Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Click! Click! Click! Madsnapper @ Play

I am using a few verses out of context from New Kids On The Block song Click, Click, Click. the verse in (parenthesis) are from the song.
(I'm like stop! stop! let me take a mental shot of this moment)
as we walked on the beach, I see this lock hanging there, first shot, NOPE!

Second shot, NOPE!

I had to move around and around that lock to find the right view, 4th try got it

(click, click, click with my Nikon, click with my Canon Rebel)
We found fisherman under the bridge, unaware of the madly snapping MadSnapper hiding in the bushes

Here Come Da Law!

Click on photo to see Attitude without saying a word.

Say what? Do not pass? Does that mean I can't walk past you? did someone park you here just for me?
(pose for me, pose for me, come on, my camera loves you)
Coquina has it all, spanish bayonet posing for me
Fields of yellow flowers under the trees in the dune
(Click, click, click with my Nikon, click with my Canon Rebel)

I love to go to the beach,
I love to play in the sun,
I love to splash in the water,
I love having fun.
                      by Jill Eggleton

The poet forgot to say, I love madly snapping...


Tipper said...

I'm glad you like madly snapping-cause I always seem to like what you capture : )

Snapper II said...

Hi Sandra.
I've been away for a while,
Mad got a new laptop and I've been playing with it to. I've been checking your blog every day but have not put up any comments. I've got a lot of catching up to do. Great blog.
Snapper II

DawnTreader said...

I can see this is a great place to take the camera for a walk... ;)

Ginny said...

You actually made me laugh out loud and almost spit water out of my nose!! Just the image of you hiding behind the bushes with not one, but two cameras, then the law coming after you!! That man in the police boat!!! That would be so much like me, I take stealth pictures all the time, and know I'll probably get in trouble sooner or later. But the fire hydrant, how wild. Before who ever thinks of fire on a beach? But it's so pretty with the beachy yellow and blue colors!! Are they all that color in Florida, or only ones on the beach. I took a few pics of fire hydrants and thought that different colored ones would make a good post. Then I thought that no one would like it except dogs. But yours is really cute.

Ginny said...

P.S. meant to say I love your quote on the sidebar. And YES, the things coming in threes does make me feel better. Usually I only associate that with people dying, but now you'll have me counting every bad episode I have!

George said...

How nice that you have your own theme song! Thanks for a great post.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh you are such a Photographer, Sandra!!!!! When I lived in New Orleans, my sons and I would laugh at all of the tourists and their cameras.... NOW--I'm one of those tourists, everywhere we go.... ha ha

Love your pictures... Isn't it amazing what we see now --now that we love to take photos??!!!!!! It's just so much fun.... I would never ever take a picture of an old chain --BEFORE I started taking Photography seriously....

We're in a CLUB.... Love it, don't you????

SquirrelQueen said...

Ha, love the one of you in the bushes snapping the fisherman. He will never know you made him famous.

Madly snapping everywhere we go. I agree with Betsy, we have a club.

MedaM said...

I like all your photos. You are amazing woman. I enjoyed this post; it really made me smile. Thanks for sharing.