Monday, October 26, 2009

Growing Guacamole

Great Things Come in Small Packages
No Tree Pictures Today!
Eight years ago, my husband ate an Avocado that someone gave him. He took the seed that looked like the above, and stuck it in the ground where the air conditioner dumps its water. In a few days, there was a sprout.

Eight years later, we have fruit that looks like this. Last week, the winds were blowing to 25 knots, and in one day 8 of the avocados fell to the ground. We gave a couple away, and the rest were in the fruit bowl waiting for bob to eat them. I can not stand the taste, he loves them. the dogs eat them when they fall to the ground and get sick. but that is another story.

this is a small one about the size of a pickle that a squirrel knocked down, the dogs love this size if we don't find them first.

today, one of the ones that fell a week ago, turned brown and Bob opened it and this is what we found.

It had started to sprout inside the fruit, no need to plead with it to grow, it is ready NOW.
From this small and ugly little seed will come a tree 40 to 50 feet tall and hundreds of fruit thus piles of Guacamole

I took the photo because it is a fascinating ugly little thing and called out to my camera.
I found this little short movie on growing Guacamole fruit, if you have a minute watch it, if not and don't care. just shut this post down and have a wonderful day.


Beverly said...

My mother loved avocados. I can't stand them. When I lived in Haiti, they were used as a bread spread. If I was out in the country, and it was offered to me, I would force it down, but I won't touch one if I don't have to.

Don used to do work for a man who had a very prolific tree in his yard, and he would often bring them to Mother. Never was my husband more popular with my mother than when he did this.

I remember putting a seed in a glass of water and watching it grow.

Ginny said...

That is a cute video, and shows you everything you need to know in a fast way. Have you tried the black wrinkled kind, like on the video? I've heard they taste different from the big green ones. My husband loves the black ones. I can get them down this way: mash one up with a fork on a piece of toast and drizzle with olive oil. I hope to read a post about the dogs in the future!

Sunny said...

I can't tell you how many times I have tried to grow avacados without any luck. I finally gave up!
It's funny how things will grow when you're not trying.
Sunny :)