Monday, April 12, 2010

Beach Trip # 1

Saturday morning we set out to our favorite beach, Whitney Beach, on Longboat Key with the intent to walk to Beer Can Island as we have for many years.
When we drove to our favorite parking spot, there were signs stating, no parking, all along the street and what was left of the entrance was fenced off with signs stating "Beach closed"  until further notice. Use other entrance 1/4 mile away.
This is the beach in 2003 at that entrance. Now completely obliterated by the 4 hurricanes in 2004.

The entrance in 2007

the beach that ook the place of the first photo in 2007. Dreged and put back by our tax dollars and barges. Once again it is gone, and no way to walk to Beer Can Island, my favorite place for photogrpahy, now it can only be reached by boat.
The cause of the erosion? not a storm but once again Mankind Strikes. they decided to build a pier to keep the beach in Coquina from eroding, they dredged out the pass and the the gulf started moving sand to the Coquina Beach side and AWAY from the Whitney Beach side. Now they want to spend more tax dollars replaceing what moved because they did not leave God's work alone.

1/4 mile East of the beach that used to be, we found this one. We used to be able to walk several miles, now the beach here stops at the house that is about to fall into the gulf, the one in the header photo.

Over the next few post, I will show you some of the pretty things we saw on this beach and accross the bridge on Coquina Beach side of the pass. The pass runs between the two beaches.

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Sunny said...

When I lived on Cape Cod the shore line was ever changing due to erosion. Several houses were lost to the ocean during storms, and many places are no longer accessible.
Nature changes things enough without a helping hand, in my opinion.
Sunny :)

Ginny said...

Beer Can Island??? You've got to be kidding!! And what's so funny is that you just kept referring to it as though it was a normal name and nothing odd about it!! The first picture taken in 2003 is just georgous with the two blues and the beautiful white sand. I'm afraid after they messed it up, they never got is as pretty again. The rest of the pictures prove it.

Kilauea Poetry said...

OMGosh..first, I just noticed your side bar photos (the flowers in a row)are identicle to the ones we have. This morning I put some links to a series I ran - (light and color) beginning with the sunflower and'll be surprised!
The beach..oh good grief! amazing pretty! Man can't seem to leave anything alone huh!? Lava took one of the best beaches on this side back in the beginning of 1990 (Kalapana). Anyway..these are fantastic.
The link: Just click on the photo water effect and when your there, just remember to put your blog spot in (you should see the small letters and where you check the following (blogspot/wordpress) ect..anyway, it will place it in your column and you can go to your layouts - javascript and yank it whatever you want. Hope that helps.
(Let me know) My best, Regina-

Ginny said...

P.S. I thought you would love Bumper Man just BECAUSE he is so ugly! A strange thing to come from a priest.

George said...

It's a shame about your beach. Wouldn't we be so much better off if we would learn to leave some things alone? I don't know why we think we can improve on what God has created. There has to be a story behind the name Beer Can Island. I was surprised when you said it was your favorite place for photography.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sandra, Why do we humans destroy God's beautiful work???? Darn!!!!! Wonder what Venice Beach looks like now??? WE used to love that beach --and could drive on it at one time (in the '70's--when Venice was still a little town).....

Great pictures of what it used to be.... SAD!!!!!


SquirrelQueen said...

All beaches are beautiful to me but I see the changes. Your photo from 2003 is gorgeous and shows the kind of beach I love and the 2007 beach still looks good.

I have seen very similar changes to beaches we visit in Oregon and California. When will we realize that one small change will have a large scale effect.

SquirrelQueen said...

Forgot to add my PS, I love your header shot.

DawnTreader said...

Beautiful beach pictures, but I understand you miss "your" beach as it once was. I'm fascinated that the beach is empty in all your pictures, I guess it's not really tourist season then?

Stacey Dawn said...

That first image is why I go to the beach - and want to go THERE!! Beautiful!