Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Early Bird or Night Owl?

Do you as a person bloom early in the AM when you first rise? or do you bloom in the evening and really come alive at dark?    Are you an Early Bird or Night Owl?
Above is one of my all time favorites of early morning sunrise Coquina Bayside

As a card carrying "Early Bird" I love the breaking of the sun as it comes up and have seen very few sunsets. When viewed unless you know where the photo was taken, it is impossible to know if it is the sun coming up or going down.

I love walking on the beach as the sun peaks up over the horizon, Ormond Beach

Some of us are linked to the one coming up and come alive at dawn. I do my best work, thinking or studying before noon. After lunch time, my mind starts to shut down. Some are the opposite. I am sure there are some who have never seen the dawn break.

I have included two of my archived posts because they show what I found that I had never seen before by floating on my back in our pool a couple of years ago just before dawn. as I floated and looked up in the trees i could see what looked like white faces staring at me. Click on  Queen of the Night for the story of what the early bird found. and on Cereus Chalybaeus to see what else I found in the dark.

are you and early bird or a night owl?  I am waiting to see. I get up at 4 am and go to bed at 8... what's your schedule?


Sunny said...

Since I have not been working a "regular" job, my schedule is really terrible!
I get up early, fall asleep early watching TV and when it's time for bed, I'm wide awake, so I end up staying up way too late!
I really like your new header.
Sunny :)

George said...

I used to be very much of an early bird, but since I retired I have become more of a night owl. I have, however, seen beautiful sunrises at Ormond Beach.

Ginny said...

These two pictures are amazing, some of your best work! I think the second is my favorite. The night blooming cactus is amazing!!! I do love the one night photo with all the blooms, even if the camera wouldn't get all the blooms, it's rather artistic. It's really special to see one in Bob's hand!! Goodness!! I didn't know cactus grew in Florida!!! It is moist and humid there, I thought, not like an arid desert, like Arizona would be. So this whole thing surprises me. Well, we finally come across one way that we are different. I am not a morning person, and you would be absolutly horrified if you knew my messed up schedule, best not posted here. I only see a sunrise if forced to.

DawnTreader said...

Wonderful pictures both in this post and in the old ones. In spite of my screen name, I'm not really an early riser. But still more of a morning person than night owl. I'd say my best time is late morning. I don't like to get up while it's still dark, but I'm also usually in bed by 10.30 at night (if not earlier).

Nezzy said...

I shine in the mornin', I am definitely an AM gal. Hubby often goes to work at 4:30am but we often stay up 'till 10:30. I could hit the hay earlier but I'm married to a night owl.

I have this theory about this. People who are born in the morn are AM's and people born at night are PM's. I've only ran across one person this didn't hold true on. Now I know they'll be comin' out of the woodwork! Heeehehe!

God bless ya and have a glorious day!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I'm a NIGHT OWL---and never want to get up early unless I have to. A sunrise --at the beach or on a mountaintop will get me up--but that's about it.

Since we are retired, we sleep later and stay up later at nights. I've always been a NIGHT OWL---and really struggle on mornings when I have to get up early.


Kilauea Poetry said...

Your header is simply gorgeous -you out did yourself this time! These photo captures are just stunning Sandra!!
I get up too early (my husbands fault)and according to my mom, I never like it! But, I enjoy the sunrise! My dog sticks her chin on my side of the bed and makes funny noises..we used to take long walks but she prefers to play frisbee now!! So, I tend to all the animals, and get that coffee going (lol). Great post-

Stacey Dawn said...

what gorgeous sunset/sunrise silhouettes!

I'm a dotheminuteIgetup - kind of person - then I need a morning nap - and then I'm an afternoon person.

How's that for a mix?

SquirrelQueen said...

I am and always have been a Night Owl. I do my best work in the quiet of the evenings. But I also hit the floor moving in the mornings (after a cup of coffee) and can rise early if there is a good reason.

Krista said...

These photos are fantastic!

I used to be a morning person, and I also used to be a night person. Right now I am not too sure "what" I am.

I do know that I get up at 5a.m. and start work at 7 a.m. That might tell you that I'm a morning person BUT... I have to get up that early so that I'm not still STUPID when I arrive at the office. LOL

I have enjoyed many great sunrises and sunsets though. I feel like I enjoy the best of both worlds. Except for the world where I get enough sleep. hehe

Stacey Dawn said...

Came back to look at these images while listening to Halleluiah! Fabulous and wow do the song and these images go well together!