Thursday, October 8, 2009

Elephant Ears (plant variety)

It rained a quick shower last week and while playing ball with Jake, I noticed the rain drops. I have dozens of pictures of these plants and I love them.

Elephant Ear plants are a big, leafy member of the Caladium family. We're talkin' big leaves, as big as an elephant's ear. And, the colorful leaves have a shape resembling an elephant's ear, too. Per Google the plants grow to 5 feet. In Florida, make that 10 feet, the one in the picture above topped out above the reach of my arms on tiptoe, that says 10 or more feet to me.

The above group is in the jungle across the pool from our sliding glass doors, I can admire it all day and the tall one I admire from the kitchen window. We would be buried in them and calling for help but for one fact.
Lizards love the plants shade and roots, Jake and Baby love the to chase the lizards, they dig up the plants, roll on the plants, knock the plants down.
This means the info on google that explains how to care for them is all wrong. they care for themselves and come back no matter what strikes them. they like water but don't care if they have none. Great for us since we hate yard work.

The above photo's were taken in the dark, I wanted to try night time viewing of the raindrops. these are from last year, not last week.


Ginny said...

The nighttime elephant ears look kind of Twilight Zoney.My favorite are the pics with the large raindrops on them. Awesome!

Snapper II said...

Water droplets are a fascenating subject.