Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Fence Me IN

Please fence me in to this new home being built on the river. Wide river, old oaks, beautiful home and what will be a lovely fence when completed.

RANT!  Last November, Publix called to tell me they could not find my prescription drug A anywhere and that the doctor had changed me to another drug M. Just a heads up that my 90 days would be different. I ranted and carried on and then after a couple of weeks, I  said to Bob. this is a good thing. I like M so much better than A.

.YAY! something went wrong then was RIGHT!

Last week at the doc, the print out they gave me stated the drugs I take and I verified it was correct. The new drug M was listed, the other one said no longer taking A. YAY! all is well.

This morning I opened the prescriptions I picked up for the next 90 days and NOOOO! the bottle was A not M..... I called Publix and he said he was sorry, that the auto fill still had the old A and that he would change it and I could Pick up M tomorrow after 2... Seems someone did not change the auto fill to the new prescription. He said keep A as a back up because he would just have to toss it out. He would void the prescription in the system in order to add the one I needed.

I said to Bob, I need to check each bottle before I leave the store. Then, I said if I can remember to. Because earlier today, I made a 2nd trip to Walmart because I forgot 3 items, and a 3rd trip because 4 weeks ago I bought the wrong size hearing aid battery. And I had the wrong receipt and will have to go back a 4th time.

If  I can't even shop correctly, how can I keep track of the prescriptions and the pharmacy. We are all people and all make mistakes. At least my mistake will not kill us, but a pharmacy could. Praise be I am not working in a pharmacy, who knows what could happen.

Monday, January 15, 2018

I support this POST

 4 photos of a rope

One of a post

A post in front of dead grass.

It caught my eye,

I know not Why. 

You thought this post would be funny. I am a frayed knot!
I wanted to tell a joke about a jump rope, but decided to skip it.
Sorry, but several bad puns later, I SUPPORT THIS POST!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Jake N The Sun

"Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong"..W.R. Purche

I believe this quote by Anatole France. "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

 Jake is 13 this month, or maybe last month, his age is a guess.

 Jake Story is at the top of the blog under his very own Tab. .

Jake loves sun and hates cameras.  He is perched on a pillow, unlike the 13 years past that he laid on a blanket.
This year we noticed he was not laying on his blanket in the sun. I finally realized he could not lay on the tile with just a blanket, much to hard for old bones and hips. Us old folks need our comfort..

Yes dogs can show disgust with the photographer with just one look