Saturday, July 18, 2009

Reflecting On Reflections

In my collection of photo's I found several that fit under reflections.
Per my Thesaurus ........

Reflections- Mirror Image, Likeness.
Reflecting- Shiny, Sparkling, shimmering, Brilliant, Dazzling, gleaming, glittery. You will find some of all of these below.

Street light reflecting on Palm tree on Riverview Street at sunrise

30 minutes later, the Sun was reflecting on the dock

Carnival Lights reflecting on a stuffed monkey

Sunlight reflecting on a spider web in my back yard

Reflections in the plate glass window at Lakewood Ranch Mall
And no sane photographer would take a picture of her own reflection in the sliding glass door. But then who says I a SANE?
Diane and I in Eleanor Roosevelt's personal bathroom mirror on her private railroad car.

Diane and I had so much fun on the old train, click here to see Railroad Museum, that includes Eleanor Roosevelt's private railroad car.

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Snapper II said...

The reflections I love especialy when they are so clear.