Friday, June 19, 2009


WHY does my husband have hair that he combs with his fingers after swimming and it looks wonderful, while mine lays flat and lifeless until I shampoo and blow dry. UNFAIR WHY does he look thin and I look Fat when we weigh exactly the same? UNFAIR

WHY can he reach the things on the highest shelf and I can't. UNFAIR

WHY can he open jar lids that will not budge for me? UNFAIR

WHY has he aged 10 years in 25 years of marriage and I have aged 25 years? UNFAIR

WHY does he have control of the remote to the 47 inch HD TV? UNFAIR

Last but not LEAST. WHY can he drive 400 miles without a potty break and I must stop every hour? UNFAIR

PAY BACK! you might ask WHY did I include this last picture? I bet you can guess why.....

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