Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pltycerium is down again........

100 pound Pltycerium AKA stag-horn fern photo from archives
STAGHORN IS DOWN AGAIN... the wind blew it right out of the chains, and left them dangling. He just hung it back up for the 2nd time. 1st the chain limb broke off, 2nd the chains broke.

Our weather is doing the roller coaster thing AGAIN ... Friday  was 79 F and HOT...

Saturday morning we woke up to a cool 69 degrees going to 64, down not up and after dark dropping to 45 on Sunday am...

We woke up at 4 am to the sound of howling wind, wind that we could hear it was so loud..  and 45 degrees.. I said to Bob, that wind is scaring me... I did not find out until today, Sunday AM at 5 when I read about the tornado that touched down at 4 AM Saturday morning in our State park that is about 20 miles from us.
No wonder the Staghorn fell...

Excerpt from Bradenton Herald
Iit touched down in the Myakka State Forest as an EF-0. Winds were estimated at 85 miles per hour. IThe twister stayed on the ground for about one mile, snapping trees and tossing a ranger station trailer 40 yards away. The trailer was destroyed. No one was injured.
Read more here:

Bradenton Herald Tornado Touches Down

Saturday, January 24, 2015

In The Dark....

notes for writing a post

If you found this on your dresser, would you have a clue what it means? I jotted this down In The Dark one night when it popped in my head for this post.. for two days I was In the Dark while I studied it trying to recall just what it meant...I even read it to Bob.. he shook his head... no answer...

Lubriderm ART by MadSnapper and PicMonkey

Lubriderm advanced… super for very dry skin… But… Only If You Use It... Sound Easy?

For me there is a Narrow Window Of Usage..

 I can’t use it before I clean my glasses (been there done that, causes smeary lens)

Can’t use before I go in the YMCA pool. (They scream if  we leave an oil slick)

When I shave my legs, I put alcohol on them and by the time I wait for that to dry, I forget to use the Lubriderm..

I could Use It when I come home from the YMCA (but there is the memory thing, or lack thereof).

I can tell you Do NOT put it on and sweep the deck…. (My legs looked like I rolled in a sand pile… )

And there you have it... that little bit of gibberish was all of the above. IN MY HEAD.. or NOT...

UPDATE: due to several comments about Lubriderm not working, i want to say I LOVE IT LOVE IT... it does exactly what is says it will. It removes dead skin cells and the skin is like a baby butt... I saw it on a doctor talk show..It is not its fault I can't remember to use it.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Tale of Two Stag-horns

You might remember this pic above, June 18, 2014 the 100 pound Stag-horn fell to the ground. The first time it fell was August 2013. CLICK HERE for that story. He put it back up same day.

Not so fast on the re-hang this time, but finally on Dec 18 2014 Bob hung it back in the tree...

Lying on the ground did not hurt it...

the basket is disappearing 
This is the baby that Bob started from the big one, by hanging it on a small log in 2011. SEE that story HERE... when the  mysterybird ate the log, I sat it in this basket, and 6 months later the basket is almost covered. One day it will look just like its Mother and the basket will be hidden.. It has taken 3 years to get this size, we may not live to see it as big as the mother plant.