Friday, November 6, 2009

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, in a long time care and rehab home, their lived a lady named Rosemary. Every day Rosemary rolled in her wheel chair out into the courtyard where lived her favorite squirrel.

She was a  beautiful squirrel and loved Rosemary as much as Rosemary loved her. They spent many happy hours together. Rosie and the other residents and myself, watched as they scampered, made babies, had babies, chased the babies and most of all we watched as.......

The mother squirrel climbed on Rosies foot and reached up to take a peanut from her hand. No one else could feed the squirrel this way. they had a special relationship.

The Activities director planted beautiful flowers in the half dozen planters in the courtyard and in a few short days, the flowers were gone. the residents said someone is stealing our flowers. Can you guess who that was?

Any guesses NOW?

Guess yet?

could this innocent creature do all that damage?

Oh, Yes, as you can see by the evidence gathered by the facility photographer (that would be me) the culprit was found and documented.

Click on this picture to see the dirt ball she is eating
You would think the wicked director would say Away with you, dastardly squirrel.
NO she did not, she just continued to fill the flower boxes with beautiful flowers and the resdents continued to watch the show each day.
this post dedicated to Rosemary, Deceased this year and sadly missed by all of us and Mrs Squirrel. Yes some still feeds her peanuts every day.

A special thanks to SquirrelQueen blog for reminding me of my squirrel pictures. More to come


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sandra, I'm not fond of squirrels --since we have so many (who try to eat our birdfood)... BUT---I love the idea that Rosemary had a 'friend' --and enjoyed feeding the squirrel. I've always read that older people really need to have a "pet" around them. That is a good thing.

Cute pictures...

Anonymous said...

I love squirrels and these pictures are beautiful with a great narrative.

Marcie G said...

Beautiful pictures and such a sweet story. What a wonderful children's book this would make. Thank you for sharing.

Sunny said...

What a heartwarming story and wonderful pictures. Rosemary must have been a special lady for that little critter to trust her.
Enjoy your day.
Sunny :)

Beverly said...

I love this story, Sandra. What a neat activities director who would keep on planting flowers for that squirrel. Wonderful photos.

Ginny said...

Yes!!!! I see we both like squirrels! A wonderful post. The story and pictures are just heartwarming. I was afraid to read the ending, fearful that the director would not plant anymore flowers, or get rid of the squirrels. She must be a special lady. I think k you read my post about the time I let a squirrel in the house when I was a child. But I also have an earlier squirrel post, which you just must read! Go to my September posts, and pretty much in the middle of the list is "The Squirrels Of Maple Avenue". I think you'll enjoy it.I can't wait for the rest of your stories!! We seem to have more and more in common.

SquirrelQueen said...

Oh Sandra, this is a wonderful story. I too was a little worried but then happily relieved that the activities director understood and continued to plant flowers. It's wonderful that the little squirrel could bring joy to Rosemary, they are capable of forming attachments to humans.
Thank you for the mention, I am glad I reminded you of such wonderful photos. I look forward to seeing more photos and reading more of your great stories.


MedaM said...

I literally enjoyed this post! Your beautiful story is fun and at the same time touching and interesting. You have taken great photos of that little squirrel; how cute she is. It made me smile. I've never managed to take any photos of squirrel and I have seen it in private only several times but briefly because of its speed. Lovely post, indeed!