Sunday, August 23, 2009

How old is OLD?

Sandra, age 2 above, age 3 months below. These pictures are OLD! who knew they made photographs way back then?

Age has been on my mind for weeks now as I anxiously await the activation of my Medicare Card on Sept 1. At last a birthday I am happy to see. PLUS, my Baby Brother turned 61, this past Friday.

My email this morning was full of age related messages. I had a card from friend Carole, that was a preview of her 25th Anniversary Card that was created for? her daughter! We know when our children have been married 25 years, age comes in to play somewhere in there. NOT that I am saying Carole is OLD.
The next email was from my friend Shirley, telling me her husband is 77 today. My first thought was, I have friends THAT old? Sorry Shirley and Jimmy, but if the comment fits?
My third email, was from this blog, a comment made by Sunny on my Purple Post. I laughed out loud and clicked on her site, Not Ready For the Pasture. You can guess what that is about. AGE!
You Must read her last few post, click on the link above and read and laugh.
I know I am old because my children are getting Old, for that matter my Grand children are all in their 20's and I have 2 great grand children.
My question is how did this happen in such a short time.
I must have BLINKED.

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Sunny said...

When we reach the age, that as children, we thought was so old, it doesn't seem as old anymore!
Thanks for your kind words.
Sunny :)