Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Viva la Vue!

Viva la Vue, so long Queen Mary

2 weeks ago my Saturn Vue had to be towed to the body shop. Lucky for me the other driver was at fault and his insurance covered a rental car.
I have been known to complain about the Vue because it has a 4 cylinder engine and is not as pretty/sporty as the GMC  truck my husband drives (truck was MINE until we got the VUE).

I did not know how much I loved the Vue  until it was gone


My Vue, UGS II - The Vue is known as UGS II (the 1984 Bonneville had the honor of UGS I, (it was Brown & 4 doors). My husband is a car freak. We have owned 15 vehicles in 25 years all but two were beautiful. I should mention we name all of our vehicles. I also have pictures of all of them but will spare you the pain.
Rental, Queen Mary - a Chrysler Aspen SUV dubbed Queen Mary by my husband because it is as big as a cruise ship. (6'5" tall, the car, not my husband, I measured it, and it is 3 plus feet longer than my Vue)

I told you she is BIG.... my chin is almost on her hood.
I am about to complain about Queen Mary because I WANT to lose her!

When climbing aboard the Queen, we must lift one leg and HOP UP into the seat while holding on to the handle on the door jam they must have put there for that reason.

When leaving the Queen, we turn sideways, drop our legs and prepare to drop to the ground, hoping we don't fall on our kiesters (bottoms) when we land.
My husband knocks his head on the door jam each time he enters or leaves. I don't hit my head but am forced to hear him berate the car and the people who built t.

this is our GMC that I love. I took this the day we brought her home. her name is Baby Girl. We named her after our dog because she is low and sleek and FAST.

We have a two car garage and the Vue and the GMC live side by side with lots of room. The Queen, takes up more than her share and barely lets us put the door down or get out of each side. She is really way overweight to sleep in our garage unless she is alone.

The final straw was Saturday morning, I drove to Wal-Mart for the weekly shopping, drive in the garage and push the remote putting the garage door down. I squeeze out sucking in as far as i can, walk to the back to get the groceries out and no way will the door open, there is 2 inches between the bumper and the door. (Vue allows door down and removal of groceries while garge door is shut, also allows me to open the dryer door at the front bumper, which Queen does NOT)
You might ask, does it matter? Put the door up and take the groceries in, Lady.
Trust me, It matters!
The door must be down to keep the two dogs from running out in the street when the door into the house is open.

the Moral of the Story is: love and enjoy what you have while you have it, because you never know when you might lose it. (this goes for loved ones also)

PS: I typed this story and it worked.... MY VUE IS HOME! I am sooo Happy. and Queen Mary is back in her rental spot never to be driven by us again.
PSS.... we had to fill Queen Mary with fuel.... she got 8 miles to the gallon. YIKES


Anonymous said...

I much prefer your Vue - not keen on these massive truck-like cars. Glad she's home :o)

8 miles to the gallon - that's atrocious :-O I think my little Ford Focus does about 40mpg.

Anonymous said...

PS the new header is gorgeous :o)

Ginny said...

I just finished reading this post aloud to Phil. Too bad he happened to be drinking coffee at the time, he laughed so hard I thought he would choke on it. We both had a jolly time with it!! So glad the Vue is back!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

That is why Chrysler is going to go totally out-of-business soon!!!! It's not practical...

Glad you have your VUE back... Sorry though that Saturn (which is a GREAT vehicle) is going to be gone too. What a shame!

We are a Toyota family. Both George and I have had Toyotas --even long before we met each other. We STILL love Toyotas --and have never had any trouble with any of ours. We will continue to buy Toyotas in the future. AND the good thing to come out of all of their problems may be that they will lower the prices for US. ha


Snapper II said...

Love the blog, especially the header. You know when Madeline sees these photos she will want to know why she can't park in her garage. It's because the garage is full of good stuff.


Tipper said...

Glad your VUE is back. Cute post :)and true-we should appreciate what we have.

SquirrelQueen said...

Glad to hear you Vue is back home all safe and sound. The Queen Mary is huge, I can see why you didn't like it.

We name all of our vehicles too, they do become like family after awhile.