Saturday, April 29, 2017


The Cane palm got out of control, as tall as the light pole. It needed to come down. Drought has helped with the problem, it is dying.  Can you believe the photo above was taken at the same time as they one below? it is all about what I focus the camera on... Today I will show you what I don't like to show.

 We have no grass, no weeds, no water in the rain barrel, the leaves on the ground should not be there, the avocado is dropping them, the blooms fell off the tree, there will be no avocados this year. the bush at top right is a red hibiscus, no leaves but hanging in there.. the bottom right corner should be bright yellow bush. the dirt is blowing in the pool, the water levels are down, we add just enough to keep able to circulate. the banana tree is gone.  We watch as drought destroys our Jungle.

Thus cometh the chainsaw man...  a little each day, while I stand with phone in hand ready to dial 911.  Half the tree is on the curb for pick up.

on this day, in all the brown,  there was one hibiscus flower blooming and God's sunshine pointed it out to my camera....

Can believe the first photo and the last photo are in the same yard, on the same day as the other photos?

There is always hope when things are the darkest, always beauty hidden in with the ugly.

It is all about what we focus on. Focus on the Good..

Friday, April 28, 2017


Reb and Suzy
More Joy found on Riverwalk... Beautiful and Friendly Great Danes, be glad I only showed you 8 of the 25 pics I took of these big pups.

PicMonkey has added 2 more types of collage, this is in Jigsaw

I found this at click on link for more funny Dane Jokes..

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Art In The Park

YES I did climb to the top and back down. with NO Help..

Do you want geology puns? Give me a minute and I will dig some up?

Sherlock, what kind of rocks are these?  Sedmientary my dear Watson....

Can you name the three types of rock?   I can  Classic, Punk and Hard..... just so you know (sedimentary, metamorphic and ignenous are the real rocks)