Friday, July 2, 2010

Walkabout - Picture This!

Hi, Blogger Friends, I still have "Better" photos to show you from our Saturday Walkabout. Today we go with Story and Not Purty Photo's

try guessing right now what this is.

Have you guessed yet?

First let me explain the why of this post. I suffer from ICB (insatiable" Curiosity Bump") and have since birth. Th e first thing I think when I see just about anything, is either WHY, WHO, WHEN, HOW. If I were a cat I would find myself way past the allotted "9 Lives".

We came to photograph, trees, beaches and birds (all of which are in abundance at Longboat Pass, Coquina Beach)

We parked the car and the first thing I noticed were the two young men standing on the beach, one held a boom out in the air, the other was fiddling with a contraption in his hand.

"Look, Judy, what do you think they are doing?" "do you think they are taking photos?" "They don't have cameras, but that looks like the thingy they stand behind models" "Quick, let's go sit on the bench and wait and see what happens"

We walk past all this beauty, and sit ourselves down to watch and ponder. (you can guess by now what I was pondering).

We sat and waited for 10 minutes at least and they did nothing. We took a walk down the dunes and the paths, snapping photos of wonder. Worn out after our Back Alley Episode, we head back to the car and There They ARE! Still standing around fiddling.

You can say NO YOU DIDN'T here, since it will be appropriate.

Yes, I DID! I left the path walked over to the two young men and said

"What are you doing? taking photos?"at a nod of yes, I said

"of what and why?"

ONE of them was very nice and answered me, the other one looked at me like I was a crazy old lady off her rocker for asking.

The answer was they were waiting on their models to show up. He said they were shooting an environmental photo for a contest.

Did I say thanks and walk away?

You got it! NO

I said "what kind of photo? I can see you are shooting towards the water and rocks and pier." he politely explained the model would be holding a fishing line with a man on the other end with a hook in his mouth" (say what)

by now I am dying to know if I can see that photo somewhere.

Did I ask? Yes I did. No, I can't it is a private contest.

OH NO! not private! how will I know what happens

All this while Judy patiently waits on the path to the car.

I wish I could end this by telling you The Rest Of The Story, but I just don't KNOW it... boo hoo

                                    Now can you tell?


DawnTreader said...

That first picture looks like a lamp to me, and that other thing maybe a device to reflect the light, but why they would need that on a sunny day I cannot figure out. Unless they were going to be there until dark!

I understand your curiousity but I'm not sure I'd have picked up my courage to ask...

Madeline said...

All my life I have heard, "Curiosity killed the cat. SATISFACTION BROUGHT IT BACK." You got some answers. Too bad no way for you to see the pics. Wonder if the models will have clothes on?? Early in the a.m.?? No one else on the beach but the 4 or you?? Hmmmmmmm??? Maybe that is why the crabby one wanted you to get our of Dodge??? See, you've started my curiosity bump now! Good pictures. Keep asking questions. That is how you learn....

Judy Prosseda said...

I'm glad that you're so nosy. Oops, I meant inquisitive. I learn so many things when I'm with you!

Tipper said...

Oh my Goodness!!! LOL LOL LOL ; )

photowannabe said...

Too funny. That is a crazy contest they are waiting for the models. A bit creepy for my taste but sure glad you finally asked what was going on.

Ginny said...

You didn't wait for the models to come??? But you could have watched the whole photo shoot!!! I would have stayed in the car till the fun began. But maybe they wouldn't have let you take pics. Spoil sports!! This story kept me on the edge of my couch!!! Great post, Sandra! I was so hoping you wouldn't keep us hanging about what the thingys were, because you know I never guess right!!! I would have done EXACTLY what you did, walk right up to them and ask, but a lot sooner. What is wrong with asking an innocent question? This is one of your best ever storys.

Stacey Dawn said...

LOVE THIS!!! So GLAD you asked what the heck they were doin. But darn, wish they would have told you where they were submitting their entry - would be great fun to see it!! hahahaha

George said...

I think I would have been tempted to wait until the models showed up just to get the rest of the story! I'm guessing the light and reflector will be used to reduce shadows during the photo shoot.

S. Etole said...

It is certainly a lovely stretch of beach!!!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Darn you, you should of hid in the bushes and took your own shots (lo)!! I can just imagine your friend standing back waiting! I can be embarrassing too, ha. That crossed my mind-what George mentioned about the light to maybe reduce shadows? The beach looks so pretty! Well have a lovely 4th Sandra! (I like your flag on the column there too)!! Blessings-

SquirrelQueen said...

I would have waited around for awhile to see if the models showed up. I suffer from ICB too and just can't help myself.

We watched a shoot one time on the beach at Cabo but the models were there. It was for tequila, I can't remember the brand.

Krista said...

ACK! How do you sleep? Better queestion... how do you expect ME to sleep,not having the answers to all the questions. Darn. That hurts my brain...

LOL! (I have the same bump apparently!)