Monday, October 12, 2009

Birds At A Glance

Click on the dancing birds to see all the beauty
Did you know ducks can dance? Floating in the water, they are pretty, but when they dance across the water they are magnificent.

Birds are all around us and some of the well known families are:
Water Birds, Birds of Prey, Perching Birds (songbirds)Fowl Birds, Parrots, Nighthawks, shore birds, hummingbirds, Swifts, woodpeckers, pigeons and Doves, kingfishers and Flightless Birds.

Today's post comes under the Fowl Birds. this duck was fishing for his food. Click on the photo to see the details in the water swirling around him.

Almost everywhere we look, we can see birds. In the sky, on the ground or on the water, there are birds in almost every habitat. Big birds, small birds, colourful birds or plain birds, they are all fascinating and beautiful to us.
My challenge to you today, if LOOK for the birds, see how many you can see just today. let me know what you see, take a photo if you have a camera. Really LOOK and LOOK again. I bet you see many of them.


Snapper II said...

Madsnapper, I love your pics for this blog. However one bird you forgot "bird brain" he he he he he.

Beverly said...

I never tire of looking at photos of birds, and I do love our Florida birds. Those are great shots.

Sunny said...

These are wonderful pictures. I love Mallard Ducks. Excellent!
Sunny :)

Peggy said...

These are fantastic! I have a special place in my heart for ducks of any kind. So cute.

Ginny said...

Well, my, my! You and I have a lot in common. My husband and I are birdwatchers from way back. We even have a life list and several bird identification books. The weirdest bird we've ever seen was a woodchuck. Have you seen the way they walk? These are great photos. About the one where the duck is diving for food-he is mirrored in the water! That is a special picture. We have a duck crossing sign down the street and I have been planning a blog entry on them for quite a while. Great post!!

MedaM said...

This is wonderful series of photos. I enjoyed looking at those cute ducks. The first two shots are especially attractive to me because of the ducks that spread their wings.

Anonymous said...

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