Sunday, March 14, 2010

Things We Don't Know.....

Yesterday What is it answer is:
This is a paddle for beating a feather bed everyday to keep it from getting hard and lumpy. the beds had no springs, the mattress was held up by ropes tied from side to side and end to end. the mattress, about 10 inches thick, stuffed with feathers, had to be beaten each day. No one came close on guessing this one.

Carol, Catherine, Ginny, George and Barbara all guessed nightshirt, nightgown which is true. The Interesting FACT is, this is a Man's Nightshirt and is made of 100 % Wool. I said EWW to hot in Florida for a wool nighshirt. It seems I am wrong (first time ever).

Wool naturally keeps the body warm when wet. Without chemical coatings.

Wool naturally keeps us cooler in summer due to wicking of sweat away from the skin.

Wool does not catch fire as readily as cotton or linen.

Wool wrinkles are removed more easily than cotton or linen. (use Humidity)

Wool does not unravel at it's cut edges as do most other materials.

Wool stays cleaner than most materials due to it's scaly fibers which prevent dirt passing though.

Wool naturally repels drops of water instead of soaking it in as do thirsty fibers of cotton
Surprisingly, the Arabs and other peoples who live in the Sahara and Arabian deserts wear a garment called a galabeah, which keeps them cool in the daytime and warm at night. The galabeah is a loose gown often made of wool, which looks something like a long nightshirt and coves the wearer from his shoulders to his ankles. As the Arab walks, his gown swishes and pumps dry air up and down his legs. This air absorbs the perspiration evaporation from his body and carries the vapor away through the tiny holes in the woolen cloth
See the wardrobe/chifferobe/armoire (all three are correct for a small closet) in the below photo? Do you know WHY the homes in the 1800's had no closets?
answer tomorrow.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well---I thought of a couple of reasons... The European influence was to use wardrobes instead of closets... BUT--I think it may have been because closets were considered rooms--and they were taxed by the number of rooms. Hence, no closets.

OR---maybe they just didn't have as much JUNK as we have these days!!!! ha ha

My folks used to have those old army blankets made out of scratchy wool... Remember those things???? I hated them... I remember that they had trouble with moths eating the wool back then also....That's why things in the linen closet always smelled like MOTH BALLS...

Great post.

George said...

Betsy's reasons sound good to me.

Ginny said...

A bed paddle! Who knew? I adore today's post because I learned so much incredible stuff, and you make learning fun! Of course here comes my big question. Why do modern people only wear wool in cold weather? Doesn't the clothing industry know about these wool charastics? These facts about wool were totally surprising, and I loved that part about the desert people's long wool garments swishing about! There are many incredibaly old houses in our neighborhood, and they have no closets. So I knew that old houses had none, but never stopped to wonder why! I always assumed that they just never thought of making a tiny room just for clothes? But now you've really got me wondering, and this is your best question EVER! I know they had the ABILITY to make them. So then why not? I honestly can't think of any reason. But I will ponder it today, and I'll pop back in if I think of anything.

Tipper said...

I did not know all those facts about wool-very interesting. I like Betsy's comment too.

I really enjoyed all the photos from the Plantation House-makes me wish I could visit it : )

Sharodindu said...

Nice post.. the shirt was really interesting.
thanks for sharing all those details... :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog.... thanks for all the info .... never knew. As for no closets... is it because there was no space between walls?

Catherine said...

I never would have guessed a mattress paddle!

Love your blogs - learn something new all the time with the facts you include.

I remember my grandmother's wardrobe - wish we still had it - of course it was huge, so don't know where I'd put it.

Also, my cousin brought home a wool (US Navy) blanket that we used when we went to the beach! Still have it. Don't use it on the beach anymore tho.

DawnTreader said...

You keep us guessing! ;)
I have never heard of a bed paddle before. I'm guessing they had servants to do the actual job...!

Sunny said...

I really enjoy your posts but they are making me think too much! Ha-ha!
I think they didn't have closets because they didn't have as many clothes and what they had would fit into a wardrobe.
My Grandmother's old mill house, where I was born, had no closets, then again it had no indoor plumbing or electric lights either!
Sunny :)

Stacey Dawn at "Addicted to The Click" said...

Learn something new everyday!! How fun!