Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Horses!

This first picture I created from a picture of Val, a picture of clouds in my back yard and the steps I took in a mall in Daytona Beach. The way Val was running made me think of a unicorn, and here she is. Unicorn Val. See her for real picture and my horse story.
I fully intended to become a cowboy when I grew up. Note, NOT a cowgirl, a cowboy. I read every Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey book I could put my hands on. I wanted a ranch with horses and dogs, lots and lots of them. It did not happen.
In November of 2007, my friend Shirley said her daughter wanted pictures of her horses. When I arrived, Kathy and Robert took me out in their pasture with 6 horses and a boxer dog. Sheer heaven to me.
I took these photos and a few hundred others, while Robert stood with whip in hand and cracked it in the air to start the horses running.
These horses are BIG and FAST and HEAVY. As they raced round and round the pasture, the dog kept up with them. While they were at the back of the field, I was ecstatic, then Robert cracked the whip and they came charging straight for us, I must have made a sound, because Robert said, stand close to me, they will break around us. And the DID.
That was one of the most amazing events of my life. The thunder of the hooves, the ground shaking from 32 hooves, and my camera clicking as fast as I could push the button. Each time they raced by me so close I could feel their breathe, I was so happy I thought I might burst from joy.
This white horse is Val, she is going to have a baby next summer and I hope to get a picture of the little one.
Click on this last picture to see the boxer that ran every step, under those horses and behind and they never touched him.
I love all animals, but horses and dogs are my MOST FAVORITE of all!


Sunny said...

That's quite a creative picture, I like it!
The horses are magnificent. I used to have a Morgan horse, many years ago.
Sunny :)

Philothea Designs said...

and Baby likes them too!

Sandra said...

that dog is not baby, that is the boxer that lives with the horses. baby would be terrifed and run and hide

Marcie G said...

You are so creative! Wonderful combination of photos! Love your story!