Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Magical Morning

Have you ever had your hair cut standing in Clouds of Butterflies?Sunday I posted part two of the life cycle of our Gulf Fritterary Butterflies. today is Part Three and I can't help myself.

Hubby Bob cuts my hair and has for 25 years, At 9:30 AM
 he said" lets cut your hair before it gets to hot outside." (we stand in the back yard so the hair is not in the house). it takes about 10 minutes and I have been known to whine.
" To Hot, To Cold, My leg hurts, My back hurts, are you almost done????"

Sunday morning I had no idea how long it took because I was totally enthralled and thrilled with the aerial show I was watching.

We have a palmetto bush bigger than a pickup truck at the base of a 60 foot tall pine tree, under that tree there are 4 hibiscus trees, all over 7 feet tall. All of that covers one whole side of our yard.

As I stood with hubby snipping away, the trees and  bushes were alive with movement (no way to get better photos, but you get the gist of it with these)

Can you find the butterflies?

this is the tree they loved the most, could not catch a photo on it.

the thicket was alive with butterflies, It was hard to count them, as active as they were, but I think about 20 of them, fluttering, flitting, flying, falling through the air with the greatest of ease. For some reason they like the palmetto fronds. No flowers there, I am thinking maybe the pollen falling out of the pine tree was the bait.

A Live Show For Free, what could be better?
OK, so I cheated on the below Photoshop Re-Creation.... but you can use your imagination

Thanks to ALL of you who Played with the Silly Photo Challenge yesterday. I loved looking at your photos, lot of creative ability out there. KEEP ON BLOGGIN

I do Solemnly Promise this will be my LAST post on our Gulf Butterflies


Sunny said...

Now that's a fun way to get a haircut!
For what ever reason, we don't have many butterflys around here, and when we do, I never seem to get a picture!
The silly picture challenge was fun.
☼ Sunny

MedaM said...

I love butterflies very much and the last photo you posted gives me a hope that you didn’t think seriously of not posting them any more.

Catherine said...

Couldn't have had a better place or time for a haircut - magical! Wish someone else could have been there to take a picture of the 2 of you with the butterflies.

DawnTreader said...

Lovely butterflies. I just hope Bob didn't get as distracted by the butterflies as you did ;)

Stacey Dawn said...

Yea!!! More Gulf betterflies!!!! More! More!!!


Ginny said...

Well, I love your butterfly posts! It's so exciting to catch a photo of a beautiful living thing that's so fleeting and flitting. These shots are really great considering you had to be still for Bob. But if you'd have gone over there, it would have scared them away. I love your sidebar quote with the different butterflies under it!

Sharodindu said...

The buterfly is really nice...great capture :)

Krista said...

How cool! I love your PS recreation of the event. ;o)

I can't say that I've ever had my hair cut under those circumstances, no... lol

Tipper said...

Now thats the kinda haircut I need : ) It sounds like it was a wonderful experience for sure!

(love the pelican pic below-how funny is that!)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yeah-Yeah---Cross those fingers! You not showing butterflies will happen when I quit showing waterfalls.... ha ha ha....

I have cut G's hair for years--but he doesn't cut mine. I finally found a lady who knows how to cut my ole' straight hair.... Glad your hubby can cut your hair. Do you cut his?

Great Butterfly pictures.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Funny..I cut my husbands hair (always have) but wish he could cut mine!! These are beautiful especially the pretty blurry effect- wow! I love this Sandra!

George said...

What a wonderful distraction while getting a haircut! I, for one, wouldn't mind more posts about your butterflies.

SquirrelQueen said...

I just can't imagine seeing so many butterflies at the same time, it had to be exciting.

I have cut my hubby's hair for years but no way he's cutting mine. Your husband must be good.