Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Morning Muse

I am seriously approaching OLD AGE, I have received my Medicare Card,
effective 9/1/09 which means I will be

Officially Elderly! I was glad to find this message in my morning daily bread this morning, since I had been contemplating Life Might Just Be Going Down The Toliet.

Quote from Our Daily Bread:

Pain loosens our grip on this life. In time, our work andour opinions are sought less and less. Our bodies become increaslingly worse, Joints stiffen. Eyes dim. digestion slows. Sleep becomes difficult. Problems loom larger while options narrow. Yet, if death is not the end but the threshold of a new day, then the curse of old age is also a blessing. Each new pain makes this world less inviting and the next life more appealiing. Pain paves the way for a graceful departure.

this makes perfect sense to me. We are shutting down to begin a new life in Heaven where none of the above will matter any more.

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