Monday, June 28, 2010

Walkabout - Bridge Street Pier

Look out my blogger friends, my friend Judy and I, went on a Walkabout on  historic Bridge Street, City of Bradenton Beach and I have a gazilion of photos. This means at least a week or more of post w/history lessons.
The time was 7 AM
Bridge Street Pier is the center of the Historic Old Town District. The original wooden bridge from the mainland connected to Bridge Street. This made the street the bustling little center of activity for the young town in 1893

A rejuvination project breathed new life into the area and the street is now beatifully landscaped and lined with charming and quaint buildings which house unique shops, restaurants, bars and accomodations

The first permanent settler on the island was George Emerson Bean, who built his 1893 homestead on the northern tip of the island in the area that now bears his name. (Bean Point).

Ancient artifacts unearthed on the island indicate that local Indian tribes had a presence on Anna Maria as long as 2000 years before the island was 'discovered' by Spanish explorers

In 1921 - 1922 the first bridge was constructed from the Village of Cortez to Bridge Street on the Island. Before this time visitors got to the island by boat. This made Bridge Street the center of the bustling island community. In 1926 a bridge to Longboat Key was erected.

At that time the community was known as Cortez Beach. In the late 20's the editor of the Bradenton Herald began calling the city Bradenton Beach and the name stuck.

Shops, Resturants, Condo's, and Lots of fantasy signs. This memaid on the front porch of the Bazzaar sports a cowboy hat and holds a pineapple. I guess that IS  pretty Bazaar.




Sunny said...

Thanks for the tour, I love to visit different places. I really like the clock tower.
☼ Sunny

Ginny said...

I love the clock bell tower and the views of the different shops, also the pretty pictures on your sidebar! What is Hive Creations? Are the clerks worker bees and do they sell honey products? I like that fish place building with the big unusual fan! Did you perchance enter any of the shops and restaraunts, and will you be showing us inside? Did you buy something from a worker bee? Maybe it was a carpenter bee which had made doll house furniture! I'm sleepy today and have gone loopy!!

Stacey Dawn said...

What a quaint (little?) town.... what a fun place to visit and Learn a bit o History!!

Krista said...

Woohoo history lessons! These shots are great - I love that mermaid! :o) It sounds like a fun town to visit and look around!

Tipper said...

I love history-and I loved this post too : )

DawnTreader said...

Above all my mind gets stuck on the question Why a mermaid with a pineapple?! At first I thought now Sandra has been "photoshopping" - LOL, just kidding... Looks like a great place to walkabout with a camera though ;)

Kilauea Poetry said...

This is terrific Sandra..I love these photos you've gathered! The Bazaar is one of my favorites (lol)-seriously.. I love the Bridge Street Pier and clock..very historical and yes, quaint- especially with those nice watery shots! This was fresh and nice day looks like too- Well, this puts us to shame!

Lucy said...

I like it all. I'd love to see it.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Very interesting, Sandra. I've been through Bradenton many times (in the '70's) ---on the main road through the area (before the interstate).... I knew it was an old town--but didn't know much about it.

How far are you from the beach? How did you all end up in Bradenton?

George said...

These are beautiful pictures and I liked the history lesson. I look forward to more pictures and info from your walkabout.

SquirrelQueen said...

What a fascinating little town and I can never get enough history. Ginny noticed Hive Creations but I really like The Fish Hole sign. Maybe they are trying to catch the mermaid!