Saturday, January 16, 2010

The "Answer" IS....

Comments on yesterdays Post  made me smile. I created the post with no intention of it meaning anything but what you saw. After reviewing the post, I realized the photos did not tell the whole story and I added the question: " Can you tell me what the pictures are?"
Comments were: don't know, it is what is obvious , can't wait to find out, I think I can, try, try again , don't give up. All of the answers were right and wrong.

The answer is,
"Things Are Not Always What They Seem"

The photo yesterday showed only the top of the cross, this photos shows a little more and you might realize it is a cross. but that is not the whole story. this cross is a warning of a steep curve on Riverview Blvd. It stands in the owners yard and was built out of wood and reflectors. in the dark there is no way to tell the road makes a complete right turn, the cross warns us of trouble ahead. The owner chose to make a crown of steel thorns and put a draped scarf on it at Easter. this told another story. the meaning is twofold.
Be Careful, the road ahead is not safe, don't worry, the King has come and has risen.

the lamp and the train had no meaning, they were just photos I liked, they are what they seem to be. The top of a lamp and a toy train but some of you found meaning in them, what they meant to you.
the decorative star is not what it seems, I took the photo at the above Castle, see Solomons Castle

The decorative star may look pretty in the picture, but it's orginal purpose was a murder weapon, a Medieval Mace, weapon of choice in another century to wreak murder and mayhem on others. Not What It Seems at all.

When things happen to us in our lives, sometimes what appears wonderful, sends us down a path that leads us to the worst moment of our lives. When bad things fall on us, a few miles down that dreary road ,we realize that dreary road led us to the best thing that ever happened to us.
                                          Keep On Keeping On
                              "things are not always what they seem"
                           And Our God is a God of Second Chances!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Nice Sandra.... I would never have put two and two together from what you posted yesterday... BUT--there is alot of important meaning in both pictures.

Things are not always what they seem... That's certainly a true statement. If we don't see the entire thing, or if we do see it and interpret something else---well, we go down the wrong roads sometimes. Oh Well--tis life!!!!

The best idea: Go with GOD.

Ginny said...

I love your bible connection here!! Don't you think this is so often why young girls end up with "bad boys". Because most of the good, steady ones seem to be boring and have no thrill. Usually they're sorry. I was partly right! I knew it was a crown of thorns and some kind of Christian message. About the star, wow! Something so beautiful is so deadly! Kind of like Satan. Phil actually told me he thought this was a mace, and I told him that was unlikely!!! He should have not listened to me and posted that thought.

photowannabe said...

Great double meaning in your post. Love the pictures of simple everyday things at new angles.
Have a great weekend.

Snapper II said...

I did not guess one, Great pics though.
The first one did look like a crown of Thorns.

SD at "Addicted to The Click" said...

Great job.

Sunny said...

Very creative post!
Sunny :)

Snapper II said...