Thursday, April 8, 2010

Loblolly Pine Doo Hicky revisited

In my March 5th post Loblolly Pine,  I showed a doo hickey I had never noticed on the tree before. click on link to see what it looked like 5 weeks ago.

It is a wonder it has grown at all in the 5 weeks I have stared at it ten times a day waiting for it to change. the old adage, a watched pot never boils, comes to my mind, because it has changed so slowly each day. I am afraid NOT to stare at it daily because I might miss what it will do.

I had no idea the tall cone shaped thing was simply NEW needles, now it is opening into needles bright and green but the little doohicky is still there and not changing much at all.

Above is one opening that has no doohickey

RE: yesterday post of What is the Point

so many of you put into words exactly why I post the blog and I thank you for it, your answers inspire me to keep on keepin on!

Answers were:
  1. group therapy, finding others who share our feelings and thoughts, a way to spread the Word of God. Sharing photo's, getting advice, getting help with identiy of flowers

  2. sharing photography
  3. making friends around the world, exchange of ideas, photographs, to collect her thoughts in one place, fictional writing.
  4. sharing is a natural part of us
  5. friendship, exchange of views/ideas, share photos, show love for her country and vent occasionally
  6. outlet for expression, it's a hobby. enhances the beauty of our daily surroundings. makes us more aware of the wonders of this world
  7. started meeting people who loved the things I love (Photography, Birds, Flowers/Roses, Hiking/Waterfalls, Travel, etc

    Keep On Bloggin


Sunny said...

I know nothing of Loblolly Pine and very little about Doo Hickies - ha! But your pictures are very interesting.
Sunny :)

Ginny said...

A beautiful new header and I love the cheery, upbeat KEEP ON BLOGGIN at the bottom. You meant that icky looking caterpillar like thingy was just new needles forming? I thought it would be a new pinecone, or the icky soft pod for the pinecone to come out of. The birds and plants that you post are very different things for a lot of people like me to see. Because we don't have them here. Florida is so different, it's like another country. I hope I'll continue to learn lots more about it. Phil's brother lived in Homestead (way down in the end of Florida) for over thirty years. But I never went there once. I hear there are bugs the size of Cadillacs, and they congregate when the tennis court lights come on at night. Do you have any of those cute little tiny crabs that come out of the sidewalk! What are they called?

George said...

I still don't know what that Doo Hicky is, but I like the pictures of the pine you've shared with us. Keep watching it and keep sharing wonderful pictures with us.

SquirrelQueen said...

It's starting to look more like a pine cone. It will be interesting to see how it develops as the summer goes on.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well-----I have it on good authority from the thing-a-muh-bob in the 3rd picture that it is very very sad and distressed since it has no doo-hicky like the other one has..... Can't you hear Mr. TAMB crying?????? Poor thing.... Make sure he gets a Doo-hicky. Okay????????? ha ha ha