Monday, October 5, 2009

Ollie The Traveling Hedgehog

In a recent post, I stated the Pelican was my favorite bird because it is a real plain Jane and my heart goes straight to the not quite pretty things of this world. Last week my friend Marcie, forwarded a picture of a hedgehog someone sent to her. I told her she reminded me I had these photos, that were taken a couple of years ago. thanks for the nudge, Marcie.

Ollie, the hedgehog is part of a petting zoo that comes to the nursing home where I volunteer. Of all the little critters they brought, he was my favorite.
To see that ugly, little and cutest thing you ever saw face click on the picture.

Notice the lady holding him wheres gloves, I touched him and he is VERY prickly. When first picked up he has no eyes or nose, looks like a smooth ball. as he wakes up, the spines get really stiff. The man who travels with Ollie holds him without gloves. I wanted to hold him, but he is very timid around strangers.

Ollie travels with tortoise, very large ugly spiders, small dragons, monkeys and a few other exotic pets. The handlers go from wheel chair to wheel chair with each pet and the residents are allowed to stroke and talk to them. NOT the monkeys, they just put on a show. And what a show.
More Not your average photos AGAIN


Mrs. Snapper II said...

Love todays blog! The animals are so cute but I also love the hands, especially the MATURE hands. They are are another idea for you to put on your blog, maybe?
The hedgehog is precious. What are the little pink things on his cheeks?
Keep on snapping!

Ginny said...

I adore hedgehogs!! I actually have a little hedgehog figurine. These pictures are just so sweet. See my other comment on your hands blog above!

MedaM said...

Oh, how cute that hedgehog is! This post made me smile. :-) Wonderful photos!