Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do Tree Stumps Speak To You?

I love trees. I love them live, dead, tall, and short and as left over Stumps. These stumps I found in the white beach sand on the shore of the Manatee River at Emerson Point Preserve.

when I make the decision on photos for the day, I GOOGLE. Tree Stumps

googled brought this up first.

Question from unknown person: My husband had to cut down a large tree close to our home last year, but it has left a stump near our front porch and I am at a loss as to what to do about it. We have tried to dry it out, dig it up, grind it; nothing will get rid of this thing. Is there some way to mask it??
Answer from unknown: How high is the stump? You can always grow clematis over it. (Per Google, Clematis is an evergreen plant that spreads and covers whatever it is planted on and has beautiful blooms)

Per dictionary:a stump is the lower end of a tree or plant left after the main part falls or is cut off;I prefer the ones that are not sawn by man, but they can still be beautiful.

This is a cypress stump, Lovely in color and shape

In 1985, the year I married my husband, before he left for the day, he said call a tree trimmer and get them to trim the limbs on the ear tree. That is his name for a Jacaranda tree because they drop ear shaped pods the size of an ear all year long. Tree trimmer came, I pointed out what to trim. I did NOT stand and watch what they were doing. Young man comes to the door for his check and says "I took down the stump by the drive way at no extra charge". As my mind frantically starting forming phrases on what to tell my husband when he came home, I smiled and said thank you while my mind Screamed OH NO, NOT the stump.

You see, my husband LOVED that stump. He made that stump for a reason. Before I entered his life, the palm tree died, he cut it down to 3 feet tall and put a planter with Asparagus fern on it. the planter sat on the stump and the ferns hung down beautifully. I had removed the planter to prevent it from being knocked off by falling limbs.

Do stumps speak to you? If not, What does speak to you?

Sandra: "the tree trimmer took out your stump, no I was not watching them, I am sorry I did not pay attention to what they were doing. remember there is no need to cry over spilled milk, in this case there is no need to cry over removed stump".

That is not ALL that was said between us. At least we both share a love of stumps

Did you know they are selling tree stump posters on So maybe I am not the only stump lover around.


Beverly said...

I love the cypress stump. I've never particularly paid attention to stumps though. You make anything interesting!

Ginny said...

Very cool post! That cypress stump certainly speaks to me. Uncanny how it looks both really creepy and beautiful at the same time. I think Stephen King would enjoy it. I myself enjoy bark, trunks, and leaves. Here's something else uncanny-our fears!! I knew we had quite a bit in common, but wow!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I have a stump in my front yard --which we haven't bothered to dig out... I just keep a beautiful begonia plant on it!!!!! ha

That first stump looks like a horse head... Can you see the eye??????

Great post, Sandra!!!

SquirrelQueen said...

I love stumps, I can always see what they could be. Most I would just leave as they are but some just beg to be planters and once in awhile a table or chair. The cypress stump is so pretty, very different.

This was a fun post, how's the rock-stone debate coming along?


A Brit in Tennessee said...

I love tree stumps also !
They have such beautiful shapes, and I have been known to wrestle with a discarded one, and drag it home....
Just beautiful pictures.

MedaM said...

This is another great and interesting post of various shapes of tree stumps.