Thursday, August 13, 2009

Accidental Jungle Part 4

I have loved palm trees since I was a very small child. It does not matter, tall, short, bush, tree, I love all things palms. The flowing limbs when the wind blows and the clacking noise the fronds make in the wind.

The tree this pod is on right now, is not our tree. Our neighbor behind us had 5 of them flush against our privacy fence. We were thrilled when we saw the trees, and as our jungle grew in front of the fence, the trees look like they are in our jungle. I love the trees, my husband hates them.
Click on this to see the beauty of the pod, itty bitty flowers and so lacy looking. Lovely to look at isn't it?

The above picture is the pod 3 days after I took the first 2 pictures. It changes daily.
The beauty starts to rain in the pool, all those pretty lacy little flowers fall off. Each day it gets prettier and lacier. as they drop to the ground and blow in the breeze ALL over our pool.
After all the flowers blow away, what is left is little seed pods, they turn brown, and then drop like marbles all over the ground. At last it will fall off the tree and we can pick it up. I say it is worth the trouble, but then I am NOT the one who cleans the pool.


Sunny said...

Very interesting and great pictures.
Sunny :)

Snapper II said...

The sound of the palm fronds are sweet memories for me. when I was a boy I would go to savannah beech and spend time with my aunt. at night the sound of the palms would sing us to sleep. What memories.