Saturday, January 2, 2010

flowers and foolishness!

My Backyard Flowers from my Archives/Foolishness from My Morning excursion

6:35 AM: I enter Wal-Mart for weekly shopping, 41 degrees, no wind

7:30 AM: I exit pushing filled basket, it is now, 39 degrees and the wind is howling out of the North and sweeping across the very large flat with no trees , Wal-Mart parking lot.

(In Florida 39 feels like -7 because the humidity is at 83 degrees making the wind cut like a knife).

I stop at the rear of my Saturn Vue , push the door up (this is the whole back of the car) put a bag inside, grab the 12 pack of Diet 7-Up by that dinky little slot they try to make us think we can carry the pack by, and just as I lift it into the trunk, the BIG door falls on the back of my head (yes it hurt) causing my freezing hands to bang the 6 pack on the bumper, the package rips, cans roll to all points of the globe.

6 remain in the torn package, 6 have escaped to roll in all 6 different directions. One rolled east and under the middle of the truck and out into the middle of the road, the other one was 10 feet away, it rolled North East in the other middle of the road. 1 rolled south, the other South East. Number 5 and 6 rolled West and North West. This is no exaggeration. All 6 of them rolled as far away as they could from each other. I was also in some danger of cars running over me as I chased them.

As I struggle to contain the 6 loose cans in the trunk, the trunk lid falls again, this time it gets my shoulder and I hold on to the cans. I push the lid all the way up hard enough to rip it from its hydraulic thingy that makes it stay up (it has never fallen in the past).

as I gently (ha ha) place the rest of the groceries in the trunk, I think the hydraulic thingy on this must be like our garage door opener that opens and closes at will when the temps drop to less than 40. the next thing I think of is, this is the start of my bad luck because I did not eat Black Eye peas and ham hock, collard greens and corn bread for New Years Day.

For those of you who have no idea what Black Eyed Peas and Collard greens has to do with bad luck, it is southern tradition to have that meal on New Years Day to prevent bad luck. I CHOSE to eat out, Now look what happened


Catherine said...

Ouch - I'm sorry you got hurt - and I'm sorry I wasn't there to help. But, do forgive me, I would probably have laughed, too. I hate to walk over grates in the sidewalk. When Jimmie & I were both working, he would walk right over them & I told him to expect me to laugh first then get help if he fell in. Sorry! Black eyed peas & collard greens next year??

Sunny said...

Oh No! This is not how you are suppose to start off a new year!
Sure hope your day improves.
Sunny :)
P.S. Your pictures are stunning.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Poor Baby.... I'm sorry you had so much trouble at Walmart this morning. Did you manage to get to all of your six drinks that flew all over the place??????

We are cold here also (10 degrees when we got up this morning) with a tad of snow!!! STILL Cold here.. Brrrrrrr..

Love your flower pictures. That music border around one of them is SUPER.....

Shamey on you for not eating your black-eyed peas....

Hope the rest of your day was BETTER.

Peggy said...

I'm sure the trunk didn't stay up because it was frozen! I'm sorry you had a terrible time but it does make for a great story! I will be so glad when this arctic weather passes.....

Love the photos!

Ginny said...

I hope you get this comment, it's 8 P.M. now. The flowers are incredible, they're all in your backyard? The shots of the pink berries are so spectacular, I love them!! Have you altered the photo? The berries just pop right off the front and the background is all dimmed down, lovely. What ARE those berries, anyway? I'm sorry about your dreadful shopping trip! Do your neck or shoulders hurt now? Did you retrieve all th sodas?

Madeline said...

The flowers are beautiful, every one of them. When you first said the car door fell on you my first thought was, it does not like this cold weather any more than we do! I have the same door on my Expedition and that has never happened to me, thank goodness. Sorry you had to chase your drinks all over the parking lot. Glad you did not get run over! Great pictures, great story! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Ok, first I'm sorry you got hurt & I hope you are ok. Second, I am going to run over to Wal-Mart & see if I can buy a copy of the security tape!! LOL ;-)


Anonymous said...

You'll be having that good luck meal next year no doubt. Great story and gorgeous pictures :o) Happy twenty-ten! x

MedaM said...

I am so sorry that you had so much trouble and that you got hurt. I hope you are feeling fine now. May this trouble be the last one for you in this year!
Your flowers are gorgeous and the photos are fantastic. I like the way you framed every photo. It looks so beautiful.
It was raining during the weekend but we got some snow this morning and it is very cold outside. I don’t mind snowy and cold weather because it is normal in my country for this time of the year.
Thank you very much for your always nice comments on my blog. I do appreciate it a lot. (hug)

P.S. Your header is great too!

SquirrelQueen said...

Gorgeous flowers Sandra, it's really nice to see some color on days like today (foggy & raining). Your new header is incredible.

Sorry you got hurt and had so much trouble with the groceries but that's what happens when you don't eat your black eyed peas on New Years, lol.

Taking those days off for the holidays has put me so far behind on visits. I spent all day yesterday trying to put my house back together.