Friday, August 28, 2015

Baby and ME


 We rescued Baby when she was 10 months old, she has gone from this sweet face  to below sweet face and is now 14 yrs 5 months old.

Tuesday at 3:30 Pm Westbridge Veterinarian Clinc rolled into our drive way and we met Dr. Pat Campbell and her Assistant for the first time.  Baby has a growth in her ear and it needs to come out, it is causing pus build up. It is either cancer or not cancer. The problem is, Baby is to old to have anesthesia, since the last time we almost lost her. Dr. Pat said we can treat it with ear meds but it will have to be the rest of her life IF it helps... . Now we wait.

I have missed a couple of days because when Baby ran up the steps, she dragged me with her and I fell UP the stairs, causing 4 big gashes on my shin bone.... Makes it a little uncomfortable to sit for more than a few minutes. I am fine... just and update.... We loved the vet and her beautiful clinic.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Look! Can you find it?

LOOK Bob! Do you see it?   See What?    The Smiley Face!.  He could not find it, Can you?

Now can you see it?  

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Flowers, Finds and Funnies

Blooming Flower Jokes
What were King Tut’s favorite flowers? Chrysanthemummies! - See more at:
What were King Tut’s favorite flowers? Chrysanthemummies! - See more at:

 How did the dictator rise to control? He rose  to power

How did the dieter avoid eating the donuts? She kept her tulips together! - See more at:
 How did the dieter keep from eating the donuts?   She kept her tulips together

What do you call a pink flower that comes back from the dead?  A re-in-carnation

What did the grumpy gardener say to the deer? you can kiss my aster...

Why did the blonde throw her favorite doll on the grill? She thought it was a Barbie-Q.
What do you call a group of men waiting for a haircut? A barbercue.


I don't carry a purse, I use pockets only. I bought these to use for cards and cash when my pants don't have pockets.

the Fish was .40 and the parrots were 1.60... they are 5 inch by 5 inch, and have zipper tops, with long strings to hang aroun my neck and weigh nothing because they are material.