Thursday, November 19, 2009

Murphy's Law or Senior Moments?

Murphy's Law Sandra: "If anything can go wrong it probalby will"
Wikpedia: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."
     My thoughts today are not quite Murphy's Law but almost. Let's call them pet peeves. I am ready to here yours......................

The photos are the little things that make me happy, to off set the little things that make me crazy.
I grab the small dog biscuits and when I get home they are medium biscuits, the brand the dogs don't like.
Wal-mart no longer carries the brand of dog biscuit the dogs LOVE. I drive to PetSmart to buy a 44 pound bag of dog food because it is the one that treats Baby's skin disease. I get home and guess what? I forgot to buy the Brand Name dog biscuits that can ONLY be found at that store

I Look at myTo Do list for the day………the library is 4 miles East and Staples is 4 miles west. Couldn’t they put all the stores I shop at in one place? Or carry all the things on my list in one store?

Because I do not carry a purse, everyone in every store thinks I work there and ask for help.  I shop in Capri pants, t-shirts and flip flops? How many clerks do you know that dress like that?

When I need a rest room, why is it always at the BACK of the store. If I am in the back and need the rest room it is in the FRONT of the store. If like WM they have one at the front and back, I think oh goody. I run to the nearest one and GUESS WHAT? Closed for cleaning and the other one is 3 acres away…I am running there for a REASON.

If I need to know what the date is, I have to ask myself questions to figure out the date. You say look at the calendar! I do, but first I ask myself things like, did I go to church yesterday then it must be Monday. AHH such is retirment.

Let me hearwhat little things drive you crazy, or senior moments if it applies.
And can anyone tell me why a phone is called cordless and a keyboard is wireless?

And one last comment. I had to publish this 3 times because I some how made the background white behind the fonts.


Anonymous said...

Good post - made me smile :) I am getting senior moments already and I'm only 43 :-O I keep walking into rooms, opening cupboards, and wondering what I was looking for! And I'm having to make lists to help me remember what I'm supposed to be doing, what time the kids will get out of school after clubs etc ....... And there should definitely be a restroom on every street corner and in every store - fewer emergency dashes! ;)

Ginny said...

Love this post! I have my own senior moments post in the future. My favorite story here is how people think you work in the store because you're purseless. That's priceless!!! I do the same thing that you do to figure out the date! Looking at the calendar's way too easy; I like a puzzle,so I think back on the preceding days! Here's my pet peeve. Plus sizes are always in the very back of the store! I guess they figure that overweight people need the exercise of walking back there. But many of us are older and unhealthy. I say, let the skinny ones walk to the back!!! Perhaps I'll do a post on this very thing, it really aggravates me!

Catherine said...

When going to the hospital the other day, I had to walk past a smoking area outside to get to the non-smoking hospital. Hated that - you can still smell it outside - I held my breath, but didn't like it. Will probaby call them because I have had to pass many smokers in those areas over the years - there's no alternate route from the parking lot.

Other than that, like your post, it's the little inconveniences, especially like the dog food/dog treats when it's my own fault, that are aggravating.

Sandra said...

testing 1.2.3

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Funny Funny Funny Sandra... Yes, those little pet peeves or Senior Moments are always around us, all of us, at one time or the other. The bathroom one is SO true... Most of the times when we are in Walmart, one or the other is closed for cleaning....Hmmmm!!!!

Mine this morning was when I was washing clothes. I took the timer back to our computer room where I was working. It dings when I think the clothes are finished and ready to put in the dryer. WELL----this morning, if that thing DINGED, I didn't hear it. TWO hours later, I remembered that I had clothes in the washer... Duh!!!!

Cute post.

Snapper II said...

I am glad I read these coment's. I just realized I have clothes in the washer.

DawnTreader said...

Late visitor here, after reading your comment on my own recent Murphy's Law post...