Thursday, December 18, 2014

Good Fence Thursday- Kincaid

Fence by Thomas Kincaid

Joining TexWisGirl at Good Fence Thursday.

The above 'photo's' are photos taken of the Thomas Kincaid Tin that my sister in law sent our annual fruitcake in..

The Tin is beautiful, the cake is DELISH and also GONE.... we love it and ate it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Other Candle

My other candle is a 6 inch pillar that looks like whipped cream to me. I stand and stare at if for moments at a time..

Straight and tall and as it burns it's character changes and it becomes more beautiful to me. Life is like that, the changes as we burn  and age in life, just give us more character... no one needs a face lift... God made plans for us to age just as he wanted us to.

Look at the difference just by moving the candle from one side to the other. Time of day was at day break, just getting light. Moving the camera changes the light. All photo's taken same light same time... the difference is how they are viewed, from what perspective.. JUST LIKE OUR LIVES.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bear in the candleight

Each time I light the candles, I admire what the above candle is doing. it used to be 5 inches tall, now it is only an inch and one half and is making beautiful designs..

to see what this type candle did in a former post Click HERE

I sat one of my glass bears in front of the candle and played with settings.