Saturday, March 27, 2010

Post Script to BEEPS!

I can not tell you how relieved I am from all the comments on my post yesterday. I thought I was the only one that used Beeps reminders. Per the Post comments yesterday there are lots of us out there. Thanks for the Reminder! ha ha

I had intended to do a PS because I thought of seveal other things and then SquirrelQueen sent me an email with this song that she remembered while reading the beeping post. PERFECT and thanks.

my friend Shirley reminded me I forgot the hearing aid beeps. My husbands hearing aid not only BEEPS but it SQUEALS at times. He says it makes a beeping noise inside his head like a truck backing up, THAT one I can't hear. Yipee!
Do you remember the Crysler Cars that Talked? Instead of a Beep, it would say Your door is ajar! Fasten Seat Belt Please! I know this because YEARS
 ago, I worked in Sears Automotive as greeter/dispatcher and also as car jockey bringing in the cars that needed repairs. I loved to drive one in that Talked.
I drove a car in with a license plate from Canada. You can not imagine my joyful surprise when the car Spoke to me in a Sexy, Male voice in FRENCH! Oh Wow! I almost wore the voice out. I would turn the lights on and open the door and this heavenly french would pour forth. I buckled and unbuckled seat belts and left doors open and pulled the keys out, just to hear the voice. Of course I had to guess what it was saying, but who cared? not me!
Have any of you ever heard a car speak? Have you ever owned one?
are any of you old enought to remember this cartoon?


Catherine said...

Brings back memories - I remember that song. And the roadrunner - do you remember the Dodge car that had a roadrunner decal? My mother was always coming from her house on Whitmarsh to my house in town (39th St. near Skidaway) to help, so I bought a roadrunner decal for her car - it was also a Dodge but not the model that had the decal. Yes, lots of beeps - Jimmie's cochlear receiver beeps 3 times when the batteries need changing - only he can hear them, tho. When that happens he says "I'm going dead," meaning of course the batteries are - guess it sounds strange to anyone who doesn't know. I vaguely remember a car that talked, but it didn't speak French!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories....I love the Roadrunner cartoons..
Wile E. Cayote was always getting the worst of it.

Anonymous said...

Back to beep beep. No, have never owned a car that talked, but, the first new car we ever bought was an American Motors Rambler in 1959. Norman was in the Army then and we shipped it to Germany with us. It had a horn that said beep, beep. I remember the song and it was funny back then also. The Rambler we bought was a full size 4 dr, with standard shift and 6 cyl. engine. Good gas mileage even then. Cost $2100.00. Makes me want to cry when i see what a new car costs today.

Anonymous said...

yes, i know about talking cars, my friend jean had a nisson that talked pretty soft, and i love the road runner. one of my favorites but can not find those great cartoons any more. do have some on dvd. Barbara

Beverly said...

Loved hearing the song about the lttle Nash Rambler...beep, beep.

I can just see you the sexy French voice. I would not have minded hearing that one either.

Ginny said...

This is one of your best posts EVER!!!! Maybe THE best! You excel when you write about humorous things. Your story about the car with the french voice cracked me up!!!! I can just see you doing those things to hear the voice! I KNOW I would have, too! Your post has also brought back so many lost memories, you have NO idea! My great grandmother used to have a huge hearing aid that you keep in your pocket, before they had the modern ones. And it was always wailing, and she'd tap it. I think I'll do a post on that sometime. I DO remember the little Nash Rambler song!! I had completly forgotten it, and it's just so adorable, listening to it again was SUCH a treat! Here's one good thing about being so old you forget everything; when you find them again, they are like new, and so you have helped me find a part of my brain that was lost today, such a great start to a beautiful weekend. And of course I love roadrunner, watch him whenever I see him on T.V. BEEP BEEP!!!

DawnTreader said...

Oh, this post is too funny. It had me laughing out loud. Loved that video/song. I never had a car of my own and I've never driven one that Talked. It is usually I who talk to the machines, not they to me! ;) I do remember that cartoon but never one of my favourites.

George said...

I like the story of your encounter with the french-speaking car! My parents had a Rambler, so I appreciate the song. I'm also old enough to remember Roadrunner and Wiley. It was one of my favorite cartoons.

Addicted to The Click said...

You are so funny - and yep! I had a 1982 Nissan 208ZX Turbo - and it TALKED!!!! I loved it! It was a sexy male voice - but still - it was cool! And of course...I remember the Road Runner. That was one of my favorite cartoons growing up!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Another great post, Sandra.... Love that video. My folks had a Rambler (actually had two of them)..

I don't remember hearing a car talk ---but your story reminded me of George have his THREE women when we are in the car. Mrs. P (our Prius) beeps when she wants him to know something.. Miss Barbeak (our GPS) talks to him all of the time ---REEEEE---Calculating!!!!!!! Heard that???? She may not BEEP--but she sometimes even makes my sweet hubby say "SHUT UP"---which is something he cannot say to his bride!!!!! ha ha ha

Loved the Roadrunner.... One of my fav's.

Tipper said...

I enjoyed both posts about the beeps. You are so right-my coffee pot, the phone, the cell phones, the girls cameras, the car-on and on we go. I don't remember the song-but I do remember the road runner cartoons-beep beep : )

Sunny said...

Your post made me smile, and also made me feel old! Ha!
I had a friend that owned a Nash Rambler...beep! beep!
I also worked with a guy that had a talking car, I think it was a Nissan, he insisted that he drive everyone around so we could hear it. Oh my...that was so many years ago!
Sunny :)

SquirrelQueen said...

Another fun post Sandra, I had never thought about all the beeps we have in our lives until your posts. I forgot about the Road Runner, that was one of my favorite cartoons.

I've never owned one of the talking cars but a friend of mine did, it was kind of fun. If it had been a husky male voice in French I might have bought one. Beep! Beep!