Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Morning Surprise

Early this morning, I was standing admiring our Million Bells plant, it appeared dead and now has 20 blooms.
 hubby says "do you want me to put the second plant in the front yard where the tree died"?
I said, "what second plant?",
he replied "the second Million Bells."
Where? I shouted.                        and                  Here it is. My Surprise for today

Way back behind a bush as big as a car, he showed me this small bush. The big plant used to reside there years ago, he moved it, and now this year, wonder of wonders, here is another one.
the following photos are what the big plant looked like last year and what this one will look like someday.

I said YES to transplantin it, why would i NOT?

In searching for something in my Archives, I found this Archive Favorite and decided that I will feature archives that no one saw when I first started blogging.  CLICK HERE to see a favorite.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers. And I enjoyed visiting the archive as well :o)

DawnTreader said...

What a nice morning surprise. They are pretty, aren't they.

Also a good idea to link back to "the archives" sometimes.

Sunny said...

What a lovely surprise, it's beautiful.
Your earlier post is wonderful, excellent pictures. I have few if any visits to my early posts :(
Regarding my post, that is a hen, she belongs to my B-I-L Jeffrey.
Sunny :)

Stacey Dawn said...

Love surprises like that! Gorgeous little flowers, aren't they?

Tipper said...

Such a pretty flower-I'm glad he discovered another for you : )

I'm still enjoying the pineapple too-it seems to pretty to eat!

Ginny said...

A Million Bells plant? Never heard of it. Do they only grow in the deep south or Florida? The blue is just so deep and vibrant! At first they looked like morning glories, except they are a bush and not a vine. But after you showed a close look, they are shaped like trumpet vine blooms. I may do a bit of research on this one, to see where they grow and about the name. I've never seen the plants or seeds in stores, either!

From the Kitchen said...

That is a beautiful plant. What a love surprise to find more of those intense blue flowers! I love a burst of blue in gardens!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love that plant.... I'd put them all over my yard ---if I had a million of them!!!! ha. Love that color BLUE. Do they close up at night and then open up in the daytime???? SO pretty!!!!

Like what you are doing --about featuring your archives.

George said...

What a wonderful surprise. Please keep us posted on how it does in its new location.

Judy Prosseda said...

Love it!
God continually reminds us of the glory of the Resurrection in simple ways. What we once thought was dead, rises in a glorious display.

MedaM said...

Wow, these lovely flowers are really wonderful surprise! What a lovely bush flower they make! Beautiful photos you have taken of it!

Kilauea Poetry said...

I missed this post. I love your series Sandra. These are a favorite of mine too. Some guy who has a nursery gave my husband a bunch..(extra for working on his vehicle) you know who had to get them in the ground. I placed them on the side for a hedge and the nice thing is they bloom continuously!! The ground isn't too deep, in fact when we had it dozed, I had to remind the guy to please scrape on that side (border). Anyway, these haven't gotten too tall? Keep me posted about yours. I think they are so beautiful..your in Florida so it explains why they do well your way.

Krista said...

What a beautiful plant - great flowers! I love that colour.