Wednesday, April 28, 2010

RX Pineapple q.d.

Are you thinking Is She Crazy? where did she get That Title?
RX (prescription) Pineapple q.d. (daily)
In plain English this means eat pineapple daily. See the ugly plant below?

this is a pineaple plant. 2 years ago, my husband had his third bout with Gout. Since he refuses to take prescription medicines for anything other than Blood Pressure (we know what happens to stroke victims) I charged forth with the help of Google and found that pineapple and cherries are the Holistic treatment for Gout.

I began buying a pineapple once a week and leaving it in a container for Hubby to eat a few pieces a day. IT WORKED. Gout has been so much better. Every week I moaned about paying 3.50 to 4.00 for fresh pineapple.

I said "do you realize we spend almost 300 a year on pineapple?"
Hubby said "that's better than 100 per month for a prescrption"
 I said " I wonder if we could grow one of these things?"
He said "we shall see" and cut off the top of the one i was moaning over and stuck it in one of his 5 gallon buckets he uses for "trying things out". the plant grew beautifully. 2 months later, he planted a second one. that was more than a year ago. NOTHING just 2 PLANTS.

On the 18th of April, I said "you might as well jerk those plants out and throw them away, if it has not had a pineapple in a year it will not."
I kid you not, the very next day, on the 19th (i know these dated because my camera tells me so) there appeared a very mall ugly little thing (see first photo) and this is what it looks like today.
A baby pineapple. WOW he did it. and i almost threw it away.

You know of course you Will see MORE pineaplle photos in the future.

Now if we could figure out how to GROW our BP prescriptions!


Ginny said...

Well, this is a cool post, and I love the pictures! I, also, have a pineapple post to do at some point, but nothing nearly as dramatic as yours. Will you eat it? If you plant it, it will keep coming back. Your comment about Bob really tickled me.

George said...

I think it's wonderful that you are growing your own pineapple. Thanks for the reminder that sometimes we just need to be patient.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute post, Sandra... George and I use 'alternative' means --besides prescription drugs---for our health also. Prescription drugs seem to have too many side effects....

George was told to eat a banana a day ---and he has done that for years and years. He now has me doing that also. Don't think we can grow them up here though --nor pineapples. At least our bananas are only about .49 a pound.

Glad you were patient with your Pineapple Trees.... Bet they both will produce ---IF you are patient.


SquirrelQueen said...

How wonderful that you can grow your own pineapples. I love fresh pineapple but I don't buy it that often, after reading your information maybe I will. It's my hubby who takes BP meds however and he doesn't like it.

I look forward to seeing the baby grow up.

Stacey Dawn said...

I'm laughing out loud - literally - at that cartoon - and your "groan" caption. So funny to me! Love that quote under your header too... sounds familiar! ;o)

Congratulations on growing your own pineapple. I had fresh off the plant in Maui - and wow - there's nothing like fresh pineapple. I bet you'll love it so much more!!

Krista said...

That is awesome! How wonderful to be able to grow the very thing to help keep hubby safe and healthy. I have a Christmas Cactus that grew leaves, leaves and more leaves for five or six years before it ever showed a bloom. Sometimes nature just takes her own sweet time!

DawnTreader said...

Okay so now all you need is 52 buckets with pineapple plants, hoping to get one to ripen each week? LOL

I didn't know that about pineapple and gout. Does it have to be fresh or does pinapple in a tin work too? (Not that I have gout, I just have a curious mind!)

Oh it took me a while to "get" that cartoon picture... When I finally did, I groaned too...

Anonymous said...

Oh to be able to grow pineapples! How wonderful and I love the healing aspect :o) Like your new header too.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Sometimes you know things are good..hear they are.. but Sandra- I appreciate this. My brother-in-law just had a minor stroke (69yrs). Anyway..he hasn't been eating as well as he once did back in the 60's (ha)..but, the pineapple- oh too cool! I have them growing near my uh, unattended garden. I have to clean some weeds out. (I planted them in large pots you know). I've been terrible. I understand the expense and they do pretty well here. Anyway, thanks- that is such good news about the gout too (my brother had that)..cherries are suppose to be good. Thanks..oh, you ought to keep that header up just for awhile, I think it's really cool. I should's musical headers on my blog?

LC said...

My mother used to the try to grow a pineapple every year or so. I guess she wasn't far enough south, but she loved trying to grow one.