Friday, April 30, 2010

Lady Bugs (Seeing Spots, Lots and Lots)

Last week, Bob came to the kitchen door and said "Come out here, look at this, bring the camera"  "No!" I said, "not the camera "  (ha ha).
The powderpuff bush that is bigger than a car, had bugs all over it, there were hundreds, maybe thousands of them.
Bob: "look, lady bugs, I have never seen so many of them"
Sandra: No, these aren't lady bugs, they look funny"
Bob: 'look at this one, it's looks like a ladybug but is not red and black"

Sandra: "they are all a little different, so what is this one? it's blue and long"
could it be a baby one?
Bob:"don't think so, doesn't look like it is, must be different bugs"

Sandra: "look, some are round and some are oval, they are stuck in the leaves, hanging on"
Per google, the above photo is a larvae, a couple of days hatched from the eggs the ladies were laying in the leaves.

See this one below? almost a lady bug, above is the larvae and below is the half grown bug.
- One ladybug eats around 5,000 aphids in its lifetime.
I had no idea how hard it would be to get a photo of a tiny little Lady Bug. this one is a Teenager.
- Ladybugs hibernate in the winter.
- Ladybugs have cold blood.
- Not all ladybugs are females.
- Ladybugs use their feet to smell.
- A ladybug will bite if you squeeze it.

HELOOOO Google, can you tell me if this is a lady bug? are these larvae? YES it is an Asian Lady bug only they are really Lady Beetles, we just CALL them Lady Bugs because they are cute.

we have a whole Family, many families of lady bugs on our bush, do they harm the bush, I asked google. NO, but they can swarm and get in your house or garage and make a big mess. YIKES how can something so cute do that. they don't hurt anything, it is just difficult to live with fluttering bugs in your mouth and ears and on your food. We are hoping they Move On and do not Swarm!

                               If you want to know MORE go to to find everything you always wanted to know about lady bugs.


Anonymous said...

What brilliant pictures. And you probably have a narrow window of opportunity to snap them at that stage. We call them Ladybirds here. I've seen a couple but not those sort of numbers yet.

George said...

These are wonderful pictures of the lady bug family. I can imagine how difficult it was to get those pictures. We've had swarms of lady bugs a couple of times and it isn't pleasant.

Ginny said...

Kind of ickky and cute both at the same time. But you got some great pictures and had more luck than me, it's very hard to get a macro shot of these beetles. Your next to the last picture is outstanding. They can become a real problem if groups of them get in your house. Isn't it great when the hubbys point out new shots?

DawnTreader said...

I know people usually find these cute but I would go with the "icky". When I was a very small girl, another very small girl put a handful of them down the back of my shirt (or whatever it was I was wearing) and ever since then... ;) Also on a holiday in the 90s, a friend and I were visiting a beach (on the south coast of Sweden) where they were swarming... I get a creepy crawly feeling just thinking about it, they were EVERYWHERE...!

James said...

I used to see those lady bug larve when I was a kid but I didn't know what they where. Great pictures and a very interesting post.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

TRUE----we had them once or twice --and they come in huge swarms... Since we don't use AC and keep the house opened, that makes it hard keeping things as small as Ladybugs OUT of your house. Luckily, we didn't get too many IN the house or garage--but we did close up the house and turn on the AC when they were here. They left quickly though--only a day or two later....

If you ever do 'smush' one by accident --they let out an awful STINK.... Too bad for such a pretty little critter!!!!

You can keep them down there though, Sandra...

SquirrelQueen said...

Great photos and information of your lovely ladybugs Sandra. I have only seen a few this year but it has been a little cool.

I welcome the ladybugs in my yard, they are a gardener's friend. Without them my roses would be covered with aphids.

I ran across a website last year that is collecting photos and info on ladybugs. Apparently some are rare. You might want to check it out and submit your photos.

Tipper said...

Interesting post-neat pics too. Many people here have problems with lady bugs invading their homes-it seems they like homes with lots of sunshine. Lucky for me-so far they've left my living spaces alone : ) I think it's cause I live on the North side of the mtn.