Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Ringling Statues

see you on 
Friday... taking Thursday off for TOPS Christmas Party

Two Photographer Friends

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Chain Thingy in Bray Park

Do you know what this is? We found many of them while doing our walkabout in the park. Neither of us had a clue what it was for.

I came home and posted a pic on FB and Instantly Got several answers..
DISC Golf...well I never...
Same as golf, same rules but with a suspended  catching device using feet not yards, same rules.
Live and learn.
Will let you know when we buy a couple of discs..

Oak Motte Walkabout

We saw the squirrels you saw on yesterday's post, while doing exercise walkabout in the OAK MOTTE at Bray Park.( thanks to Hooti Annie for the new word MOTTE)

 A last minute decision to go left me without peanuts for the resident squirrels. I took popcorn, despite the fact Google Girl advised peanuts and popcorn have no nutritional value for squirrels. She suggests Almonds or Walnuts.  I decided people eat snacks with no nutritional value, so why not squirrels.

Since Walnuts are now 7 dollar for 8 oz and pecans are 10.00 I took popcorn. We got out of the car and as we walked out through the trees, I said OH NO! the hawks must have eaten all the squirrels. Bob said Throw out some popcorn. I did and suddenly there were 2. they made no sound but they must have a secret call, or maybe smoke signals, even tiny tom tom drums, because as we walked we were surrounded by 22 squirrels. YES, I did count them and the funny thing is THEY followed us. All of them, we were like the pied piper for squirrels.  We laughed out loud the whole time. Laughter and walking, nothing better for the health.

I stopped the pop corn and they disappeared. we walked about 300 feet and I said to Bob, throw out some popcorn, It was Magical, they came from no where again.

As I snapped photos of gnarly trees and chattered on about beauty and the pine that was the only little petunia in the onion patch, or some such nonsense, Bob spotted our car through the trees and the PHUN was over.