Saturday, September 23, 2017

Simply Put...The Pool Is A Mess

The POOL the morning after Irma was, simply put... A Mess! All of the above has been removed, but the pool is still green murky water, Bob has worked on it for 9 days, and we still can't see the bottom and what is left in there.
The leaves and limbs were thick enough we could almost walk across it.  Bob worked for 3 days just removing debris. When he started to vacuum  the back flow line clogged.

Call a plumber he shouts! I shout.. Not a Plumber, a POOL repair guy... I will skip the rest of that conversation.

I started to wonder, Just What is the porpoise in our life right now.

I called 4 plumbers, all said NO.. I called 7 pool repairs, all said NO.. Plumbers do NOT work on pools, but I knew that! Half the pool people had no power, the other half said 3 weeks.

Meanwhile, Hurricane BOB is in the back yard, spouting off about having to WAIT.. He Yells Call Rotor Rooter they will do Anything. I call, she says tomorrow between 3 and 5. Next morning she calls and says. We Don't Do Pools..... Did you hear the Man ? screaming All We Need Is a Snake Run Down the PIPE.... anyone can DO THAT!

BUT WAIT! there is MORE!

My cell is a TracFone that I add minutes monthly. It is a smartphone that works beautiful with 3 or more bars, in my house it gets 0 to 1 or 2, if I go outside and walk around holding it in the air I can get 4. It is only for emergency use, in car and at home when our Spectrum home phone is off line. Which it was.. During the worst of storm and all week, I could text anywhere, but to talk had to go outside and say  Can you hear me now? 

I found the best spot with 4 bars and made all those calls. I was sick of listening to the words, I can't hear you, you are breaking up! OF course I was, I was in hurricane aftermath mode

The Punch Line is I have been so crazy from stress of last 3 months, I looked at my phone and saw the word call logs… there were about 30 numbers, 4 were relatives numbers, the rest said unknown numbers, just numbers. I FREAKED and said to Bob, I have been hacked, there are 15 numbers I do not recognize that called and why did the phone not ring? How did they get this number?

I Raved Ranted Carried ON…. After I calmed down and started to delete them a light bulb went off!

They were all the numbers I HAD CALLED to find POOL HELP…. My Mind Is Blown…Simply Put, not only is the Pool a mess, so is my MIND. 

The good news is I now know how to use the phone, know what a call log is, know where the 4 bar spot is in my back yard.  PLUS! I drove the Mad Pool Man to HOME DEPOT and BOUGHT a Plumbers Snake for 30 dollars and WE unplugged the pool our selves. Now to figure out how to get rid of the murky green water.... don't even ask about chemicals, we have poured a fortune in it...

Friday, September 22, 2017

Birthday Post

Yes, I did PicMonkey with the photo. I mirrored the mirror.

Sept. 19th was my friend Lola's birthday, I took her to lunch and we celebrated her birthday and mine that was on the 5th of Sept. Since Hubby was in ER on the 5th I had a  belated Celebration.  Below is the view from our table at Theresa's Restaurant in downtown Bradenton.

Below is a photo PREVIEW of our fun in a Boutique that is coming soon to you from me... The lady in the shop, saw this pic and said OOPS! you got a bad one. I love it!

Same shot but zoomed and shot from different angle
NOTE: yesterday at my TOPS meeting I was down 2.6 pounds, total lost since January 27th is 49 pounds... 
Mary Lucille Overby McCall 1925-1990
Today My Mother would have been 92 years old. Happy Birthday Mother

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Clean Up Crew!

The above grapefruit is one of around 100 that fell from our tree, The whole Nov/Dec crop is gone. I was in charge of picking up grapefruit.  I lack photos because I was to upset to take many.

To the tune of "Chainsaw/Generators" we did our "After Irma" cleanup.
Bend/Stoop/Pickup/Toss on Pile
Bend/Stoop/Pickup/Toss on Pile
Bend/Stoop/Pickup/Toss on Pile
IN UNISON, Bob and I until we had 4 piles as high as my waist/shoulders.

I was smart and used the grabby pick up squeezy thingy because if I bent over 100 times, I would not be here to report this. It was difficult seeing the grapefruit because my glasses had sweat drops on them that were blinding me. I wiped the sweat off with my shirt and OH MY! that was better LOL

The good news is, if I had not lost weight before Irma, Bob would have been alone on this crew. Can you say Exhausted? ORANGE you glad I shared this?????