Saturday, February 27, 2010

Coal Car pulled by Coal Burning Engine

The Steam Engine that recieved its power from burning coal , pulled 4 cars, 2 closed and 2 open. these photos show boarding the open car and the fun that a MadSnapper can find anywhere, Click on photos to see details

My friend Renee and her son wanted to watch the coal being shoveled into the fire box.

I changed the perspective by walking closer

then I noticed the ceiling and backed off to get this shot

Backed off further

the conductor warned us the engineer was about to dump the steam and blow the whistle

and dump the steam he did. They forgot to mention the cinders that covered us in fine black specks

Only the most hardy people stayed after the announcent.  The Average Person would see a long empty car, I saw Opportunity!

P.S. This is the car I hung off of  to get the gunfight photo's. Worth It All!

Words of Wisdom from Other People
“ Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow. – Imogen Cunningham

“ Nothing happens when you sit at home. I always make it a point to carry a camera with me at all times…I just shoot at what interests me at that moment. – Elliott Erwitt
A fellow bought a Labrador puppy from the pet store and named him Kodak.
That way he could say he owned a Kodak lab.
What did Cinderalla say when she left the photo store?
Someday my prints will come.


Catherine said...

Great train blogs, all.

Congratulations on your award - please tell us more about it.

Ginny said...

Great post and also humorous! For some reason, it made me chuckle to see the people covered in steam all with their arms out! It looks like some sort of weird religious rite or something!! That's what I'd have thought if I didn't know what was going on! Of course they had their arms out because they were all madly snappimg! You're a tad braver than me. And that's saying something, since we're both chicken. Once the engineer said they were dumping the steam, I would have run to the back of the car as fast as my arthritic knee would take me!! No inhaling cinders and soot! Even smarter, I would have brought a gas mask with me. Let them laugh!!! Love your jokes!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sandra, Congrats on your award. You SO deserve it.

I've enjoyed your visit on the train so much this week. I haven't commented much--but I've read them all.


SquirrelQueen said...

Congrats on your first award. There will be many more. I love the train photos, those old steam engines are amazing. I have ridden on a couple of them and got the cinder bath once.

Great shots of the car, I really like the one where you pulled back to get the ceiling shot.