Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Itty Bitty Beauty

Be sure you click on the photo to see the details
Last week while reading through the post on a blog called Paddle Tales, I found myself feeling a little jealous. I thought, I wish I could paddle down the river and find all this wonderful beauty to take photo's of. I also thought it will never happen. I am afraid of water and have been since I was two years old.
My feeble senior brain kicked in when I found my pods and berries folder. I don't NEED to go on the river, I can WALK and find beauty. Most of the pictures were taken on walks with Diane through the woods on cool, crisp mornings. We met at dawn and waited for daylight. As we walked, we discovered tiny small things on every side of us. the berries in the above pictures are no bigger than a BB, but look what the camera shows us. Itty Bitty beauty and marvelous colors.

Beauty, small and perfect, found sprouting out of a tree trunk.
Seed pods at Emerson Point park, ugly and beautiful.
I took my camera to work the next morning after I saw wonderful Magnolia blossoms on the trees in the median. At lunch time I ignored the stares as i walked in the median with my camera. Disapointed, I found the flowers were wilted and turning brown, not what they were they day before. Then I realized I was looking at perfect little seeds.

The earth if full of your possessions, this great and wide sea, in which are innumerable teeming things, living things both SMALL and GREAT.
Psalm 104:34-25

From Small things, come great things, from small blessings come great blessings. The tongue is a small thing and from it comes evil and good.
Every time you speak, your mind is on parade.
author Ane Cetas


Sunny said...

Wonderful pictures, at first glance the second one looks like ladybugs.
Sunny :)

Madeline said...

Great blog. Pictures and text. The detail is amazing in all of these. The one you say is ugly and beautiful looks like some kind of little creature. I like the little snow ball looking ones too. Good job!