Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Killin Time"

Yesterday instead of posting and reading posts, I walked into this building at 9 AM with my friend Diane.

I was her designated driver for her oral surgery where they would give her a happy pill that would make her unable to drive. I had several hours to kill time while i waited since my home was to far away to drop her off and go back.

NO PROBLEM. I took a ditty bag, with a good book, raisins and nuts, bottle of water, eye drops just in case my eyes were dry AND of course my Coopix point and shoot. I would read a while, then walk a while and Killin Time with my camera produced the building she was suffering in and much more.
while Killin Time I found moss on a tree trunk. I have always believed if I got lost in the woods, I could head North by looking at tree trunks because Moss grows on the north side of the trunk. NOT.... this was on the South side of the trunk
I found ferns growing out of palm tree trunks
close up of palm tree trunk came out very well, Anything will entertain me when I have a camera in my hand.
see what i mean?

this beautiful red brick wall had a gate
with this lovley hinge. I found this behind the doctors office. it is the wall and gate where they hide the garbage cans.
This is something I found while Killin Time, can you guess what it is? I KNOW you know it is a shadow, but what is the shadow cast from? answer tomorrow
Consider yourselves lucky I did not post ALL my killin time photos
I love country music and Clint Black is a favorite so this song is approriate and where I found my post title


Sunny said...

I enjoyed your 'killin time' pictures. I really think photography makes you more aware of things that normally would be overlooked.
The only thing that came to mind with the shadow was a fence but don't think that's right!
Sunny :)

DawnTreader said...

I like details like that, too. Can't think what cast that shadow, though. Something with holes in it, obviously, but don't know what.

George said...

You certainly made good use of your time while waiting for your sister. I have no idea what cast the shadow, but I do know I like Clint Black as well.

Ginny said...

I wish OUR dentists office had such clickworthy stuff outside!! I'm very glad to read this post because I wondered what happened to you yesterday. Was hoping you were not sick, and in my Falling Sky fashion, was making plans to find your phone number if you hadn't posted by the end of the week! Only you would snap a trash can door!! But the hinge is lovely. I love the tiny ferns growing out of the palm! The moss thing; I'm with you there,maybe it grew on the south because it was still shaded by something. Another guessing game! This is hard. Maybe a bird feeder of some kind?

Catherine said...

You can certainly find things to entertain yourself when you have time to kill!

I think the shadow is of a fence post, the kind to which a cyclone fence may attach.

Krista said...

Interesting! I had that song running through my head before I got to the bottom of the post and saw the clip sitting there. :o)

I think the shadow comes from a sign post!

From the Kitchen said...

What lovely photographs. I'm just starting to take photographs and discovering so much through the camera's eye. May I ask what kind of camera you use for your wonderful shots? I'm wanting to purchase a better camera soon.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Clint Black was young in that picture... Wow!!!! I like him also!!! Somedays we all need to have a 'day off' ---to kill time, or just do nothing... We would take time to see things which we don't usually notice... Love your 'killin' time' pictures.... NEAT...

Have no idea what the shadow is ---but maybe it's some kind of sign.....???


Anonymous said...

A photographer can always find a great way to pass the time. Some super results! I hope your friend is feeling better now....

Addicted to The Click said...

That's my favorite way to pass the time too.... clickin!! How sweet of you to be the designated driver! I hope she's feeling better today!

Anonymous said...

I think the shadow is a street sign post. Julie

SquirrelQueen said...

There is no better way to kill time than with a camera, looks like you had fun. Love the face on the tree!

I haven't looked at your post for today yet so I'll take a guess. I think it's a metal post for a sign of some sort.