Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Phunday

Sunday Phunday or ME ME ME... whatever Sandra... Bob just can't take a decent photo of me. He cuts of feet and head or is so far away I can't be identified, also he makes me look fat and wrinkled.

I know it is HIM....Has to be, since it can't be ME.
Top pic I sat the Coolpix on the kitchen chair.. . on a chair in yard... on the table...on counter top....

This started at a TOPS meeting when someone said we need before/after photos.

My after is still to be taken.   The only reason I have a double chin is I WAS LOOKING DOWN.. got it? repeat after me. She Was Looking Down...

Can any of you who know me well, guess where Bob and I went for Saturday PHUNDAY? two hints below..... and this was my 9th time to go there, Comes every November. and coming soon to a blog near you will be lots of ??????????

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Holiday Fishes

YES, Virginia, I do KNOW it is NOT even Thanksgiving. But I got an email from PicMonkey and HAD TO PLAY... I created all of these from watching this Cool Tips Nobody Knows  video on how to use draw and overlays. 15 tips I did not know... and woo hoo PM has added Christmas stickers in overlays....

Hope you enjoyed your break from Ringling Musum pics

Friday, November 17, 2017

Ringling Rose Garden

Mabel Ringling's Rose Garden had been cut back for the October cutting, which is done in May and October. Each time I have visited the roses were taller than my head. This allowed us to see the lay out of the paths all at one time.  Click here for prior post on Rose Garden from 2011. sadly the beautiful gazebo was destroyed by Hurricane Irma.

Other Oct Blooms found as we walked to the rose garden.