Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Big Cat Habitat.. Lions and Tigers OH MY!

Mia in the middle, Clayton the lion and I can't remember the white tiger name
                                              A mewment like this is just “claw-some” 

We visited The Big Cat Habitat in Sarasota. It is so much more than big cats. It is a Rescue for Wild Animals and is supported by donations. Please visit the link. there are videos and lots of wonderful photos. Unlike my feeble attempts shooting through the wires.

If you are local, I would suggest a visit.. Fun and educational. If you love animals, don't miss it.

To meet a few of the cats click here... Big Cats  the Show was a blast and my face hurt when we left  because of smiling the whole time.
This is a rescue sanctuary  only and NOT a Zoo.. it is only open a few hours a week in order to raise funds to feed the rescue animals.

None of their animals can be released into the wild, they were pets that were abused or given up because wild animals should never be kept as pets.

Big Cat Habitat offers life-long sanctuary supported by income from the demonstrations and from donations.

From Big Cat Habitat Web site. Liger on left, Lion on right

Monday, October 24, 2016

Lunch On A Choo Choo...

Our great adventure started Friday Noonish at Bob's Train, a restaurant in Sarasota,  that is three old restored circus railroad cars from the 60's. 

Lola drove Barbara and I into the parking lot and we all sat and stared at this building. 

"oh my quads, girls, do you think they do Tai Cheese in there?"
I would like to lose weight but I hate losing"
"lets get on that train, we can eat, shrink and be merry...

We walked towards the entrance... Madsnapper said.. I am running out of steam, but this will be just the ticket.

After leaping up pulling myself up the stairs, I felt my stair-esteem drop a little.

The restored dining car was worth climbing the steps..the food was delish.

Our adventure was not just Lunch On  A Choo Choo... our next stop was Big Cat Habitat..

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tree Rats and Avocados

Our adorable not so adorable tree rats squirrels are bombarding our yard with little avocado that did not mature this year, 4 and 5 at a time and Jake is eating them which makes his poop bright green and tooo much and toooo soft... SORRY, but I am avocontrol...

While taking photos I fussed  at these guys and explained how they are making me crazy and the big one said...

" I know it's wrong, but if feels so ripe"
the other one said..
Let's avocuddle and you will feel better.

Blog friends, Relax, I am just playing devils avocado