Thursday, December 17, 2009

Last Of The Cracker Christmas Post

This will be the last of my Cracker Photos from the village. These are the home made ornaments on the little tree in yesterdays post.

Some unknown person decided to steal my entire checking account yesterday by creating 2 large checks and cashing them.

I woke up to chaos, but due to our wonderful people at Bank Of America, I now have a new account and my money is back and the fraud department is on the trail to track down the person.

Let this be a warning to you that write checks, 90 percent of all bank fraud is from stealing the information off of a check that is written, by making a copy of the check and changing the amount. remember all your information is out there on every check you write.

I am thinking what would have happened if some one wrote bad checks on my account before computers. Because of our computer technology, I was back in business in under a couple of hours. In the days of past, it would have taken months and maybe not been able to get the money back at all. Our computers are capable of good things and bad things.

I am thankful my account is back in order and that I live in a world when bad things happen I have friends to share the bad and good with and that I still have Christmas in my heart no matter what!

 He who has no Christmas in his heart will never find Christmas under
a tree


Ginny said...

Sakes alive!!! Here we are so careful with our credit cards, and never even thought about the checks! This is something that everyone needs to be aware of!! We don't write many checks anymore, as we have a debit card that takes the money right out of our checking account. I hope you will keep us updated on this and let us know when they find the person. Who they are and what will become of him or her. I'm glad you haven't let it dampen your Christmas spirit! I just saw your post from yesterday, don't know why I missed it then, maybe you posted it late in the day. Anyway, please go back and look at my comment on it.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good Gosh Sandra, I'm sure that scared you to death... We have never had any problems with checks --but we did have someone steal our credit card number (from a restaurant when they took our card) and used it for some big purchases.

We like Discover because they call us when something large is put on the card.. They caught this--and like you, we didn't lose anything. BUT--it's still scary because there are so many people out there who will steal anything...

George always uses Discover when the card goes out of our sight... So far, since that one incident, we have had no problem... BUT--I never thought about them stealing a check... We seldom write checks -except for some of our bills.

I'm glad everything worked out for you. Keep us posted as to what they find out. Do you know where they may have stolen one of your checks and made a copy????

Beautiful ornaments... Thanks for your Cracker posts, Sandra.

Sunny said...

That's really scary...I'm glad that it has been resolved.
The decorations are so pretty, a lovely little tree.
Thanks for visiting Lucy's blog.
Sunny :)

Snapper II said...

Yikes, get John Wayne, call out the possey. Well hang the bank busters. Not even enough money for bubble gum.

SquirrelQueen said...

Oh Sandra, what a terrible thing to wake up to. It must have been a horrible experience. I'm glad the bank got it cleared up quickly. I rarely write checks anymore. In stores I use my debit card and most of my bills are paid online. I will be more careful with the few checks I do write.

The ornaments are so pretty, I have really enjoyed your Cracker Christmas tour.


Anonymous said...

That's horrible Sandra ...... glad things got resolved so promptly.

Lovely photos :o)