 weeks. OOPS

Friday, October 20, 2017

China Lights in WI

These amazing sculptures, are made from wire, with silk fabric stretched over and hand painted with Led lights added. My friend Carole took these with her phone at Boerner Botanical Gardens in Milwaukee WI. The exhibit is China Lights.  Follow the link to see a slide show of other lights. Thank you Carole, I love you watts and watts...

This LED light show is dedicated to Linda Chapman, Queen of LED LIGHTS... she has thousands of LED lights in every room of her home and they are there year round...

Thank You Carole, for sharing with us..

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hawk Tale

Bob was walking Jake, I was walking around the pool, looking up I saw a really big hawk sitting on the wire in our neighbors yard. Grabbing the camera, I took really awful photos of him and watched.

You can see he knew I was watching, note his foot. He sat unmoving as a Blue Jay dive bombed his head, over and over. 4 other small birds flew right in front of him and he moved not one tail feather except to stare at me.

I walked around front to try another view but could not get a better one, to high no sunlight.
I told Bob I am waiting an hour, and if he doesn't move, I will call the wildlife Rescue guy Justin. I think his leg is stuck through the threads of the wire.
Suddenly after 19 minutes of no movement he flew out of my camera in a flash.
Silly thing was after my 2 squirrels .

Below is what my camera got, but with the help of Lunapic art edits I could show his beauty. Hard to believe all this detail was in the below photos.