Monday, November 9, 2009

Post on Pancakes??? huh???

Yesterday was pancake day and as I poured the syrup and watched it drip over the sides of my stack, my alter ego, Madsnapper grabbed for the camera and here we are, a post on Pancakes. Hopefully a few laughs for you.

Click on the photo to see the DRIP
Sunday mornings, about every three weeks, my husband makes pancakes for breakfast. While he cooks, I answer email down the hall and in the bedroom.
A few weeks ago this is the conversation between us, in a loud voice since we were yelling down the hall

Bob: Where is the syrup?

Sandra: In the honey bottle.
Bob: Which honey bottle? there are 3.
Sandra: Not the honey BEAR, the bottle with the dark colored syrup, the light one is honey.
Bob: OK, I got it, am I supposed to be able to put the bottle down?
Sandra: What?
Bob: Am I supposed to be able to put the bottle down? it's stuck to my hand.

I leave the computer, walk down the hall, take the bottle, wipe if off and sit it on the counter. The Rest of The Conversation goes like this.
Bob: Why is the syrup in the honey bottle?

Sandra: Because last time I bought the syrup, the only size they had in Log Cabin was 64 ounces. I told you all this when I bought it and that it was to big for the cabinet and also hurts my hand because it is to heavy. You never listen.

Bob: Why do we have 3 honey bottles?

Sandra: I told you that to. I like the Honey Bear, but it drips when I pour, so I bought the honey no drip bottle and it really works. I liked it so much and the bear was empty, and I wanted to put syrup in the no drip bottle, so I bought a new no drip bottle and poured the honey in the empty bear to store it until the honey bottle is empty then I will pour it from the bear into the no drip, then I put the syrup in the no drip honey bottle.

(his eyes are glazed and he is not LISTENING again)


Sunny said...

The pancakes look yummy. Your conversation sounds similar to ones my husband and I have had! LOL
Sunny :)

Ginny said...

This is just too funny!! Food and humor, what could be a better post than that? Your writing today reminds me of Erma Bombeck. Do you remember her? She was a great lady, and though many fans offered their kidneys, she would not use her fame to get ahead on the list and died because of that. Come to think of it, I'll do a post on her! See how you've inspired me today? My husband now reads your blog and enjoys it with me. I think I will show him how to follow you. I just finished eating pancakes. When I saw the title of your blog, I thought "Oh boy! Pancakes!! This could be why I am quite overweight. I have the recipe for IHOP pancakes, and it's really good. It uses about double the sugar of most recipes, that's what makes it taste so good. I love pictures of food, and your husband must be a good cook!! These look light, and really fluffy. I also love the way you caught the syrup mid drip.

Beverly said...


Holly Salvato said...

I always say that my husband doesn't listen to my reasoning either. Too funny!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

How funny, Sandra... All of us women go through that with our hub's. They don't listen and they don't remember. It's called "Selected Hearing"....

Yum--those pancakes look yummy....

Thanks for such a cute post.

Madeline said...

Are you sure you were not talking to Snapper II? That conversation sounds very much like some of ours. The honey bottles explanation makes perfect sense to me. Sistas again!
Good blog. Love the droplet!

SquirrelQueen said...

The pancakes look absolutely yummy! The conversation, it sounds a lot like one my hubby and I would have. He does not understand my logic so usually he just nods.

The comment you left on my blog, actually I'm a night owl and sometimes stay up way too late. I noticed there are quite a few early risers on blogger but some of those folks are on the other side of the world. One of the comments above yours was from Australia and another from Germany. It sure keeps it interesting.
Have a great day,