Friday, October 30, 2009

Abundance of Egrets!

An egret is any of several herons, most of which are white or buff, and several of which develop fine plumes (usually milky white) during the breeding season. Wikipedia
Egrets are very much a known prescence here in Bradenton. They are as common as the Ibis and can even be seen in yards sometimes and parking lots of restaurants. Most of them stay close to the water. Above photo was taken at the Yacht Club that is in the front door of our City Hall.
they love to strut their stuff at the beaches.

Use what talents you possess
Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”Henry VanDyke

Waiting for fish from the fisherman on the dock at Fort Desoto Beach
Call this one Courtship of the Egrets, or Dancing with Egrets on Longboat Key.

Posing for my camera at Jungle Gardens.

6 AM on Anna Maria Island, not enough light, but you can see there were flocks of them, we estimated over 100 Egrets, hundreds of gulls and pelicans, all in one place fishing. I regretted it was to dark to document.
Egret with attitude
Egrets are waders and fishers
God loved the birds and invented trees, man loved the bird and invented cages. Jacques Deval

these Beautiful Birds almost made the extinct list. In the 19th and early part of the 20th century, some of the world's egret species were endangered by relentless hunting, since hat makers in Europe and the United States demanded massive numbers of egret plumes and breeding birds were killed in locations all around the world.


Beverly said...

You have captured them so well. The water birds in Florida are among my favorites, not among, they are.

I love that first photo.

I'll be home Tuesday.

Sunny said...

I just love their black legs and yellow feet, they look light they're wearing black tights.
You have really captured their beauty along with their comical side. Very enjoyable post.
Sunny :)

Ginny said...

What a treat. A feast for the eyes!! I still find it hard to believe that these birds are in your yards and parking lots! What a georgous bird! And he wears yellow shoes. Did yoy take all these pictures? Some are so stunning they could be on National Geographic's cover. I love the first one, the mating dance, the one with attitude..I guess they're all my favorites! I will trade you birds for groundhogs any day!!! Although I do love little furry animals. I even enjoy the squirrels and don't begrudge them the birdfeeders, if they are smart enough to get to them. I have three or four tree posts I'm working on, and today am going to the house next door to where Bev is to snap some beautiful bark. I must say that I enjoy bark in the Fall.

Madeline said...

Love your egrets. They are beautiful! We have lots of them here on our lake too.

Peggy said...

My favorite birds!! These are FANTASTIC images!! Good job. I envy you getting to see them so close by.