Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May I Buy A Brain??

Bob leaves home at 7:30 any day it is not raining or to windy. He goes to the park to fly his radio control airplanes. He comes home between 9:15 and 9:45 and never ever never comes home later than that...

Tuesday AM I sat watching my DVR show, The Good Witch and looked up at the big red numbers and it said 10:05.., my mind kicked in gear...
Scenario 1.. heart attack and laying in field Scenario 2..stroke and laying in field Scenario 3.. plane hit him in his head and laying field bleeding out.

By 10:20 I was sick to my stomach and at 10:30 I got up went down the hall to put on clothes and drive over to the park to check on him. I lifted my gown over my head and turned to step in the closet and the big red numbers on the click said 9:30.,.

What? Am I crazy? I walk back in the living room and look at the big red numbers and this is what I see.....

There is a clock on the DVR, that morning the big red numbers were 3 minutes ahead of the DVR clock, our life is lived by the BIG RED numbers NOT the DVR which is to tiny to see. I had reset the minutes correctly and SOME HOW had changed the hour up an hour.

May I buy a brain?? I did not notice it when I did it, I  did not notice it for the 3 hours it was that way, Or for the Half Hour of Misery playing scenarios in my head.... Of course I could blame it on the tiny red numbers.. I mean who can read those???

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Friend of Fronds

I showed you the tall Cane Palms in our yard a few days ago. This Cane Palm is a self pruner. They turn Red then brown then fall to the ground..

To me they are beautiful even dead and on the ground. Except they do need to be hauled to the curb for trash pickup..
Fronds turn Red
Then they are dead
they fall to the ground
and no longer  need to be around
To the curb they must go
 NOT my JOB.... 
THAT belongs to BOB...

Monday, May 2, 2016

Color Me Coloring

I finally bought an Adult Coloring Book... of course there are no adults in our house.. But I bought it anyway... this one is Tropical with lots of Parrots and Flamingos and Green leaves... Only 4.96 at Wal-Mart...

Which meant I had to buy markers and Crayola Colored Pencils. I think I like the Pencils best.
What do you Coloring Adults use?

I NEVER intended to take photos of this to show you (ha ha) but when I entered the kitchen the sunshine said Show This To Your Friends......

I have been in cleaning and tossing mode for he past few days and ALMOST tossed this fishing tackle thingy that I used for makeup storing. that was way back 10 years ago before I retired. It has been empty in the closet and was on the TOSS list... Until I bought the pens/pencils.

I am not sure if I like coloring, and may end up giving all of this away... of course You Will Be the First to Know....