Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Catch 22 "a no-win situation"

My husband and I love Flordia living. Most of the time.

We both love the beaches, whether gulf or ocean. We also love bright sunshine and become depressed on dark dreary days. In Florida there are not many dark and dreary days and that is the reason we moved here. That and the fact my husband hates cold weather.

this resturant sits on the Gulf Of Mexico, Bradenton Beach

Year round, rhere is a choice of sitting in bright sun or under an umbrella

Or my preference on summer days, indoors in the air conditioning. These photos were taken on a hot summer day, inside and out. I chose IN. during the winter months I would choose the OUT.
6 months of the year, there is no wait for service, the other 6 months, can be a very long wait.

yesterday my bloggin was cut short and I missed a post due to an accident and we are now a one car family for a while.

A car pulled out of a medical complex in front of me and I could not stop. No one was hurt, just the cars and that is a blessing.
In the winter months our Florida paradise becomes super crowded due to the influx of winter visitors that flee from the cold. This make our crowded roads into traffic jams and since the majority of the visitors are very old retirees, the accident rate climbs rapidly. that makes auto insuance in Florida very high and now we are one of the Statistics.

the man driving the car was 84 and very frail and in my opinon should not be on the roads with a drivers license, he struggled to get out of his car and to walk.

 But how do we decide who can drive and who can not, age limit is not always true for each person.
In Florida we can re-new our license online or by mail and no one ever sees the drivers.
 Also out of state drivers there is no way to monitor.

I am not saying young people do not have accidents, I am saying I don't like Florida when we are flooded with winter visitors.

but our economy relies on them and without them jobs would be lost and business closed.
Catch 22
a frustrating situation in which one is trapped there is no easy solution.
What do you do about elderly drivers in your state or country?


Ginny said...

What happened to your photo of the bottles on the shelf with the sun shining thru the leaves? That was beautiful, and not on for more than a few days. But I must admit that I love this one of the meat, the lighting is exquisite. It looks like one of those renaissance paintings that Van Gogh or one of those did. Yes, I agree about elderly drivers. We have our share of dangerous ones. And what do you do? The system doesn't have the time to screen everyone that completly. And for some, taking their liscense at that age just does them in. It would be good if everyone say over 75 were required to come in to renew and had at least a reflex check. That would make new jobs, as well.

Madeline said...

I don't know the answer about elderly drivers. Some people would consider me an elderly driver at 65!?! I hope when I don't need to drive anymore I will have sense enough to give it up on my own. As Ginny says above, sometimes it does people in. It did that to my mother and my mother-in-law. It took their independence and it was the beginning of the end for both of them. They lasted some years and even though we did all we could to take them when they needed or wanted to go, somethimes they had to wait, because we were all working. I know when I want something done, I want it done now. I will not like it when I have to wait for my children to take me. I pray that I will handle it gracefully when my time comes.

Snapper II said...

Patsy Poo says "shoot the bad drivers and give lolly-pops to the good drivers" Uncertainty is the spice of life. I refuse to accept it gracefully. Peddel to the mettel and race them to the merge lane. Not I'm really a very calm guy.

SD at "Addicted to The Click" said...

So glad no one was hurt!!

SquirrelQueen said...

In WA I believe you have to take an eye test for every other time you renew, our licenses are good for five years. I see some very elderly folk in automobiles, some can barely see over the steering wheel. But I also in an area with three colleges so it's just a dangerous place to drive.

I have been to Florida in the winter months, that was years ago. The short time I was there it was a constant traffic jam. I can't imagine how much traffic you must have now.

DawnTreader said...

Hi Sandra,
Sorry to hear about your accident, glad it was not worse. We had big problems last year persuading my dad that he had to give up driving. Now his license has been cancelled and he has given the car to my brother. In my dad's case he has neurological problems and since they also affect his judgement it was very hard to get him to understand that he might be a danger not only to himself but to others in the traffic. I think what finally convinced him was that the last time he did take the car out (which was long after everyone including 2 doctors had advised him not to) he was not able to manouvre it back into the garage himself when he got home. Myself I don't drive since 10 years back when I had the accident at work which caused me long-lasting pain problems in my neck and shoulder/arm. For one thing I know I get tired too soon, and second I don't trust myself in tricky situations which require quick movements. The problem with elderly people I think is that many lose their judgement as well so they don't realize themselves when they're entering the danger zone. If you've been driving all your adult life (as my dad), giving up driving is also to give up your independece - it's a big step.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sandra, So sorry about your accident... Glad you weren't hurt although I'm sure it 'shook' you up... George's Dad drove until he lost his vision. He was a good driver --but I was always worried that he'd make a mistake and hit someone or something. I hate to say this but I do think there should be some limits on VERY elderly drivers. Here again, some 90 yr olders are better drivers than 70 yr. olders. SO--I don't know how they can regulate that...

I remember when I lived in Florida in the 70's. We had Snow Birds even back then... Traffic was horrible--but we needed it for the economy. Like you said--- catch 22.

I'm just glad you are okay... God Bless You.
Looks like a neat restaurant!!!