Monday, June 14, 2010

Tomorrow is The Day

Searched my archives and the above are Silly WHY?
this is a reminder that tomorrow is Silly Photo Challenge day. Are you ready to Post that silly photo?
It can be silly OOPS, Silly WHY? Silly Oh No Silly, Disgusting?
Just post your silly photo tomorrow and then go to SquirrelQueen Challenge Post and add your name at the bottom. there is a box there to fill out and it will put your name in the list of people joining the challenge, be sure to visit them.
See All your Silly Stuff tomorrow... do you like the fish reminder?


DawnTreader said...

Thanks for the reminder. I thought from the first picture you were having a count-down to cleaning your house or something - haha.

I don't think these photos of yours are really silly though. That totally depends on the context. I bet you originally had SOMETHING in mind when you took them - didn't you?

Sunny said...

Thanks for the reminder, I'll try not to forget!
My son is here for a few more days so my brain isn't functioning correctly - haha!
☼ Sunny

From the Kitchen said...

Now that I'm a blogger I feel justified in snapping away (within reason and being polite, of course). My husband is adjusting. And, let's face it, I could be using that photo-taking time to---hmmmm, shop?


Stacey Dawn said...

Oh my - didn't notice the fish - just noticed the clorox bottle and was thinking there had been a big spill or something!!

I still gotta come up with a silly photo... I'll see what I can do!

Have a great day!

Ginny said...

First, I'm wild about the fish!!!!! It's one of the most unique, fun things I've seen! It pretty much draws your attention away from everything! When I saw the Clorox jug and the thermometor on the lawn chair, then coffee and "Tomorrow's The Day", here's what I thought. Tomorrow you were going to get up real early and get jazzed on coffee, then go out and clean the pool deck and yard furniture with Clorox. Being as the thermometor said about 100, I was becoming concerned about toxic FUMES before I even started reading!!!!! I'm glad you explained how the challenge works again.

George said...

You did a wonderful job of bringing the Silly Photo Challenge to our attention. I'll have to see what I can find.
By the way, I do like the fish reminder.

Krista said...

Woooohooooo I can't wait for silly day! I am looking forward to it, I have my post almost ready. :o)

SquirrelQueen said...

The fish are a really cool reminder, the problem is I always want to feed them when I see that little screen. It is fun to watch them scurry.

It looks like we are going to have lots of photos, I might post on Squirrel Eyes too. This is going to be fun!

Does that thermometer say just over 100? Ick, we will probably be there by next month so I'm enjoying the cool while we still have it.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well--You know that I don't do memes (or giveaways, awards or tags) anymore ---but I'll enjoy seeing what everyone else comes up with. I do have lots of bird pictures --either with no bird in the picture--or a blurry bird... ha ha

Have fun... i'm looking forward to it.