Saturday, June 12, 2010

Perils of Old Age.....

At the end of the post UNDER the Movie is the answer to what is that seed pod. don't miss it.
Definition of Peril: exposure to injury, loss, or destruction; grave risk; jeopardy; danger:
 something that causes or may cause injury, loss, or destruction.

Some of you will understand this post and some of you will understand it in years to come. There are many perils of Old Age. In the interest of Time, I will not list all of them today.
1. When I step out of the shower, I am minus my glasses since they tend to get water spots and all though I can see how to  wash myself IN the shower, I can't see to clean off the spots because I have not figured out how to SEE the glasses while cleaning them ON my face. I digress (another peril of Old Age). Yesterday I stepped out of the shower and saw this.

It looked like a large Palmetto Bug and the bug was between me and my glasses. I could not yell for help, since Bob was away and the dogs do not know how to get rid of bugs. Answer was, grab the wet wash cloth and gingerly pick it up until I could put on my glasses and SEE what I had.

PHEWWW! it was only a ball of string (where it came from I have NO idea) this is the First Peril of Old age, Vision Loss
The Photo below is a re-creation in order to tell my story.

 2. Last week as I sat here bloggin, I realized I had been hearing the sound of running water for a while, that sub-conscious hearing without hearing. Dragging myself away from this screen, I went to the kitchen (see above photo) and their to my wondering eyes (I had my glasses ON) was the dog water bowl, perched on the divider to the sink, the water merrily running over the sides, our very on water fountain created from a water bowl. Hubby is no where in sight. I know I did not do this (at least I THINK I did not do this) so I turn it off and go to the backyard and there he is playing ball with Jake. I said " did you fill the water bowl for the dogs?" he says "What?" I say the water bowl, did you fill it? He says What are you talking about? "
Ok, so have you guessed the 2nd peril  of Old Age? MEMORY LOSS. Yes, i did bring him in and show him the fountain.
The odd thing is, men seem to lose their hearing (bob is almost deaf and could not hear the water running to remind his memory to turn it off) and women seem to lose their sight (I could HEAR the water but have trouble seeing it clearly). this is a good thing because other than losing hearing and sight we lose MEMORY Function. the problem being, that we are both equal on the memory function which is not a good thing.
Our house sounds like this:
"Have you seen my glass of water?"
"No, did you see my coffee cup? I just had it a minute ago"
"Where are my gray shorts, the one I cut grass in?"
"Do you have something in the microwave?" "No, Why?" "Because it is beeping." OH, I forgot I was heating my coffee."
The answer to where is my coffee cup? IN THE MICROWAVE dummy.
Can you relate? if not YOU WILL, Just wait for the Perils of Old Age... you know you are in peril if you remember this.

My friend Diane, photographer, see her Photos HERE,  who knows all about birds and flowers, answered the question to what is it on yesterday's blog. that beautiful pod is Fabaceae Currently Accepted Name: Caesalpinia bonduc ( known to Floridans a Nicker and I think we can all see why they call it that) to see a slide show of this amazing plant go to this link. Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants


Catherine said...

Absolutely and unfortunately, I can relate!

Madeline said...

You know for sure that Snapper and I can relate to this. Been there, done all of that and more! Gonna get worse.... We always say that between the two of us, we don't have one whole brain. We continue to muddle through. What else can we do? (another poem) Love the blog. Keep them coming.....

Stacey Dawn said...

Unfortunately, yes I can relate!! haha

Ginny said...

Too funny! This sounds like daily life around our house, as well. It's true that my eyes are bad and Phil's hearing is getting worse. My, but that Pauline had a lot of enemies, who had horrid imaginations! I remember about Pauline, and have seen the train track clip, but nothing else. Was her hero Dudly DoRight of the Canadian Mounties or was that yet another show? I couldn't find the slide show on the link, just the info.

DawnTreader said...

You have a great sense of humour, hopefully you'll be able to keep that at least!

Oh I can relate (unfortunately too much considering my parents)... As for myself, about eyesight problems I have had that since I was young. I've been lost without glasses for decades already. Sometimes I take them off before I go into the bathroom to shower, and then I don't remember where I put them, and of course without the glasses on I can't look for them. Luckily I have lots of glasses for different purposes (reading glasses, sunglasses etc), and old ones, which I know where I keep... so I usually manage to find SOME pair good enough help me find the ones I mislaid...! LOL

Kilaue Poetry said...

First..I made sure to enlarge all the above photos..gee, I can see that curly vine on the those and these enlarge nicely too! What pretty butterflies and the
(Lol) This was cute and so true!! I think you have the order of sight and hearing down as well! Good thing that wasn't a worm, ha ha!!
Well..I watched re-runs (smile)- Boy,I hate leaving stuff on though! This happens more than I'd care to admit-Comical..(sort of)hope you have a great afternoon-

SquirrelQueen said...

I think many of us can relate very easily. No vision problems but the memory is a little off at times. I wasn't around when the Perils of Pauline were produced but I have seen segments on TV.

I knew that must be a FL plant, I've never seen it before. Yeah to Diane.

Tipper said...

Loved this cute post! I'm terrible at leaving things on the stove with the stove on!! I'm always wondering-how can I remember every word to a song I haven't heard in years-when I can't remember what I did yesterday!

Krista said...

LOL... I can relate and I'm only 30!!! haha! Wait what? What were were talking about? Hold on, let me put my glasses on so I can hear you better....